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    Official Release: Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! Pro Edition

    Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! Pro Edition for Payday 2
    Finally after so much time of waiting for its finally here Pirate Perfection Reborn v2.0

    -- Changelog :
    Version 2.0.0:
        ⚫ All Editions
            ◼️ Switched to SuperBLT v3.1.2 (R026)
            ◼️ Updated the MOD.txt
            ◼️ Updated the Read Me!.txt
            ◼️ Change mod folder name "pp" > "[MOD] Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! *EDITION* Edition"
            ◼️ Create a BLT Logo for every Trainer Edition.
            ◼️ Added a text file that contains the Locations of all Payday 2 save game files. (useful to delete/backup them)
            ◼️ Folder structure changed, files listed below are now stored elsewhere so the main folder is clean & tidy for the average users.
                ◽ __require.lua, auto_config.lua, auto_ingame.lua, auto_init.lua, init.lua, localizator.lua, main_init.lua, pre_init.lua are now stored in ".../Trainer/setup" folder.
                ◽ Announcement.Check, First Launch.Check & Safe.Check are now stored in ".../Trainer/configs/checks" folder.
                ◽ Error.log, Full Crash.log.txt & Latest Crash.log.txt are now stored in ".../Logfiles" folder.
            ◼️ Cleaned up some files.
                ◽ config.lua, keyconfig.lua, blank.lua.
            ◼️ Default keybinds back to F1 - F12 instead of Numpad. (good for laptop users)
            ◼️ Scripts from ".../Trainer/keybinded" folder are bound through ".../Trainer/keyconfig.lua"
            ◼️ New Scripts from ".../Trainer/keybinds" folder can be bound through the BLT Menu in-game thanks to the ".../MOD.txt"
            ◼️ Rearranged Menus & Entries.
            ◼️ Increased menu width to support longer Spoof names.
            ◼️ Every Trainer Edition has now its own colors for all the menus.
                ◽ Developer Edition = Green, Patron Edition = Purple, V.I.P. Edition = Yellow, Pro Edition = Red & Free Edition = Blue
            ◼️ Updated F1-Help menu and it separate pages.
                ◽ It has now separate pages for keybinds, Why Do I Get Tagged As Cheater? & Credits.
            ◼️ Updated the Languages menu.
            ◼️ Updated the English.txt & German.txt to v2.0.0.
            ◼️ Updated First Launch Text
            ◼️ Updated Announcement Text
            ◼️ Updated Version Text
            ◼️ Updated texts from https://bitbucket.org/SoulHipHop/pirate-perfection/downloads/
                ◽ moving_text.txt, hiphop.txt, version.txt & announcements.txt
            ◼️ Added a Spoof name menu (WIP)
            ◼️ More functions can now be saved in configs.
            ◼️ Merged all Forum Quick Fixes.
                ◽ Noclip, Teleport, Aimbot, Piggyback ride, Driver, Helicopter, No Weapon Spread, Safe Simulator for armor skins.
            ◼️ Several Bug fixes.
                ◽ Weapon Menu, Disable Cam, Lobotomize AI, grenade_weapon, explosive_bullets.
            ◼️ Added Terminator HUD to Mod menu. (it doesn’t seem to work as it used to in PPT V16 so its work in progress)
            ◼️ Added option to enable BLT Console. (prevents the game from minimizing itself when PPR scans for files (languages, configs & plugins))
            ◼️ Added several options to Hide PPR from BLT list.
                ◽ Hide only PPR, hide all mods, Set lobby to unmodded.
            ◼️ Added more Unlocker options.
            ◼️ Armor Skins, Aldstone Weapons, Arbiter Grenade Launcher, Crew Skills.
            ◼️ Added Free Crime Spree options.
            ◼️ Added Free Gage Perks.
            ◼️ Added Loading Screen tip.
            ◼️ Added Extend Inventory Script.
            ◼️ Added Free Black-Market Script.
            ◼️ Added Instant Card flip Script.
            ◼️ Added Skip Intro & Straight to Main menu Script.
                ◽ The game could crash on Slower Computers due to the menu not getting loaded fast enough.
            ◼️ Added a names.txt for a Spoof name menu (WIP).
            ◼️ Added PiratePerfection RSS feed.
            ◼️ Added Debug function Trigger Recorder it logs a triggers to the file "Logfiles/Trigger List.txt" when enabled.
            ◼️ The Debug Hud now also shows the ID of the level.
            ◼️ Added a Script to trigger a certain unit, can be found in "Trainer/experimental/dev" copy&paste the code to "user_script.lua" and insert a unit name then run script in game.
            ◼️ Added Script to activate the Whitehouse Secret *Overlever*
            ◼️ Added Script to open the Riddle door in Whitehouse *Overlever Gate*
            ◼️ Removed duplicate No delay talking script.
            ◼️ Updated Unit List for Spawn menu.
            ◼️ ??? (Could be that I forgot some stuff)
        ⚫ Developer Edition
            ◼️ Plugins Menu is now Work in Progress but disabled to prevent the game from minimizing itself (enabling the console can avoid this) but there are no plugins anyway.
            ◼️ folder *keyconfig (WIP)* is Work in Progress, trying to switch from PPR keyconfig to BLT keyconfig.
            ◼️ Added a *Media* folder that contains all the sounds from the classic PiratePerfection Trainer V16, I hope that I can get to use them again one day maybe with SuperBLT ?.
            ◼️ Create a GIMP file "!Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! XYZ Edition.xcf" that can be used to create more logos.
        ⚫ Patron Edition
            ◼️ Fixed default Spoof name "A fellow Developer Pirate" > "A fellow Patron Pirate".
        ⚫ VIP Edition
            ◼️ To follow.
        ⚫ Pro Edition
            ◼️ To follow.
        ⚫ Free Edition
            ◼️ To follow.
    Most Options are turned off by default, toggle them by editing the Config.lua
    located in "...\PAYDAY 2\mods\[MOD] Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! Patron Edition\Trainer"
    Installation : SuperBLT is already included in this package so just extract everything in a new folder and place all content into "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY 2"
    Below is a Video that shows how to do it.
    (Don't mind that it uses a different Trainer/Edition/Version, they all get installed the same way so there is no need to create multiple videos.)
    How To Install PPR Trainer.mp4


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  2. Free

    Legacy Version Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! Pro Edition

    The Pro Version of Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer as BLT MOD
    Donors get you lunches, the BLT is here as an alternative to our normal solution.
    This is now a Legacy Verison of the Trainer, there won't be any more updates in this thread.
    The New Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer Version 2.0.0 will be uploaded in a new Thread when its finished by @Baddog-11


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