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    Version | v1.2.0-FE


    The Free Version of PiratePerfection Reborn as BLT MOD How to install this: 1.Extract all files into a new folder. (We recommend using 7zip for this ) 2.Now take the "mods"-folder and the "IPHLPAPI.dll"-file and move them into your Gamedir "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Payday 2" We spent many years on making this trainer for you, please be so kind and Donate something and tell your friends about us! The difference from this Free Version and the Pro Version & VIP Version is the troll menu which is full of cheats to mess with your team, like taseing/killing/cuffing them, giving them equipment, locking them into the vault, teleporting and enabling Godmode for everyone including non cheaters + a lot of other cheats reserved for those keeping us afloat. Steam group: Want to play with us and never miss an update again then Join the Pirate Perfection steam group. Bugs: If you have trouble getting this release to work, before reporting it broken, read the bloody FAQ ;) Fan video made by ulpian films Have fun and be kind to a noob today! NOTE: This is now a Legacy Verison of the Trainer, there won't be any more updates in this thread. The New Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer Version 2.0.0 will be uploaded in a new Thread when its finished by @Baddog-11


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    Version | v1.2.0-VE


    The VIP Version of Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer as BLT MOD This release is almost identical to Pirate Perfection Pro Version, but some extra scripts are included which we don't want widely spread. We don't advertise them or disclose publicly what it is, so no need to ask us. The VIP Version is the first to test future cheats for the Pro/Free Version and might be more unstable, but that's the price of being our guinea pigs and the first line of exposure. If you have any problems with this release, please post your sightings in the Premium forum thank you, and we will fix them asap. NOTE: This is now a Legacy Verison of the Trainer, there won't be any more updates in this thread. The New Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer Version 2.0.0 will be uploaded in a new Thread when its finished by @Baddog-11

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    Version | v3.0.8 (R023)


    SuperBLT SuperBLT is a fork of the BLT Modloading hook for PAYDAY 2, with a number of major improvements, such as a audio API and the ability to alter any base-game XML file (completely removing the need for Bundle Modder). Installation Download the Latest Release DLL, and place it in your PAYDAY 2 folder. Some computers, for reasons that are not apparent, will not load the IPHLPAPI.dll file as used by both vanilla BLT and SuperBLT. In this case, there's an alternative version that hooks WSOCK32.dll that doesn't have this problem. Eventuall this will be the main version most users will use, but the IPHLPAPI.dll-based one above will continue to be updated for the forseeable future. If you're using this version, ensure you do not have a IPHLPAPI.dll file in your PAYDAY 2 folder. You can also download the Latest Development DLL, however you should only do this if you've been instructed to or you know what you're doing. Note that if you use this DLL, you'll always be told a newer version is available by the update notifier and as such you'll have to manually check for updates. If you already have the standard BLT installed, delete your mods/base folder and IPHLPAPI.dll file first. When you first run PAYDAY, it will ask you if you want to download the BLT basemod. Select 'Yes', and SuperBLT will be installed. Credits ZNixian, for writing SuperBLT the Restoration Crew, for testing/feedback JamesWilko and SirWaddles, for writing the original BLT Source Code This project is Free and Open Source software, with the DLL under the GNU General Public License version 3 (or any later version), and the basemod under the BSD license. DLL Source Code Basemod Source Code Developer Documentation For everything not added by SuperBLT, see the vanilla BLT's documentation. Documentation for stuff added by SuperBLT: XAudio API Automatic Updates XML Tweaker XML Configuration Files


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    this script is not mine i copied it from B1313 from unknownshits all credits goes for him. instructions: 1.open your user_script.lua from your directory (\steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2\mods\pp\trainer). 2.copy the script. 3.paste the script inside user_script.lua and save. 4.in order for it to work you have to be in game and press f5 once. warning for this with continental coins script:lower the coins that are added, because if you press f5 in game a huge amount of coins is added you'll have to wait for the game to load all of them script: -- Player Manager Check if not PlayerManager then return end -- Infinite Grenades function PlayerManager:on_throw_grenade() self:add_grenade_amount( 0 ) end
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    Ahoy shipmates! While you're waiting for pirate perfection for payday the heist to be out, try this little trainer, that will help you to get started. Probably last update, I feel Pirate Perfection will come out in these days :-) Required: Latest hook Updated 11th of June, changelog: - Added normalisation for some scripts (Press 'HOME' button to normalise all modified scripts) - Added instant interaction (Edit that in config.lua) - Added abillity to modify interaction distance (Edit that in config.lua) - Small fix applied to PD2Hook.yml - Extreme firerate now toggleable, If you've disabled 'ExtremeFirarateUnstable' - If you liked old firerate variant, change 'ExtremeFirerateUnstable' to true in config.lua. (Will be no longer toggleable and normalisable) - Corrected replenish script, now it restores ammo aswell. - Added DLC enabler (Original script by OJSimpson, can be toggled in config.lua) - Added kill everyone alive on the map. (NUMPAD 3) - Added Auto drill repair service (Enable it in config.lua) - Added no penalities for killing civilians - Improved equipment placement scripts, now host will no longer crash, when you place sentry in air. - You can place equipments even father! (Edit that in config.lua) Current key settings: F1 - Godmode (toggleable) F2 - Mask off F3 - Infinite ammo (toggleable) F4 - Extreme firerate (part. toggleable, review config.lua for more info) F7 - Skip start intro/force game to start. F9 - Freeflight 4 - Place ammo bag 5 - Place medic bag 6 - Place sentry 7 - Place tripmine 0 - Revive shipmates NUMPAD 1,2 - Release yourself/everyone from jail NUMPAD 3 - Kill everyone alive on the map END - Instant win On start scripts (everything can be toggled in config.lua): - Disable drop-in pause - Name spoof - Interaction scripts - Enable all DLCs - Disable delay between shouts On start function can be configured in config.lua now! Installation: - Extract everything into folder with payday the heist and be sure, that latest hook is installed. Enjoy shipmates, don't forget to leave your feedback and report any found bugs to me through pm :crew:
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    Version | v1.0.0-USE


    Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! Unlocker Standalone Edition for Payday 2 Options Included in this Trainer: Unlock all Downloadable Content Unlock all Weapon Skins Allows you to Modify Legendary Skins Unlock all Armor Skins Unlock the Arbiter Grenade Launcher Unlock all Aldstone Items Unlock all Crew Abilities & Boosts Unlock Hoxton Character All Options are turned off by default, toggle them by editing the Config.lua located in "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY 2\mods\[MOD] Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! Unlocker Standalone Edition" Installation : BLT v2.3 (r7_r19) is already included in this package so just extract everything in a new folder and place all content into "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY 2" Below is a Video that shows how to. (Don't mind the Edition used in the Video, All Trainer Editions are getting installed the same way so there is no need to create multiple videos.) How To Install PPR Trainer.mp4


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    Free and awesome to use :D And if u need coins for safe house Do Cook Off Press Num Pad 6 Money Menu Secure Bags Then Press End There goes 550+ coins given to you. :D
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    Version 1


    Script Data file manipulation through LUA. This is intend as a library to be used by mods, if you aren't a modder and haven't been told to download this by a mod then it probably isn't relevant to you. Editors BeardLib contains some editor functionality, however the main one that is present currently is the Environment Editor. Additional Features With BeardLib you can right click on sliders to type in an exact value, pressing enter will apply your new value into the slider. Documentation Installation: Drag and drop the 'BeardLib' folder inside the downloaded zip into your 'mods' folder once BLT has been installed Created by GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD


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    Thanks.Well wether we like it or not piracy will always be there, it depends on the person to choose to use it or not, I personally chose to use the pirated version because I have a hard time getting an original copy of the game and having too much headache with online payments (as it is not yet supported in my country) and I think there is a lot of people just like me who can't get an original copy of the game.
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    TROLL MENU - USE WITH CAUTION... and laughter For an indepth guide and trolling tips you can read the troll guide Dead cops to to bulldozers:Any cop you kill will be revived as a bullozer. Replace cops with bulldozers:All cops on the map will turn into bulldozers. Change your statistics:Dont stand out in the stats at end of game. Change spawn position for new players:Will set your crosshair position as the new spawn point for joining players. Increase ladder height and width:Make them ladders far easier (or harder) to climb. Delete all synchonized units from map:Play around with it and figure it out, good for removing floor in the bankvault i.e Take mask off:Takes your mask off. Interaction with other players: Interaction with team: Enable Godmode for your team:Your whole crew is invulnerable, it doesnt matter if they are cheaters (HOST ONLY) Send team in custody:Your whole crew is put in jail (HOST ONLY) Release team from custody:Your whole crew is released from jail, on your location (HOST ONLY) Tase team:Your whole crew is tased Arrest team:The whole crew is arrested Kill Team:The whole team is bleeding out. Change team state to standard:Your whole teami has their amount of downs reset, and downed player are helped up. Interact with a specific player: Release player from custody:Removes your teammate from custody and spawns him on your location Teleport to Player:Teleport you to the specific players postiton Give Equipment to specific team member: Give Bags to specific team member: Give items to specific team member: Send player to custody:Give your annoying teammember a timeout. Tase player:Make a specific teammember dance the electic boogie. Arrest player:Cuff a specific teammember if he has been naughty. Kill player:Sends a specific teammember into bleed out. Change player state to standard:Cure your teammember from all ails like tase, bleedout and knocked out. Interact with self: Incapacitated:Spook yourself. Tased:Do the electric boogaloo all by yourself. Standard:Clear your own state from tased, incapacitated etc. Bleed out:Punch yourself in the face and go directly to bleedout. Arrested:Cuff yourself, fun with your girlfriend aswell as your teammembers. Mask off:Take you mask off and stroll around like nothing happend. Carry:Move slower if you feel a heavy burden on your shoulder. Clean:Mask off again... hmm Activate elements: Open all doors:Swooooosh please wipe your feet at the mat. Close all doors:Emases nepo Open vault:Save yourself some drilling time. Close vault:Capture your team inside the vault hehehe Remove head of enemies:Tired of waiting for helloween, get them headless dozers when you want. Fill deposit boxes with money:All deposit boxes are the correct ones.
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    You can enable the debug console in the file called PD2Hook.yml in the main game directory.   Change this line: OutputMode: 1   into this: OutputMode: 7   This will enable the debug console, reverse above step to disable obviously.