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CS:GO Trainer

Is it possible to get a VAC ban with the CS:GO Trainer?

Yes and no

You can get vac ban if the SHax is sent to valve and thus detected, in this case we will stop further downloads and make an update so its undetected again before allowing more downloads.

If you get reported too many times within a short timespan, your gameplay will be evaluated by the community If your plays are too suspicious you can receive a ban through Overwatch.
Play smart and/or limit the amount of times you hack to prevent passing the report threshold, to our knowledge you can get away with 11 reports in 24 hours

Why do I get a virus warning when download/install the CS:GO trainer?

A trainer acts much in the same way as a virus and causes false positives.
Its safe to use our trainers as long as they are downloaded from our website.

Will there be a free version of the CS:GO trainer?

No, this would increase the risk of detection, VIP members can try is for free for one day and get it at a lower price though.

How do I download the CS:GO trainer?

When you have a valid purchase, you go to our download section and download our Mist client, place it anywhere besides you Counterstrike folder and launch it with your forum login and password.

Mist automatically downloads the counterstrike trainer for you, an also updates it automatically when needed.

How do I use the trainer?

Start Counterstrike then launch the Mist client and use your login credentials from PiratePerfection, in the next window you mark the Counterstrike trainer and click load

Why does my CS:GO trainer no longer work?

Your subscription ran out or the game was updated, check the forum for information.

What programs is needed on my machine for the trainer to work?

You need our Mist cheat client and the Windows Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable, which you can download here

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

How does the skin changer work?

Currently it sets your weapon/knife skin to Sanguins favorite, but a proper skinchanger where you can pick you own favorite is in the works