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    Version 1.1.2f-BLT


    The REGULAR version of PiratePerfection Reborn as BLT MOD How to install this: 1.Extract all files into a new folder. (We recommend using 7zip for this ) 2.Now take the folder "mods" and the file "IPHLPAPI.dll" and move them into your Gamedir " ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Payday 2 " We spent years making this trainer for you, please be kind and subscribe to our YouTube and tell your friends about us! The difference from this regular version and the Pro Version & VIP Version is the troll menu which is full of cheats to mess with your team, like tasing/killing/cuffing them, giving them equipment, locking them into the vault, teleporting and enabling godmode for everyone including non cheaters + a lot of other cheats reserved for those keeping us afloat. Steamgroup: Want to play with us and never miss an update again then Join the Pirate Perfection steam group. Bugs: If you have trouble getting this release to work, before reporting it broken, read the bloody FAQ ;) Fan video made by ulpian films Have fun and be kind to a noob today!


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    Version | Version 1.0 !


    PiratePerfection's DLC and Skin Unlocker as BLT Mod for Payday 2 Installation instructions: Use 7zip or WinRAR to extract the files. Right click on "DLC & Skin Unlocker.7z" and extract all files in a new Folder. Take the "IPHLPAPI.dll" and the "mods"-Folder and place them in "...:\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2" . You are done. You can edit the config.lua as described in there or like the picture above displays to Toggle the DLC / Skin Unlocker. *The Skin Unlocker is turned off by default*


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    Free and awesome to use :D And if u need coins for safe house Do Cook Off Press Num Pad 6 Money Menu Secure Bags Then Press End There goes 550+ coins given to you. :D
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    Version 1.1.3d-BLT


    PiratePerfection Reborn Donor - BLT Edition Donors get you lunches, the BLT is here as an alternative to our normal solution. Have fun and if you want plugins check out: http://paydaymods.com/mods/


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    TROLL MENU - USE WITH CAUTION... and laughter For an indepth guide and trolling tips you can read the troll guide Dead cops to to bulldozers:Any cop you kill will be revived as a bullozer. Replace cops with bulldozers:All cops on the map will turn into bulldozers. Change your statistics:Dont stand out in the stats at end of game. Change spawn position for new players:Will set your crosshair position as the new spawn point for joining players. Increase ladder height and width:Make them ladders far easier (or harder) to climb. Delete all synchonized units from map:Play around with it and figure it out, good for removing floor in the bankvault i.e Take mask off:Takes your mask off. Interaction with other players: Interaction with team: Enable Godmode for your team:Your whole crew is invulnerable, it doesnt matter if they are cheaters (HOST ONLY) Send team in custody:Your whole crew is put in jail (HOST ONLY) Release team from custody:Your whole crew is released from jail, on your location (HOST ONLY) Tase team:Your whole crew is tased Arrest team:The whole crew is arrested Kill Team:The whole team is bleeding out. Change team state to standard:Your whole teami has their amount of downs reset, and downed player are helped up. Interact with a specific player: Release player from custody:Removes your teammate from custody and spawns him on your location Teleport to Player:Teleport you to the specific players postiton Give Equipment to specific team member: Give Bags to specific team member: Give items to specific team member: Send player to custody:Give your annoying teammember a timeout. Tase player:Make a specific teammember dance the electic boogie. Arrest player:Cuff a specific teammember if he has been naughty. Kill player:Sends a specific teammember into bleed out. Change player state to standard:Cure your teammember from all ails like tase, bleedout and knocked out. Interact with self: Incapacitated:Spook yourself. Tased:Do the electric boogaloo all by yourself. Standard:Clear your own state from tased, incapacitated etc. Bleed out:Punch yourself in the face and go directly to bleedout. Arrested:Cuff yourself, fun with your girlfriend aswell as your teammembers. Mask off:Take you mask off and stroll around like nothing happend. Carry:Move slower if you feel a heavy burden on your shoulder. Clean:Mask off again... hmm Activate elements: Open all doors:Swooooosh please wipe your feet at the mat. Close all doors:Emases nepo Open vault:Save yourself some drilling time. Close vault:Capture your team inside the vault hehehe Remove head of enemies:Tired of waiting for helloween, get them headless dozers when you want. Fill deposit boxes with money:All deposit boxes are the correct ones.
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    >Posted by superfid2006   Blame others with cheater tag   Hey guys, is there any chance to make a script with which you can apply the CHEATER tag to someone else? Would be kinda nice to be on the other side, pointing fingers. Tired of getting tagged for using two grenades and being suspected of being a cheater (for the wrong reasons). 
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    The latest version is uploaded to the download section... You will always find it here : https://www.pirateperfection.com/files/category/1-free-downloads/
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    The forest trainer, it is not including everything that it will include in the final release and any bugreport and/or suggestions will be appreciated There are two files you need: 1. PPForestTrn.dll This is the base Hack .dll (you need to place it in the managed folder (where the assembly-csharp.dll (Gamefolder) is) (e.g. %programfiles(x86)%/steam/steamapps/common/TheForest/TheForest_DATA/managed/) 2. Assembly-CSharp.dll Drop it in the same folder you placed PPForestTrn is so it overrides the original one Make a backup of original if you are the cautious type. F1, F2, F3, F4 << Keys to open the cheat menus If you are interested in the code, the source is freely available @ https://github.com/Sanguinaris/Unity-HackBase wkr Sanguin


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    Version 2.0


    PiratePerfection for Payday: The Heist We do not currently work to improve this anymore but might update it again someday if we feel the need for an update. For more info check out our PD: TH subforum here: https://www.pirateperfection.com/topic/37973-baldwins-trainer-ex-private-edition/ https://www.pirateperfection.com/topic/3049-baldwins-lite-pdth-package-updated-11th-of-june/ Current key settings: F1 - Godmode (toggleable) F2 - Mask off F3 - Infinite ammo (toggleable) F4 - Extreme fire rate (part. toggleable, review config.lua for more info) F7 - Skip start intro/force game to start. F9 - Freeflight 4 - Place ammo bag 5 - Place medic bag 6 - Place sentry 7 - Place trip mine 0 - Revive shipmates NUMPAD 1,2 - Release yourself/everyone from jail NUMPAD 3 - Kill everyone alive on the map END - Instant win On start scripts (everything can be toggled in config.lua): - Disable drop-in pause - Name spoof - Interaction scripts - Enable all DLCs - Disable delay between shouts On start, the function can be configured in config.lua now! Installation: - Extract everything into the folder with payday the heist.


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    >Posted by GameMechanic   Filming tools   Hello, you guys probably don't - but just might - know me by my YouTube channel. I sometimes will need to use lua scripts to make videos, but finding tools to accomplish what I'm trying to do can be very difficult. I would really like to have a collection of Lua tools dedicated to film making.   The needs vary from needing to spawn in any kind of unit, to needing to lobotomize enemies to needing to toggle hiding the outlines of bags (and other floating in-game icons that ruin the "film effect"). It really depends on the type of video I'm trying to make as to which script would be needed, but here is a list of things I have in mind Spawn in enemies/units Spawn in a vehicle, and be able to move that vehicle as if it were driving (the wheels don't have to turn) Lobotomize enemies, and re-animate when prepared Set enemy waypoints, to make them do a scripted thing Spawn in civilian units and make them do scripted things Force AI to spawn in, even in the safe house (especially in the safe house) Set waypoints for AI, only have them go to their waypoint when a button is pressed so that you can be in position for filming "Hold progress" - be able to test things without actually gaining progress from it (no money, no XP, no achievements) Force advance to the next day Force escape sequences   I realize some of these might be overly ambitious, but many (most?) of them are already existing. It would be nice to see them in one cohesive pack easy to use and maintain. This would help filmmakers like myself and many others to have the freedom to produce films within Payday 2.   If done correctly, this could even start a new machinima revolution within the Payday game and we could begin seeing very creative in-game shot fan movies and shorts similar to the popular Red vs Blue.   What do you guys think?
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    >Posted by RaPPY_RaPtoR   Character Changer   I've been thinking about this and griefing people with changing into a cloaker, anything can be done like this?    IMPOSSIBLE AFTER FURTHER INVESTIGATION, NOT GONNA BE ADDED
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    Hello Guys, I would like to share my modded Version of Pirate Perfection Trainer! (Good For German Keyboard-Layouts) Here is a short list of changes i made. -Rearranged the keys for the carrystacker because in Germany the VK_OEM_1 - VK_OEM_8 Keys don't work. Here you cycle up with "I" , cycle down with "P" and drop all bags with "O". -Swapped the Key for 'AMMO AND HEALTH REFILL' from "Z" to "Y" -The function to share X-Ray with everybody is on "M" -Equipment now gets spawned via other keys, so you can normally swap between the guns on 1,2 and normal Grenades on 3: 4 - AMMO BAG 5 - MEDKIT 6 - SENTRY 7 - TRIPMINE 8 - ECM 9 - Smoke Grenade 0 - Flash Grenade ß - HOLY HANDGRENADE -Added some extra functions like: F12 - RSS Feed: So you can switch between PP RSS Feed and PD2 RSS Feed so you can stay up date on both B - WarpToBullet: I gave the Warp to Bullet Script it own Key instead of having it on F7 - GHOST RECON NUM3 - GagePacks: Locates all Packs NUM6 - Auto Gage Packs: Pick's up all Gage Packs -I gave every of those script it own key so you don't need to switch between Mouse Setups (,) COMMA - ASCEND (.) PERIOD - DESCEND (+) PLUS - ADDLEGO (-) MINUS - UNLEGO (Ende) END - HOVER -And other small Key Rearrangements i did, because i liked it this way better (Einfg) INS - OVERKILL (Entf) DEL - NORMALIZER (Pos1) HOME - SPAWN MENU NUM0 - JOB MENU NUM1 - TROLL NUMDECIMAL - TEST -And finally i have edited 2 Scripts to add some extras. 1.I added a 'Professional missions [MENU]' to the NUM0 - JOB MENU where you can choose to add all Prof Mission from all different Difficulties 2.I added a 5.SpoofName Page to the NUM1 - TROLL (i hope i get no problems with those names) 'Extra Note' You would need to edit the SpoofName or else your name will be baddog-11 ingame All Credits go to The Creator of the Trainer and to those that made all this Scripts: Pirate Captain, Simplity, transcend, Harfatus, Slynderdale, electronvolts, voodoo, ojsimpson, xMau5, pococurante, baldwin And everyone else who made this possible. I will try to give support to German Users via Teamspeak / Teamviewer. Just PM me if you need any help ", callback = addg22 }, -- COMMENTED OUT UNTIL IDENTIFIED - Added the the Chimano Custom to the Secondary Menu and the Golden AK to the Primary Menu so that the Sniper menu really only has Snipers in it 3. In "NUM0 - JOB MENU.lua" while adding the code for "misamurai = function()" the code for "mistrain3 = mistrain3 or function()" slipped into the inGame() part 4. In "F8 - MONEY MENU.lua" you mixed up the buttons for the Casino stuff The "Full blackmarket" activates the code for "FREE OFFSHORE PAYDAY(CASINO) PURCHASING" and the button "Free play in the casino" activates the Script dofiles("dev/fullblackmarket") 5. In "NUMPLUS - MOD MENU.lua" The Button "Bender mod (ALT = NUM5)" Trys to open the "bender.lua" instead of "bender.luac - Added a workaround for it in the file. 6. Your Steam Account Name is now your inGame name again no more Baddog yay ^^ - I have set the file "trainerassetsuserdata.config" as "write-protected" / "read-only" So everytime you restart the Game it will be your Steam Account Name again. # KEYBOARD # F-Keys - [VK_F1, trainer/F1 - CHEAT LIST.luac] - [VK_F2, trainer/F2 - GODMODE TOGGLE.lua] - [VK_F3, trainer/F3 - WEAPON MENU.lua] - [VK_F4, trainer/F4 - DEXTERITY MENU.lua] - [VK_F5, trainer/F5 - INFINITE ALL.lua] - [VK_F6, trainer/F6 - EVIL MASTERMIND.lua] - [VK_F7, trainer/F7 - GHOST RECON.lua] - [VK_F8, trainer/F8 - MONEY MENU.lua] # [VK_F9, trainer/F9 - SKILL MENU.lua] # Not Working because of DEV menu use F7 - [VK_F10, trainer/F10 - LEVEL MENU.lua] - [VK_F11, trainer/F11 - INVENTORY MENU.lua] - [VK_F12, trainer/F12 - POCO MENU.lua] # Letter Keys # [A, trainer/"?".lua] - [b, trainer/B - WarpToBullet.lua] # [C, trainer/"?".lua] # [D, trainer/"?".lua] # [E, trainer/assets/xhairconverter.lua] # [F, trainer/"?".lua] # [G, trainer/"?".lua] # [H, trainer/"?".lua] - [i, trainer/assets/pushstackup.lua] # "I" - CYCLE BAGTYPE UP # [J, trainer/"?".lua] # [K, trainer/"?".lua] # [L, trainer/"?".lua] - [M, trainer/assets/publicx.lua] # "M" - SHARE X-RAY TOGGLE # [N, trainer/"?".lua] - [O, trainer/assets/pushstack.lua] # "O" - DOUBLETAP TO DROP ALL BAGS - [P, trainer/assets/pushstackdown.lua] # "P" - CYCLE BAGTYPE DOWN # [Q, trainer/"?".lua] # [R, trainer/"?".lua] # [s, trainer/"?".lua] # [T, trainer/"?".lua] # [u, trainer/"?".lua] # [V, trainer/"?".lua] # [W, trainer/"?".lua] - [X, trainer/X - XRAY VISION TOGGLE.lua] - [Y, trainer/Z - AMMO AND HEALTH REFILL.lua] # [Z, trainer/"?".lua] # Number Keys # [0x31, trainer/"?".lua] # [0x32, trainer/"?".lua] # [0x33, trainer/"?".lua] - [0x34, trainer/1 - AMMO BAG.lua] - [0x35, trainer/2 - MEDKIT.lua] - [0x36, trainer/6 - SENTRY.lua] - [0x37, trainer/7 - TRIPMINE.lua] - [0x38, trainer/8 - ECM.lua] - [0x39, trainer/9 - Smoke Grenade.lua] - [0x30, trainer/0 - Flash Grenade.lua] - [0xDB, trainer/MB1 - HOLY HANDGRENADE.lua] # - BUFFED HANDGRENADES # EXTRA KEYS - [VK_OEM_COMMA, trainer/MB1 - ASCEND.lua] - [VK_OEM_PERIOD, trainer/MB2 - DESCEND.lua] - [VK_OEM_PLUS, trainer/MB1 - LEGO.lua] - [VK_OEM_MINUS, trainer/MB2 - UNLEGO.lua] # Arrow Keys "Reserved for Driver Mod" # [VK_UP,] # [VK_DOWN,] # [VK_LEFT,] # [VK_RIGHT,] # WORK Keys - [VK_HOME, trainer/INS - SPAWN MENU.lua] # - THE SPAWN MENU WITH BODYGUARDS/HOSTILES - [VK_INSERT, trainer/DEL - OVERKILL.lua] # - ALL CHEATS ACTIVATED - [VK_DELETE, trainer/HOME - NORMALIZER.lua] # - REMOVE ACTIVE CHEATS - [VK_END, trainer/MMB - HOVER.lua] # [VK_END, trainer/END - INSTANT WIN.lua] # - INSTANT WIN MISSION # [VK_SNAPSHOT, trainer/] # Mouse Keys - [VK_MBUTTON, trainer/MMB - DAT SLOWMO.lua] # - SLOWMOTION AKA BULLETTIME - [VK_XBUTTON1, trainer/MB2 - PENETRATIVE TELEPORT.lua] # - TELEPORT TO XHAIR # NUMERIC KEYPAD # Numbers - [VK_NUMPAD0, trainer/NUM0 - JOB MENU.lua] # - THE JOB MENU - [VK_NUMPAD1, trainer/NUM4 - TROLL.luac] # - TROLL MENU # [VK_NUMPAD2, trainer/assets/baldwinbonus.luac ] - [VK_NUMPAD3, trainer/assets/packageexposer.lua] - [VK_NUMPAD4, trainer/NUM4 - SPOOFNAME.lua] # [VK_NUMPAD5, trainer/SECRET] - [VK_NUMPAD6, trainer/assets/grabgagespack.lua] # [VK_NUMPAD7, trainer/SECRET] # [VK_NUMPAD8, trainer/SECRET] # [VK_NUMPAD9, trainer/SECRET] # Secret Cops # [VK_NUMPAD9, trainer/secret/secret.gYZXtQJw2a.luac] # [VK_NUMPAD8, trainer/secret/secret.s22Mt23a.luac] # [VK_NUMPAD7, trainer/secret/secret.ust2wMJv4n5XAGJQbXa.luac] # [VK_NUMPAD5, trainer/secret/secret.xsJXhgIwSKi.luac] # Extra Keys - [VK_DECIMAL, trainer/NUM7 - TEST.lua] # USER TEST SCRIPT - [VK_DIVIDE, trainer/assets/configmenu.lua] # - USER CONFIGURATION - [VK_MULTIPLY, trainer/NUMMULTI - PVP.lua] # - PVP/DEATHMATCH MOD - [VK_ADD, trainer/NUMPLUS - MOD MENU.lua] # - ALL MODS GO HERE - [VK_SUBTRACT, trainer/NUMMINUS - CHARACTER MENU.lua] # - CHARACTER MENU # Run last script on "CAPS LOCK" - [VK_PAUSE, ""] # - PAUSE/BREAK - HOOK ON/OFF # Global toggle on "PAUSE" - [VK_CAPITAL, "*"] # - CAPSLOCK - RERUN LAST SCRIPT PersistScripts: # [VK_DECIMAL, trainer/NUM7 - TEST.lua] - [PiratePerfectionInitialized, trainer/assets/_pirateperfectionInit.luac] # - PP INIT - [ConfigScriptInitialized, trainer/assets/_userconfig.lua] # - USER CONFIGURATION - [AutoOnCheatsPreGame, trainer/assets/_autooncheatspregame.lua] # - AUTOCHEATS IN MAIN MENU - [AutoOnCheatsInGame, trainer/assets/_autooncheatsingame.lua] # - AUTOCHEATS INGAME - [persistentSPOOF, trainer/assets/_spoof.lua] # - SPOOF/FAKE NAME STORED HERE - [persistentDLC, trainer/assets/_dlc.lua] # - UNLOCKS ALL DLCS - [CarryStackerSetupDone, trainer/assets/carrystacker.lua] # - CARRY MULTIPLE BAGS MOD - [stealthFixer, trainer/assets/_stealthfixer.lua] # - OLDSCHOOL STEALTH MOD - [WeaponsMaxStats, trainer/assets/_WeaponsMaxStats.lua] - [sentryGunTweaks, trainer/assets/SentryGunTweaks.lua] - [antichat, trainer/assets/antichat.lua] - [LoopFireSounds, trainer/assets/LoopFireSounds.lua] - [CustomColours, trainer/assets/CustomColours.lua] PostRequireScripts: - ["*", trainer/assets/CrashFixer.lua] - ['lib/setups/gamesetup', trainer/assets/__globalrequires.lua] - ['lib/setups/setup', trainer/assets/__globalrequires.lua] - ['lib/managers/mission/elementareatrigger', trainer/assets/__globalrequires.lua] - ['lib/tweak_data/weapontweakdata', trainer/assets/fullpenetration.lua] - ['lib/managers/ObjectInteractionManager', trainer/assets/interactwhilemoving.lua] - ['lib/units/beings/player/states/playerstandard', trainer/assets/inspireoverdominate.lua] - ['lib/managers/jobmanager', trainer/assets/XPBonus.lua] - ['lib/managers/menu/crimenetcontractgui', trainer/assets/XPBonusGUI.lua] - ['lib/units/weapons/NewRaycastWeaponBase', trainer/assets/gadgetalwayson.lua] - ['lib/managers/hud/HUDHitConfirm', trainer/assets/CostumCrosshair.lua] - ['lib/units/beings/player/PlayerMovement', trainer/assets/CostumCrosshair.lua] - ['lib/managers/hudmanagerpd2', trainer/assets/CostumCrosshair.lua] # ['lib/entry', trainer/assets/hudstuff.lua] # ['lib/entry', trainer/assets/pubinfloopv2.lua] # ['lib/entry', trainer/assets/detecthxhd.lua] -- I just want to show of my modded JobMenu.lua so here you go http://pastebin.com/FLc0fa43 -- Updated to V16L - V16L includes everything that the Original PPTv16 has + Many little extras from My Modded V15.3L [attachment=0]LuPeY's Modified PPTv16.2L.7z[/attachment] With best regards Baddog-11 aka LuPeY^
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    I really hate having to build a new warframe or getting platinum for my account and pirateperfection is reliable for a lot of stuff so here is something you should make and the cheats Add Materiel's Change Warframe Add Weapons Godmode Infinite Sprint Infinite energy Add sentenial Instant craft Infinite ammo Add companion Change level Now you could add to this and a lot of people may say its stupid or not possible but I have faith in pirate perfection
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    USE WITH CAUTION! Pressing the END key will instantly win the level. This is a HOST ONLY cheat, it is an instant giveaway to the team that the host is cheating.
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    [OFFICIALLY IN PIRATE PERFECTION! THIS IS A LEGACY PAGE!] The second of my two Crimefest Spoof downloads, the Safe Simulator gives you complete control over the probabilities that the actual system uses, while making everything free to boot! This hands you an infinite number of Safes and Drills, and says "Have fun", while also allowing you to tell the man who seals them up what you'd like the odds to be in regard to Rarity, Quality, and the Stat Boost. You even can go wild on opening them and having them not actually be added to your in-game Steam Inventory screen, this menu gives you control over nearly everything regarding Safes, just within a mouse-click's distance! This does NOT give you weapon Skins, it simply fakes the entire sequence of opening Safes! I would like to thank SuperKad for suggesting the idea of opening fake Safes! Step Four (Usage): Once you do the install stage, it now works out of the box. Head on over to the Inventory Menu inside of PP's Main Menu (Numpad 1 on desktops, F2 on laptops) and you'll see a new button labeled "Safe Simulator" which will bring up this: "Add skins to inventory?" - As long as you have 'cfg.AllSkins' set to 'true' to enable Simplity's Skin Unlocker, this will add the Skin that is rewarded from the Safe to your in-game Steam Inventory screen so you can use it on weapons. "Simulation Chances" - This is a menu to manipulate the probabilities of certain aspects of a Skin, see below the next image for more info. - When you click one of these, it will begin opening the Safe you choose, just sit back and juggle the money you didn't spend. ["Rarity" and "Quality"] - Since there's no way to limit it to 100%, think of it as taking the total and cutting a pie into those number of slices, then mark off each slice for the number of each entry, then the simulation will randomly choose from those slices. If you exit the menu page by hitting "Previous page" or "Exit", it will update the totals next to each label, so you don't have to manually count if you want to go for a straight 100%. "Stat Boost" - It's a solid 'choose the percentage' for this out of 100%. "Reset Chances" - Simply set all the chances to the defaults I've made which closely resemble the fake rates in-game and the logic behind this type of drop system. Notes: If you try to use the menu again to open another Safe while currently looking at an open Safe, you will crash, simple as that.
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    +rep roses are red violets are blue You saved my money thank god for you
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    This Script is for all those that complained that you don't get any EXP anymore when you use the normal Instant Win Script. This script is a combination of 3 different Scripts. 1. It instantly secures the maximum possible amount of the most expensive Bag in the mission. 2. It instantly adds a high amount of small loot 3. It instantly wins the round I tested the script myself on White X-Mas mission and i got instantly 50.000.000 EXP Installation : Go to "...trainer\keybinded" and replace the old instant_win script with this one.
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    Someone give this man a blowjob he deserves it. It's so easy to use holy crap. would rate 10/5
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    Version 1.0.0


    Features: A nice little gui (beware that the clicks are transferred through the menu to the game aswell) Add Money Add Angels Boost all Ventures Warp (McFly through time) Reset to normal Installation: Drag'n'drop the the dll file into the "AdVenture Capitalist\adventure-capitalist_Data\Managed" folder, and overwrite when asked to do so. Press F1 to open the menu wkr Sanguin


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    Version 0.5


    * How to Inject the mod menu * 1. Put the ttt3.lua at "Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common > GarrysMod > garrysmod > lua" (ttt3.lau file is in the Gmod Hacks File Folder) 2. Start Garry's Mod on steam. 3. Start "Extreme Injector by master 131.exe" ( In the Injector folder) 4. Choose "Select" in the Injector that you just started. 5. Next Choose "Windows List" and find "0000F34-Garry's Mod" and click "Select" 6. And next Choose "Add DLL", and find "gmodpickles.dll" its in the "Gmod_Mod_Menu.rar > Gmod Hack Menu 2016 > Gmod Hack Files > gmodpickles.dll" double click the gmodpickles.dll file. 7. Click "Inject". 8. Now click garry's mod in your windows bar. join a TTT server(this hack work the best with TTT gamemode). 9. When ur in a ttt server, type in gmod console "sv_allowcslua 1" press enter and type another command "lua_openscript_cl ttt3.lua) it should say (Ahack) Hack Lodded in the color green. 10. Now Bind a key to open the menu! type in console (bind G "Ahack_menu) and you are all good. press G to open the menu or any key you want. if u like to bind another keys instead of G, type in console (Bind "the key you want" "Ahack_menu). 11. Enjoy the Hack, I worked hard to make this please comment and like :D


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    Here you can cheat your skills. Unlock all skills: Unlocks EVERYTHING, making you the ultimate mastermind-ghost-technician-enforcer-fugitive. Unlock skill tiers: This will make it possible for you to pick and choose any skill, no longer requiring you to allocate skillpoints to prerequisite skills. Reset skillpoints: Set your current available skillpoints to zero. Set skillpoints: Use the slider to pick how many skillpoints you want. Add perk points: Use the slider to add spendable perk points. Unlock all perks: Gives you all perks with the least amount of effort. Lock all perks: Removes all your perks.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Turns all bags into goats. By AerHx


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    Version 2.0.1


    This is a Fallout Shelter Trainer Included Mods: (too lazy to format so i just copied the module init in here :P) moduleList.Add(new InfiniteEnergy()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteFood()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteWater()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteStimPacks()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteRadAway()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteNuka()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteNukaQuantum()); moduleList.Add(new UnlimitedStorageSpace()); moduleList.Add(new AddLunchBoxes()); moduleList.Add(new AddStartPacks()); moduleList.Add(new AddPetCarrier()); moduleList.Add(new AddMrHandyBoxes()); moduleList.Add(new RemoveRocks()); moduleList.Add(new UnlockRooms()); moduleList.Add(new UnlockThemes()); moduleList.Add(new TrumpHeaven()); moduleList.Add(new HillarysHeaven()); //Dweller Menu moduleList.Add(new GodMode()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteHappiness()); moduleList.Add(new InfiniteCriticalHits()); moduleList.Add(new UnlimitedDwellers()); moduleList.Add(new MassPregnancy()); moduleList.Add(new MassAbort()); moduleList.Add(new SpawnDweller()); moduleList.Add(new MakeSpecial()); moduleList.Add(new LevelAllUp()); //Random Events moduleList.Add(new NoRandomEvents()); moduleList.Add(new RushAlwaysSucceeds()); moduleList.Add(new BeginRaid()); moduleList.Add(new BeginDeathClawAttack()); moduleList.Add(new BeginGhoulAttack()); //Inventory moduleList.Add(new GetEverything()); moduleList.Add(new GetAllWeapons()); moduleList.Add(new GetAllOutfits()); moduleList.Add(new GetAllJunk()); moduleList.Add(new GetEveryLegendaryWeapon()); moduleList.Add(new GetEveryLegendaryOutfit()); moduleList.Add(new GetBestWeapon()); moduleList.Add(new GetBestOutfit()); moduleList.Add(new RemoveAllItems()); Controls KEYS: 1: Vault Menu 2: Dweller Menu 3: Storage Menu 4: Random Events Menu Installation You can download three files: 1. FSHack.dll this is the Base Hack .dll (needs to be placed in the managed folder (where the assembly-csharp.dll (Gamefolder) is) (full path most likely: C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\FalloutShelter\FalloutShelter_Data\Managed) btw for those who are interested and heres the source for the hack: https://github.com/Sanguinaris/Fallout-Shelter-Trainer 2. Assembly-CSharp.dll thats the hook drag n drop that into the folder where FSHack.dll is ((e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda.net Launcher\games\FalloutShelter\FalloutShelter_Data\Managed) it should ask to override something just say yes to that) 3. Fallout_Shelter_1.8.1 This is the android version of the hack. (you need to deinstall the app if youve got it previously installed) wkr Sanguin


  25. 3 points
    Due to a dramatic decline in the Counterstrike and Team Fortress 2 playerbase Valve has decided to remove VAC bans from it's records, thus letting dishonored players have a chance of reviving their dying games. According to Valve the anti ban wave has already started and will continue throughout the day until all VAC banned players have their account cleared, and they hope that the pardoned players will refrain from cheating again, but also points out that they do not intend to activate VAC again for any games released prior to today. If your VAC ban has not been remove by april 2nd, Valve encourage you to contact them on [email protected] or by snailmail at Valve PO BOX 1688 Bellevue, WA 98009
  26. 3 points

    Version 03.07.2017


    About this Game As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame & breed the Leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate... and escape! Trainer Options: Num 1 – Infinite Food Num 2 – Infinite Stamina Num 3 – Infinite Food Num 4 – Infinite Water Num 5 – Zero Weight Num 6 – Infinite Oxygen Num 7 – No Torpor Num 8 – Add 100 Experiences Num 9 – Add 100 Engram Points Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Destroy Ctrl+Num 1 – Instant Craft Ctrl+Num 2 – Equipments Infinite Durability Ctrl+Num 3 – No Fall Damage Ctrl+Num 4 – Infinite Items Ctrl+Num 5 – Ideal Body Temperature Ctrl+Num 6 – Ignore Crafting Requirements Ctrl+Num 7 – Items Don’t Spoil Ctrl+Num 8 – Guns No Reload Ctrl+Num 9 – Instant Tame Ctrl+Num 0 – One Hit Knockout Ctrl+Num . – Drain Creatures’ FoodPg Up – Super Speed Pg Dn – Super Jump Home – Disable All Notice: when Starting the game choose "Play ARK: No BattlEye Anticheat, Unofficial Servers only"


  27. 3 points
    Hey, I am DatSwaggyGamerPP2 or whatever my old annoying username was, I never gave this mod a review but now I am. 5/5. Fantastic. Perfect. That's not even enough to describe this mod. A perfect trainer for one of my favorite games and is still growing strong even today. It has everything you can basically ask for, infinite Money, Max infamy and level, all weapon mods and masks, patterns, and even colors. Even a DLC unlocker and Skin unlocker because screw microtransactions. I have been using this for about 1 and a half years now. It is just a great mod and I adore it so much.
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    Was it possible to make a Hack for Reign of Kings.(http://store.steampowered.com/app/344760/) Just give Items, like Stone Blocks ? I mean i can give/spawn some 1000 Blocks or Iron for me and my freinds.
  30. 3 points
    I hacked their computers webcam and recorded some for you guys!
  31. 2 points

    Version 1.0.0


    Ark: Survival Evolved Trainer TRAINER OPTIONS: Num 1 – Infinite Food Num 2 – Infinite Stamina Num 3 – Infinite Food Num 4 – Infinite Water Num 5 – Zero Weight Num 6 – Infinite Oxygen Num 7 – No Torpor Num 8 – Add 100 Expereinces Num 9 – Add 100 Engram Points Num 0 – Super Damage/One Hit Destroy Ctrl+Num 1 – Instant Craft Ctrl+Num 2 – Equipments Infinite Durability Ctrl+Num 3 – No Fall Damage Ctrl+Num 4 – Infinite Items Ctrl+Num 5 – Ideal Body Temperature Ctrl+Num 6 – Ignore Crafting Requirements Ctrl+Num 7 – Items Don’t Spoil Ctrl+Num 8 – Guns No Reload Ctrl+Num 9 – Instant Tame Ctrl+Num 0 – One Hit Knockout Ctrl+Num . – Drain Creatures’ Food Pg Up – Super Speed Pg Dn – Super Jump Home – Disable All THIS TRAINER IS SINGLE PLAYER BUT MAY BE USED IN MULTIPLAYER AT YOUR OWN RISK Just a reminder: Pirate Perfection, The Uploaders and Staff do NOT own the trainers thus cannot claim responsibility for viruses, breakages, nor can provide support for any of the trainers. You are using these trainers at YOUR OWN RISK with NO GUARANTEED HELP OR SUPPORT. Please do NOT message The Uploader/Staff about any problems. Please report any issues found by pressing the SUPPORT button.


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    Hey! Hier: https://www.sereby.org/site/downloads/All in One Runtimes Mithilfe dieses Programmes wird das Problem von euch 2 schnell gelöst. Anscheinend fehlen euch wichtige Runtimes die ihr nicht für den Hack besitzt, oder die einfach nur herumspinnen und neuinstalliert werden müssen. Macht einfach Folgendes: 1.Öffnet das Programm als Administrator bzw mit den Administratoren Rechten. 2.Hab ihr dies getan lasst einfach alle Häkchen drinnen und klickt auf "Install". (Kann einige Minuten dauern!) 3. Jetzt lasst ihr es installieren. Währenddessen könnt ihr ein wenig im Internet surfen oder sonstiges tun. 4.Jetzt den PC einfach neustarten und das Problem sollte behoben sein. Viel Glück + Erfolg!
  33. 1 point
    Hello I would like to ask if that is possible to not use all perk decks except the ones you want. if this is possible please make it happen or help with that.
  34. 1 point
  35. 1 point
    disclaimer: i didnt cheat. i was tired at that bit. i was a tad bit low at time (second match after an arm op). i lost the demo
  36. 1 point
    the 2 kills on inferno :D
  37. 1 point
    I wanna use hoxhud and pirateperfection, but they both require the iphl.....dll in order to work. Using the hoxhud's dll makes hoxhud work instead of PP. Using the PP's dll makes pirate perfection work instead of hoxhud. Is there any way around this? like is it possible to put hoxhud into the mods folder created from PP?
  38. 1 point
  39. 1 point
    Best trainer you can find HANDS DOWN
  40. 1 point
    Combien de fois par jour ne vous masturber? Combien de fois par semaine PirateCaptain bang votre maman? These ones are false. It's : - Combien de fois vous masturbez-vous par jour ? and - Combien de fois par semaine PirateCaptain baise votre maman ? And the last one is : - Attention, ceci n'est qu'un avertissement, continuez à vos risques et périls !
  41. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Fallout 4 Trainer TRAINER OPTIONS: NUM 1 – Infinite Health NUM 2 – Infinite AP NUM 3 – Zero Radiation NUM 4 – Infinite Ammo NUM 5 – No Reload NUM 6 – Items Don’t Decrease NUM 7 – Zero Weight NUM 8 – Super Accuracy NUM 9 – No Recoil NUM 0 – Ignore Hacking Attempt Limit Num +|- – Daytime +|- 1 Hour Ctr+NUM 1 – Power Armor Infinite Power Ctr+NUM 2 – Infinite Perk Points Ctr+NUM 3 – Minimum Crafting Requiment Ctr+NUM 4 – Easy Lock Picking Ctr+NUM 5 – Stealth Mode Ctr+NUM 6 – Infinite Building Size PageUp – Super Speed PageDown – Slow Motion Insert – Super Jump Home – Disable All THIS TRAINER IS SINGLE PLAYER ONLY Just a reminder: Pirate Perfection, The Uploaders and Staff do NOT own the trainers thus cannot claim responsibility for viruses, breakages, nor can provide support for any of the trainers. You are using these trainers at YOUR OWN RISK with NO GUARANTEED HELP OR SUPPORT. Please do NOT message The Uploader/Staff about any problems. Please report any issues found by pressing the SUPPORT button.


  42. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    TRAINER OPTIONS: Numpad 1 – Villagers No Hunger Numpad 2 – Keep Villagers Warm Numpad 3 – All Villagers Educated Numpad 4 – Villagers Will Not Get Sick Numpad 5 – Villagers Instant Grow Up (Teen) Numpad 6 – Villagers Instant Grow Up (Adult) Numpad 7 – Ideal Temperature Numpad 8 – Resources Don’t Decrease Numpad 9 – Warehouses No capacity Limit HOME – Disable All THIS TRAINER IS SINGLE PLAYER ONLY


  43. 1 point

    Version 1.0.0


    Options : Inf.Health Inf.Stamina Inf.Ammo No Reload Fast Looting Inf.Resources Inf.Durability Inf.Items Inf.Silencer Inf.Radio


  44. 1 point
    sanguin your gonna bring this legend of a trainer back from the dead thank you so much
  45. 1 point
    As far as I know, APB Reloaded uses PunkBuster. This may have changed since I last used it. Either way, this means developers of cheats have a slightly harder time testing and fine-tuning menus to work, in between bans and making accounts, not to mention updates. However, you can find comprehensive guides on the creation of firing macros. These take advantage of the recoil times and spread of the weapon to allow you to shoot at a steady rate while not dropping accuracy or sacrificing fire rate. If you apply these macros effectively you can be almost unbeatable... I learned that the hard way with death-retting golds. I wouldn't say its worth doing it though, the majority of the remaining dedicated APB players have likely used, or still do use, macros. Its a cesspit. And that's coming from someone who's sank over 150 hours into that game.
  46. 1 point

    Version 1.0


    This mod enables you to refund all of your perkdeck points to relocate them again, uses BLT. How to install: drag and drop into your mods folder, change the bind then press the button. How to remove: delete the mod from your mods folder Created by Dravarden


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    Version 1.6


    PAYDAY 2: THE SHATTER HEISTS HEIST #1: GREEN HARVEST:. SHATTER'S PLAN: "This Harvest & Trustee branch has been hit many times, mostly by you guys, but that doesn't mean it's any less fruitful. Today, they have a massive amount of cash stockpiled in the vault. You'll be taking as much of it as you can. As usual, watch out for civilians, cameras, and guards. They have extra security this time, and the police response will probably be tougher than you've had to handle before." ------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT ARE 'THE SHATTER HEISTS'? ANSWER: I'm glad you asked! The Shatter Heists is the standalone edition of the heists that are introduced in Restoration Mod. This package will provide you with all current, and future, heists & updates to Shatter's contracts directly; and additional, VERITAS-related features, without needing to useRestoration Mod. While Restoration Mod users will get most current updates, users of this mod only will get the most stable, working candidates of the heists to use. You will be able to play with other users who have the mod, and Restoration Mod users as well. The Shatter Heists is a collection of custom heists, introduced into the game seamlessly. You only need the mod, and BeardLib, to run it. Complete with automatic updates, you need to (usually) never manually update it again. New heists can have new loot, new enemy spawns and tactics, new events, new time-of-days, and sometimes, even brand new geometry. The first heist, GREEN HARVEST, is the very first available heist to play. A suped-up Branchbank, we hope you'll enjoy our version of it, and that it gives you plenty of close calls. ------------------------------------------------------------- WANT TO KEEP UP-TO-DATE ON NEWS, UPDATES, PATCHES, ETC.? JOIN THE OFFICIAL GROUP! Or, join the Restoration Mod group to get news about the VERY latest. Maybe check out the mod while you're at it! Additionally, why not give Shatter a follow on Twitter? &nbsp;He might appreciate it... ------------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS:. SixDemon, for the amazing voice of Shatter. TWITTER ViciousWalrus, for assistance in editing scriptdata. GREAT BIG BUSHY BEARD, for making the amazing BeardLib. Everyone in the Restoration Mod credits, you know why! ------------------------------------------------------------- KNOWN ISSUES:. AI pathing around the vault gate is a bit wonky, no way to fix this at the moment New loot spawns are not entirely finalized, but at a point we're happy enough to do a standalone release for Shatter's VO in CRIMENET doesn't initially proc in until you enter a heist and leave it, non-issue It is unknown what the full extent of incompatibilities this mod has are, be aware that crashes are most likely a conflicting mod Created by Martini


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    DOWNLOAD LATEST VERSION - CLICK HERE COVER CANCELLED Pirate Perfection v16 v16 Changelog: Added hotfixes Added custom stockticker Added preplanning piratestyle Added new weapon FN-Fal to F3 Added change active equipment F11 Added Big Bank to jobmenu NUM0 Added AimBot (New version) Added max 300 of weapons/masks Added inChat() check, no more accidents while chatting Added Voodoofy npc's and cams toggle (super lobotomy) Added Steal pagers from guards if melee kill Added Ammunition type toggle to F3 Moved baldwin bonus scripts from donors to regular build Updated unlock all weapon/mask slots updated donor names Moved spoof menu out of troll to enable editing Fixed release all teammates from jail so it won't crash Fixed freeflight to work when attaching to unit UtlFgNUX3P8 Bulldozers can now dance E3eGan97Ju4 F1: CHEAT LIST F2: GODMODE TOGGLE + Kill MUSIC in Main menu F3: WEAPON MENU Main menu: Ingame: F4: DEXTERITY MENU Ingame: F5: INFINITE MENU Ingame: F6: EVIL MASTERMIND Ingame: F7: GHOST RECON + SKILLPOINT / INFAMY MENU Main menu: Ingame: F8: MONEY MENU Main menu: Ingame: F9: FREEFLIGHT TOGGLE F10: LEVEL MENU Main menu: Ingame: F11: INVENTORY MENU Main menu: Ingame: Q : FOV in Ghost Recon Z : Ammo,health refill and state reset X : X-Ray toggle 1 : AMMO BAG 2 : MEDIKIT 4 : Smoke grenade (PVP) / Toggle X-Ray public on/off 5 : Flash grenade (PVP) 6 : Sentry gun 7 : Tripmine 8 : ECN/Jammer 9 : PocoHud 0 : PocoMap CAPS LOCK : Rerun last used cheat(menu) INSERT : SPAWN MENU Ingame: DELETE : OVERKILL All cheats + debug menu. HOME : NORMALIZER Remove / Disable cheats END : INSTANT WIN NUM0 = JOB MENU Main menu:: Pregame:: Ingame: NUM1 = MOUSE SETUP MENU NUM2 = BOOGIE BEAT COPS NUM3 = AIMBOT - OBS!!! LOOK STRAIGHT DOWN TO CALIBRATE BOT NUM4 = TROLL MENU Main menu: Ingame: NUM5 = BENDER CONTROL Ingame: NUM7 = USER TEST SCRIPT (preloaded with rant) NUM8 = USER TEST SCRIPT (preloaded with driv3r) NUM9 = USER TEST SCRIPT (preloaded with choppi) NUM- = CHARACTER MENU Main menu: Ingame: NUM+ = GAME MODS MENU Main menu: Ingame: sMOL9837Axc INSTALL NOTE: Extract the rar file to your gamedir (C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonPAYDAY 2), and dont mess with the directory stucture You will need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 (BOTH x86 and x64 versions) http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download ... x?id=40784 If you need help installing, search the forum for help. found this nice install help video on youtube by Adsman100 wDSCNJeJsKY TROLL MENU INFO: Spoof name (in menu) Bogus bags Force specific escape Take mask off Free civilian killing Apocalypse - nuke em all Dirty money drop (toggle) Open all deposit boxes One cop die, two new spawn Dead cops turn to bulldozers Prevent wait for players at startup Santa Flyby - Drops very valuable moneybags on all players Golden Teambag - Drops goldbags on teammember Teleport to player - Teleport to any player More spoof name options - now includes superheroes, gamedevs and more Change player levels - Change whole teams level or individual users, options are lvl 1,100 and 255 Give x-mas gift - Drops valuable bags on individual player Plant goldbag - Frame someone with a suddenly appearing goldbag on their position Change kill stats - change final kill stats to evil 666 on any player, masking your cheating killstreaks Release from jail (HOST) - release individual player directly from jail, works during assault and a few more goodies like playernames showing in menu MOD MENU INFO: Throw party works on some maps, it spawns a flash mob You can toggle Golddozer bank mod You can run Big Oil Bonanza mod Hone your skills versus "The evil dozer and his henchmen" Choppitime (fly chopper on bank maps) Driv3r (drive car on any level) Lego (build that castle from your childhood) Betty Boo(m) (dead cops drops bombs) Gifthunter (spawns extra loot on maps with moneypiles) Stairway2Heaven (minigame, race your friends to the top) Bender (robot assistant) Mediamod (play payday 2 related music/videos) HeisenbergBot (Rats autocooker mod) BENDER BOT INFO: Now to start Bender bot, load him with NUM3 and say bender in the chat. This activates Bender, and from here on he can help you if you are good to him or punish your team if being rude in the chat. His basic commands are "ammo" "medic" "sentry" "ecm" "trip" make him happy with "beer" "hookers" "cigars" make him angry by swearing, you will quickly learn the triggers im sure if he gets too angry it can have terrible consequences, but on the other hand if you make him happy enough he can be a benevolent bot. there are lots of trigger words, have fun and be afraid.. be very afraid ps. in singleplayer Bender can be a good assistant on stealth missions protip: start Bender without saying his name in chat, and he will give ammo, medikit, sentry, ecm or tripmines to anyone saying triggerword in chat, and remains silent. This also removes the need to change his mood -- v14 UPDATE Bender has been put on his own key NUMPAD5 He will now server bags (and do other tricks) for other PP users on requested, you will have to turn him on to enable this feature, it will not be made autoenabled, as you are then permanently detectable (respond to predefined triggerwords) Bender no longer removes dead bodies, and is the perfect helper for any generous PP host who wants to add a little extra spice to the mix. After bender is activated, client PP users can spawn any item they want, by simply asking bender for it through their bender menu or use their normal spawn item keys. Terminator HUD: Display HUD with enemy health/status, also shows interact-able object and different user stats Gift Hunter: Spawns a slew of money piles which can be picked up (vault money) this is host only Driv3r This is a host only mod, where you can driver different cars. Included models: taxi, loot van, police car, gensec money transport, a fakeorarri or maybe even a cocainboat Use arrow keys to steer car QMvemL-DcE8 USEFULL RESOURCES Pirate Perfection latest news - Your here, doesn't get fresher than this place. My coding tips/resources and scripts About the injector Weapon damage stats Credits to Simplity, transcend, Harfatus, Slynderdale, electronvolts, v00d00, ojsimpson, xMau5, pococurante, baldwin, Baddog-11, SquareOne, and everyone else who made this possible. (s0beit et al.) If you like this little piece of lua madness please tell your friends about it, have fun heisiting and keep them WTF's coming. If you enjoy PP and wanna help it grow even better you can donate and get special perks. mashed together on July 4th 2014 Pirate Captain -- if you like this game buy it -- WARNING: Game will crash, if you spawn civs in maps where they don't belong, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ASK ME ONE MORE TIME IF YOU GET BANNED, SO HELP ME JEBUS Pirate Perfection Reborn (New version) PPv16.1.rar [/attachment] PS. I'm not gonna be around in the foreseable future, so please send question to the mods if cant be answered by your fellow crewmembers on the forum.
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    works perfectly! Very fun :) thanks.
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    I don't know why all here saying its impossible. Why no one of you looking in YouTube for "How to make Roblox Exploit Tutorial". There are many Videos on how to do a Hack/Trainer. So please stop say its not possible, because its of corse possible. <Greetings Nick!>