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GoonMod GoonMod r19

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About This File

What is GoonMod

GoonMod is a Lua modification for Payday 2 that adds new gameplay features.

Most of GoonMod is able to be selectively enabled, so you can play with all of the individual mods that GoonMod comes with or only a single one.

Mod List

These are the mods which are currently packaged with GoonMod:

  • Corpse Delimiter: Raise the number of corpses allowed to astronomical levels. Also include options to despawn shields after they are killed.
  • Crime.net Cargo: Send and receive weapons, weapon mods, masks, and mask parts between your friends and other players.
  • Mutators: Micro-gameplay mods that add new give you new gameplay modes and experiences.
  • Extended Inventory: Allows mods to add new items to your inventory.
  • Gage Coins: Gage will give you a coin for every courier package you complete. (Requires Extended Inventory)
  • Gage Mod Shop: Gage is opening up to new business opportunities. You can now buy weapon mods, masks, and mask parts using Gage Coins. (Requires Extended Inventory and Gage Coins)
  • Separate Train Heist: Don't worry about accidentally grabbing the train intel again, picking up the intel will allow you to visit the Train Heist on your own time. (Requires Extended Inventory)
  • Custom Waypoints: Set a marker for your buddies, and co-ordinate with them much easier and faster.
  • Grenade Indicator: Tired of surprise flashbangs? Adds an indicator shortly before they detonate to give you a chance to react.
  • Custom Weapon Laser and Lights: Customize the colour of your weapon laser and flashlight attachments, or have you own personal rave with a disco-laser.
  • Custom World Lasers: Customize the lasers in game, like the ones in GO Bank or Framing Frame, to your own liking.
  • Normalized Ironsights: Your sensitivity will drop the futher you zoom in with ironsights to allow you to aim better.
  • Remember Gadget State: Gadgets on your weapons will remember if they were on or off when you put them away and pull them back out.
  • Push-to-Interact: Push the button and wait. No more holding the key down.

What's New in Version r19   See changelog


The gameplay modification suite, and predecessor the BLT itself, packaged in a no-fuss manner for easy installation, and configuration.

Contains all your favourite mods and extras for customizing your game, and experiencing new gameplay.



  • Corpse Delimiter, leave a sea of bodies and carnage in your wake.
  • Gage Mod Shop, collect GageCoins from courier packages and purchase anything you like. All weapon mods, mask mods, and mask parts are yours if you've got the coins.
  • Weapon Customization, paint and colour your weapons to add that personal touch to delivering lead to thousands of police officers.
  • Mutators, complicate your heists with custom modifiers. Think you can take on a hundred tasers, or a sprinting bulldozer with a shield?
  • Custom Colours, customize your weapon lasers and flashlights to your liking, and show them off to your friends using GoonMod.
  • Normalized Iron Sights, slow down your aiming while looking down the sights to make sure that you stay pixel-perfect accurate with every weapon, at every range.
  • Gadget State Persistence, once your laser's been turned on, it stays on. At least until you turn it off again.
  • Automatic Updates, the original auto-updating mod still with automatic updates. We'll let you know when there's a new version so you don't have to join a Steam group, or check a forum every day.



GoonMod runs on the Payday 2 BLT, so just drop the GoonMod folder into your mods folder.

If you want to use the Weapon Customizer, then you'll need to put the GoonModWeaponCustomizer folder in your assets/mod_overrides folder.

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A bit confusing in game, but does what i want it to do. It crashes of course...a lot...

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