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    HoxHud HoxHud manual installer

    HoxHud Features
    The following is a non-exhaustive list of features in HoxHud. Anyone who notices something in HoxHud that I forgot to mention here, please post!

    An in-game options menu!
    On-screen timers for all items that use the generic timer class (e.g. Drills, Voting Machines, Computer Hacking). Also for ECMs and Sentry Gun ammo. Longer timers start on the Tab screen (AKA stats screen) and move to the main screen when they go below 60s.
    Damage indicator dynamically rotates itself to show you where you were really shot from.
    Greatly expanded infoboxes showing everything from number of cops dominated/jokered to Gage Packages and alerted civilians.
    Health indicator displays when targeting an enemy, flashes orange on a non-fatal hit and red on a fatal hit.
    Dot beside player names changes to chat icon when they are using push-to-talk.
    Player names are coloured according to their callsign and their level is included with their name.
    A kill counter is displayed beside the player's name.
    The number of times a player has been downed displays inside their health ring
    The number of times you can be downed/pistol messiahs remaining displays inside your health ring.
    A smaller white circle displays in your health ring to indicate how long you can sprint for.
    The Tab screen shows more useful information regarding payout and cleaner costs.
    A variety of Anticheat features that tracks and accounts the actions of other players when you host with detected cheats being blocked.
    The police assault indicator shows more detailed information when you are hosting.
    Your Sniper rifle aligns to the angled sight whenever you turned it on without having to go into steelsight.
    A pseudo-asset replaces the Gage Mod Packages asset which allows you to purchase every available asset that your skillset and cash permits in a single click.
    The suspicion meter includes a numeric value.
    The interaction meter is replaced with a numeric timer (circle can be re-enabled of course).
    Reloading is considered an interaction and thus displays the timer too.
    A Skill Profiler to allow you to quickly switch between your Skill tree builds. Not Free!
    When hosting a non-pro job, you can restart the day from the Esc (pause) menu.
    When you kill an enemy with a headshot, a small red circle displays in addition to the built-in hit indicator. They also get decapitated.
    Piratefriendly - cheater defeater disabled by default, sharing is caring remember.