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      PPR & BLT V2.2   09/01/2017

      Pirate Perfection Reborn is NOT BROKEN!

      BLT got a big Update that killed itself you need to update it manually, I updated my BLT and everything is working fine.

      I created a Package that contains the newest BLT V2.2 & a modified PPR mod.txt (the mod.txt is to get rid of the message that says Pirate Perfection Reborn is outdated) + a nice little .png file for the new Mods page.

      You can Download it here: 

      The Installation Order is: Vanilla Game -> Trainer -> Hotfix
      Just place all files in your PAYDAY 2 folder and overwrite all old files when asked.

      I can assure that Pirate Perfection Reborn works.

      Also, there won’t be any official Trainer updates until the Weapon Menu and the Teleportation are fixed, this means that there will only be hotfixes in the support thread if necessary.

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