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    Version 1.1.2f-BLT


    The REGULAR version of PiratePerfection Reborn as BLT MOD How to install this: 1.Extract all files into a new folder. (We recommend using 7zip for this ) 2.Now take the folder "mods" and the file "IPHLPAPI.dll" and move them into your Gamedir " ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Payday 2 " We spent years making this trainer for you, please be kind and subscribe to our YouTube and tell your friends about us! The difference from this regular version and the Pro Version & VIP Version is the troll menu which is full of cheats to mess with your team, like tasing/killing/cuffing them, giving them equipment, locking them into the vault, teleporting and enabling godmode for everyone including non cheaters + a lot of other cheats reserved for those keeping us afloat. Steamgroup: Want to play with us and never miss an update again then Join the Pirate Perfection steam group. Bugs: If you have trouble getting this release to work, before reporting it broken, read the bloody FAQ ;) Fan video made by ulpian films Have fun and be kind to a noob today!


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    Version 1.0


    PiratePerfection's DLC and Skin Unlocker as BLT Mod for Payday 2 Installation instructions: Use 7zip or WinRAR to extract the files. Right click on "DLC & Skin Unlocker.7z" and extract all files in a new Folder. Take the "IPHLPAPI.dll" and the "mods"-Folder and place them in "...:\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2" . You are done. You can edit the config.lua as described in there or like the picture above displays to Toggle the DLC / Skin Unlocker. *The Skin Unlocker is turned off by default*


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    Free and awesome to use :D And if u need coins for safe house Do Cook Off Press Num Pad 6 Money Menu Secure Bags Then Press End There goes 550+ coins given to you. :D
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    expected ETA today @ about 3pm (CET)
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    I'm quite enebriated and have much love for our old member right now, SO! Anyone who joined this website from the beginning is gonna be upgraded to pro for free. I'm still considering what user number is gonna be the breakpoint, and if you want you to influence this decision with you oppinion, now is the time... ill leave this topic to simmer for a few day and see who is a regular here and actually reads this and make up my mind who to upgrade for free. if you reply your chances improve dramatically *hint*
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    Version 2.2


    Features: ESP - All animals Lodge Inventory (Access Lodge Inventory from any location) No License (Shoot any animal you want) Teleport to Crosshair Target Speedhack No Recoil No Sway Delivery Mode Refill Ammo(Make sure you have an ammo pack in your gun/bow) Zoom +- Keybinds: END - Close Hack INSERT - Open/Close Menu ARROW UP/DOWN - Navigate Menu ARROW LEFT - Decrease current menu selection ARROW RIGHT - Execute/Toggle/Increase current menu selection Latest Update: v2.2: - Game Update - Removed NoGrass/NoTrees - Fixed NoRecoil/NoSway - Added Lodge Inventory (Access Lodge Inventory from any location)


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    i've finally become a full tracer competitive main, with the purchase of my brand new golden gun! i still use the free pre-order skin.
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    after hitting load have the game running | install vc++ redist pack as stated here: https://www.pirateperfection.com/faq/9-csgo-trainer/#elQuestion-54 and also dont put it in the game folder
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    Overwatch comp matchmaking is stupid as fuck, don't place me on a team with 3 silvers against a team that has at least 5 diamond.
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    Gotta Love Pirate Perfection!
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    A simple script that bypasses the detection rate? I can't wait to see this.
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    if i can get 30 likes on this i will play Torbjorn on attack without placing a turret and win, and get play of the game.
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    From the album Mixed goods

    Now a little less provocative :D
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    Well boys the 28th is my five year anniversary with my cartoon colorful horse (hows name inhabits my profile name). Anyhow i most likely wont be on during this day because i have other things i need to do, but i am writing this to let you all know i think every last one of you are awesome great people and i hope you all find what makes you happy in your life even if it is being married to a horse that shows no affection back but you see every night in your dreams and hope one day you will see after this world has gone away. anyway everyone needs a little hope to get them through the day right? Anyway i wrote this and set it to release on anniversary, love you all :D
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    Hey. Who has not bought? Buy! I'll tell you why... Today I received a Gold Nova 1. After the first game in that position, I got a deal from Overwatch. At first I did not understand crap and that the case for me. But no!!! I offered to review the case of a guy. Ahahaahaha))). Overwatch invited me to become a patrol. I've reviewed. There was a guy wh + aim. Naturally I justified it. Thank you for a new experience!
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    So I'm Going To Answer Some Questions -If You Get Kicked From Servers Auto That Means They Have Auto kick Cheaters On I Suggest Just Making Your Own Open Lobby -You Can Not Get Banned Because Really The Devs Are Really Awesome And They Don't Care This Isn't Rockstar Gaming -To Install You Just Put The Files Where The Game .exe is SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2 -If You Don't Think It Is Working Look To The Left Of Your Screen On The Main Menu Should Say All Mods Are Up
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    Alright, so it's finally done. Read the README if you want full info. The .NET support will hopefully enable the more capable of you to create handy debugging GUIs. Maybe even B1313 can have a go when he's not busy dealing with his his massive inferiority complex (it's OK bro, you're obviously the best Lua coder EVAR with brilliant points such as the wastefulness of cloning an entire class table since everyone plays Payday 2 on a fucking ATMicro) For the non-programmers among you: THIS ONE SUPPORTS WINDOWS XP, however, that doesn't mean that existing libs that use the hook will necessarily work on XP (lel HoxHud) - feel free to try though. Additionally, for the simple scripters: consider switching to putting your scripts in lib/Lua from now on (details in README). Regards, OliHarfatus (LOLOLOLOL OLIHARF-LIFE 3 CONFIRMED) P.S. I'll be watching UC - I know B1313 is too much of a passive-aggressive to actually come here (and equally too much of an egotist to entertain rebuttal of his idiocy on UC without abusing his banhammer) so maybe I'll setup a thread somewhere on here so we can do a back-and-forth if I find the spare time to indulge the little shit without having to limit my preferred levels of profanity. Updated to 3.2.1 - fixes a bug with loading lib/Lua folder scripts and also fixes prioritised post-require for facilitating better mod compatibility. As usual, info is in the README. Updated to 3.2.2 - fixes a bug where the first PostRequireScript in the YML config would not receive the require()'d script name. Added CatchLuaCrashes as a new YML config option for script debugging. Link to download
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    Extract the rar file to your gamedir usually C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonPAYDAY 2 Dont mess with the directory structure, when your done it should look something like this. start the game, win!
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    youve got premium you can test my demo for a day ;)
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    1. Create a folder in the root folder of the game "Mist". 2. Move the folder "Mist" the contents of the downloaded folder "MistLoader" 3. Start the game 4. Once the game starts, turn it 5. Go to the folder "Mist" and run "MistLoader" file 6. Go pass authentication 7. Activate the game window and log in 8. Profit 9. Delete button on your keyboard to activate or deactivate the active window Trainer
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    Check Out My Gallery! https://www.pirateperfection....um/96-my-creative-portfolio/ a like/upvote on all or most would be extremely apperciated :D
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    Version 1.0.0


    Just a little Chams i made out of boredom :3 F1 enables/disables the wireframe ground just get urself an injector and inject it into theHunter.exe (or sth along that lines)


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    No the original creator left with his tool he used so i made my own one if you have any wishes on features to be added just write em. the choosing of items will be added on the next update (soon)
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    Hello pirates, a group of my friends have been playing in a band for a while and just got an ep released on spotify today. If you would take a couple of minutes of your day to listen to these 4 songs both my friends and I would appreciate it ALOT!!! https://open.spotify.com/artist/0cWtZqKnH0hnGdgdjWMviP Thanks!
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    From the album Mixed goods

    Trolling unaccountable scrubs
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    From the album Mixed goods

    testing transparent bg
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    I just totally want to apologize. ive been going through some family issues recently and it has made me a little sluggish. I look back at my work for captain to use as reputation images and i never quite feel happy with them, as if i could do better. I find myself staying up late nights trying to build up the desire to create things but the will is quickly lost after i sit and reflect on the fact that the outcome is most likely not going to be very pleasant, today i had posted a total of 4 images but only 1 of them i feel is of any quality after working several hours into the night and drinking multiple cups of coffee i'm left at 6AM with a few pictures that i feel took so long for such shitty results and the urge to cry in the corner probably to lack of sleep. i feel especially bad due to the fact that i told @PirateCaptain that i was going to get so much done this weekend. theres always tomorrow and i don't want to let anyone down so i will keep pushing forward but it does get a little lonely sometimes because everyone else is in a completely different time zone so when they are all asleep i am awake. Doing this work to better this website brings so much pride and excitement into my heart and i thank captain very much for opening this door for me.
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    is i always say rain, NO RUSH.. if you lack motivation one day... go dance with a horse, if you feel lack of inspiration another go watch a movie with your horse. its not important how fast you make these images pretty, only that you would enjoy seeing them yourself on your profile someday.. if you would then im sure others will too.
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    10/10 would replace the dubstep gun sounds in saints row 4 with this
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    i just opened 90 lootboxes in overwatch for the new year update and i got THE FUCKING ZENYATTA SKIN 8 TIMES
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    Version 1.0.4


    SHAX - CS:GO Trainer - VIP member trial Edition Tired of getting nailed by the smurf squad? Well those days are over cuz this trainer will take your skillz (or lack of same) to a whole new level. Features: Glowhack Crosshair Esp Esp options Chams Aimbot Triggerbot Radar Hack Full Auto Fire BHOP Skin Changer We are using a early access system so you guys can secure it whilst the price is low (all future updates are free if you have an active purchase) The trainer is still not 100% finished, there is still more cheats to be added and the lower price is reflecting that. Once your purchase is approved, you will be allowed access to our dedicated Counterstrike forum, where you can make suggestions and discuss with other users about how to get the most bang for ya buck. Disclaimer: Counterstrike uses overwatch where your peers review your actions if reported multiple times, thus it's impossible to guarantee a undetectable trainer, so use your brain and don't rage hack (too much) No amount of coding will keep you safe from prying human eyes. Due to the nature of online games with anticheat, by purchasing this item, you acknowledge and accept all risk/consequences arising from its use. Refunds will NOT be provided in the event of detection or item breakage. Subscription time will be credited for every day after the first 48 hours of us validating that a game update has rendered this item inoperable. Usage of the demo requires an internet-enabled computer, is non-transferrable and is governed by our general terms of service.

    0.00 EUR

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    Press the underlined text in caps saying "UNDERTALE V8.CT" /AG
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    Someone give this man a blowjob he deserves it. It's so easy to use holy crap. would rate 10/5
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    For Steam users that wish to boost the hours played of their games on one or several accounts at once! Run HourBoostr then set up the Settings.json file to include the accounts you want to use, and which games you want to boost. Enter your password in the console for each account and the email code if required, then you can just leave it running on whatever server/computer you want! While HourBoostr is running, neither of your Steam accounts will appear online on Steam, but they will still get their game hours boosted, and they will still recieve card drops. You find the game IDs by going to the specific game you want to boost via the browser. (You can also go via your Games page under your profile on Steam) http://steamcommunity.com/app/730 (730 is the GameID) JsonHelper for those who are having problems with json syntax:


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    Three boys wake up in an abandoned car Looks around and think what hell has happend!? Hangovers and bottles everywhere Would really love to see my own promille Opens the door and stumbles onto the road again Too drunk to stand on my legs We were young, dumb, drunk and ready for all ready for all cuz we were broke broke broke but we were on, on, on nothing was gonna make us stop we would drink drink drink, had to be now now now ordering our shots Søren (boyname) has a vodkaface Søren has a vodkaface (inaudible cute drunk noises) Three boys on a pub again We were young, no we have become men We get up early and get early to bed must work and bring the money home Looks at my boys, time flies now he goes to party and im not allowed If i could i would do it all over again, over again cuz we were broke broke broke but we were on, on, on nothing was gonna make us stop we would drink drink drink, had to be now now now ordering our shots Søren has a vodkaface Søren has a vodkaface
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    If you want to use the free dlc hack do this: 1. Go to your Payday 2 main folder. 2. Enter the folder called trainer and open config.lua whit a txt editor, not the config.lua on the root of payday 2 remember to enter on the folder called trainer first. 3. Search where it says "DLCUnlocker = false, --Unlocks all dlcs in game. Use with caution, OVERKILL implemented check, if you wearing DLC item or creating DLC heist from DLC you don't own." (whitout quotes), it is on the second line near the end if that helps you to find it, if you can't find it just download the one that is attatched to this forum( config.lua)and paste it on them main path of the game and replace if nessesary. 4. Change where it says false to true. (Skip if you downloaded my file) 5. Save and close. (skip if you downloaded my file) 6. It is done, open your game and your dlc's are free. NOTE: There's an autokick cheaters option that will kick you for using dlc's that you dont own. Edit: You will like this, for some reason some things can't get you kicked from a lobby and those things are: 1. DLC characters 2. Perk decks Edit 2: Recently the config.lua file changed it's directory, now you have to edit or replace the config.lua inside the folder called trainer.
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    The latest version is uploaded to the download section... You will always find it here : https://www.pirateperfection.com/files/category/1-free-downloads/
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    Here you can give yourself some not-so-hard-earned cash, and offshore funds.
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    TROLL MENU - USE WITH CAUTION... and laughter For an indepth guide and trolling tips you can read the troll guide Dead cops to to bulldozers:Any cop you kill will be revived as a bullozer. Replace cops with bulldozers:All cops on the map will turn into bulldozers. Change your statistics:Dont stand out in the stats at end of game. Change spawn position for new players:Will set your crosshair position as the new spawn point for joining players. Increase ladder height and width:Make them ladders far easier (or harder) to climb. Delete all synchonized units from map:Play around with it and figure it out, good for removing floor in the bankvault i.e Take mask off:Takes your mask off. Interaction with other players: Interaction with team: Enable Godmode for your team:Your whole crew is invulnerable, it doesnt matter if they are cheaters (HOST ONLY) Send team in custody:Your whole crew is put in jail (HOST ONLY) Release team from custody:Your whole crew is released from jail, on your location (HOST ONLY) Tase team:Your whole crew is tased Arrest team:The whole crew is arrested Kill Team:The whole team is bleeding out. Change team state to standard:Your whole teami has their amount of downs reset, and downed player are helped up. Interact with a specific player: Release player from custody:Removes your teammate from custody and spawns him on your location Teleport to Player:Teleport you to the specific players postiton Give Equipment to specific team member: Give Bags to specific team member: Give items to specific team member: Send player to custody:Give your annoying teammember a timeout. Tase player:Make a specific teammember dance the electic boogie. Arrest player:Cuff a specific teammember if he has been naughty. Kill player:Sends a specific teammember into bleed out. Change player state to standard:Cure your teammember from all ails like tase, bleedout and knocked out. Interact with self: Incapacitated:Spook yourself. Tased:Do the electric boogaloo all by yourself. Standard:Clear your own state from tased, incapacitated etc. Bleed out:Punch yourself in the face and go directly to bleedout. Arrested:Cuff yourself, fun with your girlfriend aswell as your teammembers. Mask off:Take you mask off and stroll around like nothing happend. Carry:Move slower if you feel a heavy burden on your shoulder. Clean:Mask off again... hmm Activate elements: Open all doors:Swooooosh please wipe your feet at the mat. Close all doors:Emases nepo Open vault:Save yourself some drilling time. Close vault:Capture your team inside the vault hehehe Remove head of enemies:Tired of waiting for helloween, get them headless dozers when you want. Fill deposit boxes with money:All deposit boxes are the correct ones.