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Clients from Hell

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I need a vector, Victor

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Client: Hi, can you send me a vector of our logo please? Either in JPG or PNG format.

Me: Vectors, jpgs and pngs are all pretty different files - what do you need it for? 

Client: I need a vector but not an .ai or .eps file 

Me: Okay… but again, what is it for?

Client: Powerpoint. I want to put it on a presentation. 

Me: Ok, here’s a PNG file that you’ll be able to use for that. Also, here is a link to a nice website that tells you all about the differences in image file types and explains what a vector actually is and what each file extension means - might make things a little easier in the future! 

The next day:

Client: Hey, thanks so much for sending that vector over last night! 

Source: Clients from Hell

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