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Bot Weapons 1.9

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About This File

This BLT mod allows you to choose each team bot's weapon via an ingame menu. The way the game is built, only npc weapons can be used, but it should be enough to not see CAR-4 Rifles on almost every bot. Supported are Bernetti 9, Chimano 88, Bronco .44, CAR-4, AK, Reinfeld 880, Mosconi 12G, Compact-5, Compact-5 Tactical, CMP, Mark 10, IZHMA 12G, KSP, UMP, Eagle Heavy, JP36 or you can just set them to random.

NOTE: IZHMA 12G will crash Clients that don't have the mod since it uses a weapon preset that isn't available by default.

The mod also gives you a toggle option to change weapon damage of the bot weapons to match a modded player gun, for example when activated the CAR-4 is boosted to do 40 damage (only on Overkill and Deathwish, on lower difficulties the damage gets scaled down).


  • V1.9: Added Valkyria Rifle, Heather SMG, Krinkov and RPK
  • V1.8: Eagle Heavy Rifle and JP36 are back! Found a way to fix their damage. 
  • V1.7: Dynamic heister list, no more manual updating if a new heister gets added
  • V1.6: Added Settings for Bodhi
  • V1.5: Idk what I did there xD
  • V1.4: Code Cleanup, attempt at IZHMA fix, auto Updates from now on
  • V1.3: Fixed a bug with weapon damage (had to remove JP36 and Eagle Heavy as they use Car-4 presets but have higher damage); Added Settings for Jiro
  • V1.2: Fixed small bug, bot weapon damage is now decreased on lower difficulties via multiplicator (normal * 0.4, hard * 0.6, very hard * 0.8, overkill & deathwish 1), made mod compatible with Better Bots
  • V1.1: Removed sniper from list, working IZHMA, added random option

French Localisation by Mr.PlayYou [BE]


Created by topfpflanzen-würger

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