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Melee Weapon Favorites and Extra Categories 1

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About This File

Sick of scrolling through your melee weapons, looking for your favorite one ?
This will allow you to move your favorite melee weapons to the top of the list.
If you don't have a melee weapon unlocked, but you have favorited it, it will automatically move to the correct location, when you finally unlock it.

To favorite a melee weapon, go to the mod options, and checkmark the ones you want. 
(Weapon butt and fists aren't in the menu, due to them being stuck to the very top of the melee list)
(Clover's shillelagh isn't listed, because for whatever reason, it crashes the game)

Also included, are ~26 hidden categories, designed for modders who want to add more items to the game, allowing them to separate their mod items, from the vanilla ones, just like in my "Unmasked" mod. To set an item into one of these categories, set their global value to any of the ones listed in the readme file bundled with this mod.
Before you ask me to do this for Primary and secondary weapons, I'm trying, the game keeps ruining the weapon's stats, when I populate them into their own favorites menu.

Uses BLT (just unzip the contents into your mods folder, located in your Payday 2 directory)
Stars won't actually appear on the melee weapons, they were only added, to draw your attention to the items that are normally on other pages, so that it would be easier to understand what this mod does.
Would be nice if asked before you use this in your mod


Created by Nervatel Hanging Closet Monster

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