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    Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! V.I.P. Edition for Payday 2 Finally after so much time of waiting for its finally here Pirate Perfection Reborn v2.0 -- Changelog : Version 2.0.0: ⚫ All Editions ◼️ Switched to SuperBLT v3.1.2 (R026) ◼️ Updated the MOD.txt ◼️ Updated the Read Me!.txt ◼️ Change mod folder name "pp" > "[MOD] Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! *EDITION* Edition" ◼️ Create a BLT Logo for every Trainer Edition. ◼️ Added a text file that contains the Locations of all Payday 2 save game files. (useful to delete/backup them) ◼️ Folder structure changed, files listed below are now stored elsewhere so the main folder is clean & tidy for the average users. ◽ __require.lua, auto_config.lua, auto_ingame.lua, auto_init.lua, init.lua, localizator.lua, main_init.lua, pre_init.lua are now stored in ".../Trainer/setup" folder. ◽ Announcement.Check, First Launch.Check & Safe.Check are now stored in ".../Trainer/configs/checks" folder. ◽ Error.log, Full Crash.log.txt & Latest Crash.log.txt are now stored in ".../Logfiles" folder. ◼️ Cleaned up some files. ◽ config.lua, keyconfig.lua, blank.lua. ◼️ Default keybinds back to F1 - F12 instead of Numpad. (good for laptop users) ◼️ Scripts from ".../Trainer/keybinded" folder are bound through ".../Trainer/keyconfig.lua" ◼️ New Scripts from ".../Trainer/keybinds" folder can be bound through the BLT Menu in-game thanks to the ".../MOD.txt" ◼️ Rearranged Menus & Entries. ◼️ Increased menu width to support longer Spoof names. ◼️ Every Trainer Edition has now its own colors for all the menus. ◽ Developer Edition = Green, Patron Edition = Purple, V.I.P. Edition = Yellow, Pro Edition = Red & Free Edition = Blue ◼️ Updated F1-Help menu and it separate pages. ◽ It has now separate pages for keybinds, Why Do I Get Tagged As Cheater? & Credits. ◼️ Updated the Languages menu. ◼️ Updated the English.txt & German.txt to v2.0.0. ◼️ Updated First Launch Text ◼️ Updated Announcement Text ◼️ Updated Version Text ◼️ Updated texts from https://bitbucket.org/SoulHipHop/pirate-perfection/downloads/ ◽ moving_text.txt, hiphop.txt, version.txt & announcements.txt ◼️ Added a Spoof name menu (WIP) ◼️ More functions can now be saved in configs. ◼️ Merged all Forum Quick Fixes. ◽ Noclip, Teleport, Aimbot, Piggyback ride, Driver, Helicopter, No Weapon Spread, Safe Simulator for armor skins. ◼️ Several Bug fixes. ◽ Weapon Menu, Disable Cam, Lobotomize AI, grenade_weapon, explosive_bullets. ◼️ Added Terminator HUD to Mod menu. (it doesn’t seem to work as it used to in PPT V16 so its work in progress) ◼️ Added option to enable BLT Console. (prevents the game from minimizing itself when PPR scans for files (languages, configs & plugins)) ◼️ Added several options to Hide PPR from BLT list. ◽ Hide only PPR, hide all mods, Set lobby to unmodded. ◼️ Added more Unlocker options. ◼️ Armor Skins, Aldstone Weapons, Arbiter Grenade Launcher, Crew Skills. ◼️ Added Free Crime Spree options. ◼️ Added Free Gage Perks. ◼️ Added Loading Screen tip. ◼️ Added Extend Inventory Script. ◼️ Added Free Black-Market Script. ◼️ Added Instant Card flip Script. ◼️ Added Skip Intro & Straight to Main menu Script. ◽ The game could crash on Slower Computers due to the menu not getting loaded fast enough. ◼️ Added a names.txt for a Spoof name menu (WIP). ◼️ Added PiratePerfection RSS feed. ◼️ Added Debug function Trigger Recorder it logs a triggers to the file "Logfiles/Trigger List.txt" when enabled. ◼️ The Debug Hud now also shows the ID of the level. ◼️ Added a Script to trigger a certain unit, can be found in "Trainer/experimental/dev" copy&paste the code to "user_script.lua" and insert a unit name then run script in game. ◼️ Added Script to activate the Whitehouse Secret *Overlever* ◼️ Added Script to open the Riddle door in Whitehouse *Overlever Gate* ◼️ Removed duplicate No delay talking script. ◼️ Updated Unit List for Spawn menu. ◼️ ??? (Could be that I forgot some stuff) ⚫ Developer Edition ◼️ Plugins Menu is now Work in Progress but disabled to prevent the game from minimizing itself (enabling the console can avoid this) but there are no plugins anyway. ◼️ folder *keyconfig (WIP)* is Work in Progress, trying to switch from PPR keyconfig to BLT keyconfig. ◼️ Added a *Media* folder that contains all the sounds from the classic PiratePerfection Trainer V16, I hope that I can get to use them again one day maybe with SuperBLT ?. ◼️ Create a GIMP file "!Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! XYZ Edition.xcf" that can be used to create more logos. ⚫ Patron Edition ◼️ Fixed default Spoof name "A fellow Developer Pirate" > "A fellow Patron Pirate". ⚫ VIP Edition ◼️ To follow. ⚫ Pro Edition ◼️ To follow. ⚫ Free Edition ◼️ To follow. Most Options are turned off by default, toggle them by editing the Config.lua located in "...\PAYDAY 2\mods\[MOD] Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! V.I.P. Edition\Trainer" Installation : SuperBLT is already included in this package so just extract everything in a new folder and place all content into "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY 2" Below is a Video that shows how to do it. (Don't mind that it uses a different Trainer/Edition/Version, they all get installed the same way so there is no need to create multiple videos.) How To Install PPR Trainer.mp4