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How a First-Time Freelancer Makes 5 Figures a Month

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Liam Clisham manages to make over five figures a month as a freelancer – and he’s still in his first year. We discuss how that’s possible

Episode Summary

Liam Clisham, a longtime listener, reached out to Bryce to discuss how this podcast influenced his first year as a freelancer. 

We cover:

  • Liam’s story
  • The confidence necessary to succeed
  • The importance of work-life balance
  • The difference between perfectionism and professionalism
  • Creating consistent quality work for clients
  • Learning and pushing yourself
  • The importance of networking
  • Why patience is non-negotiable
  • The value of a support system

Liam’s site: Five-31.com

Liam’s twitter: @_five31

Liam’s Instagram: @_five31

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