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Bullet Dismemberment 11

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About This File

If you want to change certain settings for this mod, head over to Bullet Decapitations/lua/CopDamage.lua and edit the settings section!

A simple mod which adds a gory yet satisfying effect when head shotting an enemy. This was script was snipped from my Melee Overhaul REvamped mod and made it so bullets affect decapitations.

Once head shotting an enemy, blood will spew out from their necks. Along with its goriness, their bodies will slightly twitch. All in all, these cops will have it rough on them.

You can also dismember an enemy's limbs with your bullets now, have fun!

And before anyone says it, this script was not stolen from HoxHud. I've decided to create a standalone mod for this feature and this mod was built from scratch.



v11 Changes:

  • Added the new decapitation feature for Tasers during headshots.

v10 Changes:

  • Added the ability to dismember an enemy's limbs with your bullets!

v6 Changes:

  • Added BLT Auto-Update compatibility.
  • Fixed cloakers being dismembered while still alive.
  • Fixed crashes when non-player unit (e.g. Sentry Turret) attempts to decapitate.

v5 Changes:

  • Fixed crashing issues when trying to decapitate cloakers.

v4 Changes:

  • Fixed non-existing values when searching for a unit's head.
  • Fixed teammates not being able to decapitate.

v3 Changes:

  • Cloaker Dismemberment with bullets require the Yakuza Character Pack.

v2 Changes:

  • Added Cloaker Dismemberment with bullets.
  • Improved blood effects.
  • Continuous blood spurts from the neck.

Created by Undeadsewer.

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i wanted this mod for so long , thanks dude :D

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