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    • PirateCaptain

      You NEED to VALIDATE YOUR EMAIL to download the trainer   12/02/2016

      In order to download the trainer you need to validate your email account.

      Look in your inbox or your spam folder for the validation email you received when you signed up to the forum.

      Follow the link inside to validate your email and your ready to download and enjoy the forum in full.

      Welcome aboard matey.

      Best regards

      The PiratePerfection Crew

    • Baddog-11

      PPR & BLT V2.2   09/01/2017

      Pirate Perfection Reborn is NOT BROKEN!

      BLT got a big Update that killed itself you need to update it manually, I updated my BLT and everything is working fine.

      I created a Package that contains the newest BLT V2.2 & a modified PPR mod.txt (the mod.txt is to get rid of the message that says Pirate Perfection Reborn is outdated) + a nice little .png file for the new Mods page.

      You can Download it here: 

      The Installation Order is: Vanilla Game -> Trainer -> Hotfix
      Just place all files in your PAYDAY 2 folder and overwrite all old files when asked.

      I can assure that Pirate Perfection Reborn works.

      Also, there won’t be any official Trainer updates until the Weapon Menu and the Teleportation are fixed, this means that there will only be hotfixes in the support thread if necessary.

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  1. Free

    PiratePerfection's DLC and Skin Unlocker as BLT Mod for Payday 2

    Installation instructions:
    Use 7zip or WinRAR to extract the files. Right click on "DLC & Skin Unlocker.7z" and extract all files in a new Folder. Take the "IPHLPAPI.dll" and the "mods"-Folder and place them in "...:\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2" .  You are done. You can edit the config.lua as described in there or like the picture above displays to Toggle the DLC / Skin Unlocker.
    *The Skin Unlocker is turned off by default*
    Note: You will be marked as a Cheater since the Game scans your Steam Account if you really own the DLC's.
    As a Cheater, you will be automatically Kicked/Banned from all Public Lobbys when trying to connect to them.
    Hosts have to turn off "Auto-Kick Cheaters" to prevent this from happening.
    So we suggest you to host your own lobby.


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  2. Free

    The REGULAR version of PiratePerfection Reborn as BLT MOD

    How to install this:
    1.Extract all files into a new folder. (We recommend using 7zip for this )
    2.Now take the folder "mods" and the file "IPHLPAPI.dll" and move them into your Gamedir " ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Payday 2 "
    We spent years making this trainer for you, please be kind and subscribe to our YouTube and tell your friends about us!
    The difference from this regular version and the Pro Version & VIP Version is the troll menu which is full of cheats to mess with your team, like tasing/killing/cuffing them, giving them equipment, locking them into the vault, teleporting and enabling godmode for everyone including non cheaters + a lot of other cheats reserved for those keeping us afloat.
    Want to play with us and never miss an update again then Join the Pirate Perfection steam group. Bugs:
    If you have trouble getting this release to work, before reporting it broken, read the bloody FAQ ;)  
    Fan video made by ulpian films
    Have fun and be kind to a noob today!


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  3. Free

    Pirate Perfection Reborn X-Ray Standalone Edition

    Here you have a Pirate Perfection Reborn X-Ray Script that works without the Trainer it also comes with a Share function for your teammates.

    Installation instructions:
    Use 7zip or WinRAR to extract the files. Right click on "Pirate Perfection Reborn X-Ray Vision Standalone Edition.zip" and extract all files in a new Folder. Take the "PAYDAY 2"-Folder and place it in "...:\Steam\steamapps\common\" . Overwrite all old files if asked.  You are done. Default Keybinds are X to toggle X-Ray and M to toggle Share X-Ray they can be changed in the BLT Key Settings in Main Menu


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  4. Free

    The forest trainer, it is not including everything that it will include in the final release and any bugreport and/or suggestions will be appreciated
    There are two files you need:
    1. PPForestTrn.dll
    This is the base Hack .dll (you need to place it in the managed folder (where the assembly-csharp.dll (Gamefolder) is)
    (e.g. %programfiles(x86)%/steam/steamapps/common/TheForest/TheForest_DATA/managed/)
    2. Assembly-CSharp.dll
    Drop it in the same folder you placed PPForestTrn is so it overrides the original one
    Make a backup of original if you are the cautious type.
    F1, F2, F3, F4 << Keys to open the cheat menus
    If you are interested in the code, the source is freely available @ https://github.com/Sanguinaris/Unity-HackBase
    wkr Sanguin


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  5. Free

    The Payday 2 Better Lua injecTor (BLT), is a Lua hook designed for ease of use for players, and modders alike.
    It allows players to inject code into the game’s scripting engine at runtime and run their own code.
    This allows players to make mods for the game that go beyond swapping models and textures.
    The Payday 2 BLT was made by James Wilkinson and Timothy Clissold, with additional help from Will Donohoe.
    It has been designed and built from the ground up to make the installation and configuration of mods as simple and painless as possible.
    The BLT DLL is the injector that allows us to run code in Payday 2.
    The DLL hooks into the game’s Lua engine and runs a set file in the Lua base code which then sets up the BLT, injects itself into the game’s menus, and loads all installed mods.
    Easy Installation, just drop the BLT DLL and the accompanying “mods” folder into your Payday directory and you’re good to go! In-game Mod Manager, manage which of your mods will be turned on the next time you launch your game, no more moving folders and deleting files. Self Updating*, the BLT can update itself to automatically bring you the latest features and fixes, you don’t have to lift a finger. Automatic Updates*, all BLT mods can make use of a system to update your mods automatically the next time you launch Payday 2. Customizable Keybinds, keybindings added by mods can be changed in the options menu, so you can customize them to make them comfortable for you! Menu Hooking, mods can add new menus to your game so that you can customize them in-game, without having to change files outside of Payday. Open Source, you can see what we’re doing behind the scenes, and you can even help us develop the BLT further! *All updates are optional. We check with you before downloading anything, and you can turn them off if you want to.
    The Payday 2 BLT requires a Windows computer running Windows 7 or later to work.
    You’ll also need the x86 version  of the 2013 Visual C++ Runtime.
    You can download it from Microsoft.
    Hold it!
    Make sure you’ve installed the x86 2013 C++ Runtime before installing.
    If you don’t, the BLT won’t work, your game will crash, and you’ll look like an idiot when asking for help because you didn’t read the instructions.
    Step 1 - Download
    Download the BLT, since you’ll need that first.
      Step 2 - Open your Payday 2 directory
    You’ll need to open your Payday 2 directory.
    If you know where your SteamApps are, then go to SteamApps/common/PAYDAY 2/.
    Otherwise, right-click Payday 2 in Steam and select Properties.
    Choose the tab Local Files and click Browse Local Files to open explorer right to it.
      Step 3 - Extract
    Extract the IPHLPAPI.dll and mods/ folder to your PAYDAY 2 folder from your download, and you’re done.
      Step 4 - Installing Mods
    BLT mods are installed by simply placing the mod folder into your mods folder.
    So if you downloaded Pirate Perfection Reborn, place the Pirate Perfection Reborn folder into mods and you’re good to go.


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  6. Free

    A nice little gui (beware that the clicks are transferred through the menu to the game aswell)
    Add Money Add Angels Boost all Ventures Warp (McFly through time) Reset to normal Installation:
    Drag'n'drop the the dll file into the "AdVenture Capitalist\adventure-capitalist_Data\Managed" folder, and overwrite when asked to do so.
    Press F1 to open the menu
    wkr Sanguin


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  7. Free

    BLT4L Readme
    BLT4L is a part clean-room, part-line-by-line rewrite of BLT, the PAYDAY 2 Better Lua injecTor, for Linux. It is compatibile with all BLT mods, presents the same API, and uses the same LUA base.
    Roman Hargrave - Initial work, code, translations from BLT4WIN Leonard König - C++ cleanup, linker work Ozymandias117 - Fixed subhook on 64-bit platforms James Wilkinson - BLT LUA (and BLT) Installing
    You can install BLT4L in a few different ways. The quickest way is to clone this repository, and run install.sh. This will work best on Debian, or a Debian derivative, such as SteamOS, as it can help you install missing dependecies.
    If you're on Arch Linux (or a derivative like Manjaro), you can install the AUR package blt4l-runtime-bin (Steam runtime) orblt4l (non-Steam runtime/steam native). You'll still need to install the base Lua manually, see the instructions below for a manual install.
    You can also find prebuilt copies under the releases tab, or if you want to debug or modify BLT4L, you can build it manually.
    Building & Manual Install
    In order to build BLT4L, you will need:
    openssl curl4-openssl (gnutls is NOT supported) zlib cmake a build tool chain (most distros have one preinstalled, or available in a build-essentials package) Do the following:
    $ git submodule init $ git submodule update $ mkdir build $ cd build $ cmake .. $ make You should find the hook in your build folder, named libblt_loader.so. You will need to set LD_PRELOAD for the PAYDAY2 process to find the loader.
    Next, you will need to copy a LUA mod base to your PAYDAY 2 folder (or whatever working directory you intend to run PAYDAY 2 in). There is a symlink to the BLT LUA mod base (from the BLT4WIN submodule) under lua/mods.
    If you set everyting up correctly, you should be up and running with the BLT mod API in PAYDAY 2.
    Additional work for SELinux users (e.g. Fedora users):
    Because our hook writes to executable sections of payday2, SELinux doesn't like us (and it shouldn't). In order to add an SELinux exception for the BLT Hook, you must do the following:
    Run Payday2 with libblt_loader.so (It will crash, and SELinux will log the error)
    $ sudo ausearch -c 'payday2_release' --raw | audit2allow -M my-payday2-hook $ sudo semodule -i my-payday-hook.pp Notes
    I am a bit out of my element writing C++, as I prefer to use C; however, it is more convenient to use C++ when you're trying to call and overwrite functions in a C++ application. For this reason you may notice a few C-like things in the C++ code. Feel free to correct them and open a PR.
    Additionally, I should point out that I am using the linker to access the lua_* functions. This is because (as of 2016-03-22) the payday2_release image is not stripped (or at least not fully; as is sometimes the case with staticly linked images). For this reason we can forego signature hunting and the like, as we have symbols and the linker, the ultimate signature system. I've backed up a copy of the payday image should a stripped update come out and necessitate signatures.


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  8. Free

    PiratePerfection for Payday: The Heist
    We do not currently work to improve this anymore but might update it again someday if we feel the need for an update.
    For more info check out our PD: TH subforum here:
    Current key settings:
    F1 - Godmode (toggleable)
    F2 - Mask off
    F3 - Infinite ammo (toggleable)
    F4 - Extreme fire rate (part. toggleable, review config.lua for more info)
    F7 - Skip start intro/force game to start.
    F9 - Freeflight
    4 - Place ammo bag
    5 - Place medic bag
    6 - Place sentry
    7 - Place trip mine
    0 - Revive shipmates
    NUMPAD 1,2 - Release yourself/everyone from jail
    NUMPAD 3 - Kill everyone alive on the map
    END - Instant win
    On start scripts (everything can be toggled in config.lua):
    - Disable drop-in pause
    - Name spoof
    - Interaction scripts
    - Enable all DLCs
    - Disable delay between shouts
    On start, the function can be configured in config.lua now!
    - Extract everything into the folder with payday the heist.


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