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Clients from Hell

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So fancy

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I work at a place that makes stickers, either from pre-made designs on our store, or custom ones. A couple comes in looking for some lettering.

Client: We were looking to have some stickers designed.

Me: I can do that for you. What are you after?

Client: We want some word stickers. We found a font we liked we want you to use.

Me: Great. What’s the font?

Client: It was the fancy one.

Me: I’m sorry, the fancy one?

Client: Yes.

Me: That’s not much to go on. Do you remember the name of the font?

Client: No.

Me: Could I show you some fonts to pick out something else you’d like?

Client: No, we want the fancy one.

Me: …I don’t think I can help you.

Client: (angry) Well we’ll find someone who KNOWS what they’re doing.

They left in a huff.

I’m okay with that. 

Source: Clients from Hell

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