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Clients from Hell

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I am a graphic designer for a print shop and I have one client who never does anything on time. She...

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I am a graphic designer for a print shop and I have one client who never does anything on time. She is always coming in exactly when we close and staying for at least an hour and never expects to pay more than $30. She nitpicks on color and paper and never has her files prepared for print. 

Today she calls me 30 minutes before the store closes.

Client: Hi there! I’m driving towards you right now. I emailed you some files can you print me seven posters and 100 post cards by the time I get there in 30 minutes.

She never takes into consideration I have about 40-50 projects in my workload at the time. So now I have to drop everything I’m trying to finish before the end of the day and rush to start setting up her files because they aren’t print ready. 

While I’m setting them up she calls me no less than ten times to make changes on wording and layout on the flat jpgs she sent me. 

Client: I don’t have a file for the postcard so just put the top of  the poster on the front and the bottom of the poster on the back.

Client: I didn’t spell the name right on the bottom can you change it?

Client: I sent two more documents can you print two copies of each one and put them with my items?

When she arrives right at close, by some MIRACLE I actually have gotten them done, albeit at the cost of creating a huge backlog for the next day.

Client: I love these posters! Can you laminate them?

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, the laminator has been turned off.“

Client: Come on! You can turn it back on.

I reluctantly turn on the laminator and ask the bindery guy to prepare them. He’s half way through the first one when she exclaims

Client: Oh! I know you started already but can you print seven more and laminated them together so they can be double sided?

By now my will is just broken. I print the posters double sided and hand them to the binder guy, who has to trim them again and start over. 

45 minutes after close, she leaves without even a thank you. 

Source: Clients from Hell

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