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Pocohud 3.9

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 What does PocoHud do?
 Gives more info about what you're doing. Enhances game HUD.

 What is different with HoxHud?
 HH was about giving you general-all-around info but mine concentrates to the loud gameplay experience. As a result, PH has no pager count, no hostage status etc. but has realtime damage indicator, realtime DPS info and such things.
tl;dr: PocoHud: focused on realtime info. HoxHud: focused on overall info.

 Are you ripping off HH? Or vice versa?
 Nope, PocoHud1 was already stable way before HoxHud hype had began. Two has completely different, unique approach. And we(Olipro and I) both know it. We do not have any problem against each other. At least, I don't. 

 Can I have access to the full source?

 Why are you doing this?
 This was just one of my random project to learn a new language named Lua. And then I found too many people misunderstanding certain game mechanics and convincing them with tiny chatting window was not a pleasent either. So I decided to let people know what they did(you killed my minion, you bastard), why something is happening(you are not in custody because you replenished your health) in real time. The first time I revealed my gameplay was a reddit post. Had many positive responses. And HoxHud hype was all over the community. So I decided to release my MOD someday, somehow.

 I want PocoMap back.
 Not for now. Even if it returns, it will involve HUGE nerf. It was too OP that I had to stop it. I want my MOD to be as legitimate as possible. I know that some people disagree with me, but while my MOD does not hurt anybody's gameplay experience I had to make a decision before something bad happens.

 Y iz ur grammah so siit?
 English as second language.



 How can I configure PocoHud?
 Press Backspace key in game. You can configure pretty much everything.

 (Obsolete since r162 but underlying system is the same) What are those Chat keywords? ServerOnly and ClientChat etc.?
 If you have this question, simply leave it as is. The default values are tested for quite a long time. Raising event prioty is generally not suggested, while decreasing is completely safe.
I simplified event priority as these. From pointless to important:

Never : Invisible to everybody including me. Ignored.

  • "An event that is so pointless that you don't even want to know."

ReadOnly : Only you can read the chat, nobody else can see it. Indicated with blue color and a ghost icon.

  • "Nobody else have to know about this. But I'd like know if this happens."

ServerSend : Broadcasts if you're a host. Else, same as ReadOnly.

  • "This is a good thing to know but might be too much info to spam on others' lobbies."

FullGameSend : Broadcasts if you're a host or you've been with the host. Else, same as ReadOnly.

  • "This is so important thing but you must play from the beginning of a game to get involved data correctly."

MidGameSend : Always broadcasts unless, someone else broadcasted via PocoHud too.

  • "This is so important that everyone should know about this."

AlwaysSend : Always, regardless of other PocoHud user's presence, broadcasts.

  • "This is as important as MidGame event and furthermore, nobody else using PocoHud can capture this event so I am the only one who can tell this event happened."
  • Such as, Pistol Messiah charges.


Created by Zenyr updated for BLT by Kilandor

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