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Visual Haul Overhaul 10

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Who cares what you put your valuables in, as long as you put them into something.
Allows you to change what each and every bagged item appears as.

Fixed issue with menu

Paintings in an Overkill safe ?
Why not ?

Every Fusion engine using different bags ?
There are only 9 options, so there would be a bit of a crossover, but otherwise, yeah

Artifacts in a bodybag ?
Cool, enjoy it

Dead bodies in canvas bags ?
Uhh.... I see no issue there


Changelog 26 November 2.0
Added the Aftershock Safes as editable options

Changelog 4 Dec 3.0
Added the Parachute, Lost Artifact, Masterpiece, Master Server, Prototype, Breaching Charge bagged options.
Changed the order of the selection, so that default is the first, not last, option. I recommend deleting your save, to accommodate for the change.
Added the Parachute to the visual bag options.

Fusion engines can now be parachute bags

Added the Xmas Presents, and precursor to the Xmas Global event.
As of right now the Global Event bag is the toolbag, when the game updates on the 17th, the bag will automatically change along with it.

Fixed stuff

Added a Randomized option

Added Goats


- Carried appearance options
Allows you to set the bags to appear as whatever while they are being carried by teammates

- Mass Setting option
Allows you to set all the bags as the same thing, with the click of a button
i.e. instead of needing to manually click through all the options to make everything safes, one click will set them all to safes for you.

Fixed issue with the Masterpiece

Fixed an issue with goat bags
Added confirmation messages to the Mass settings
Added "Randomize once" to the Mass settings, which sets each bag to a randomly selected appearance

Added the Counterfiet money bag option
Added the Paper Roll bag option
Fixed issue caused by a change to how carried bags are applied to heisters
-HCH update


Created by Nervatel Hanging Closet Monster

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