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    Version 1.1.2f-BLT


    The REGULAR version of PiratePerfection Reborn as BLT MOD How to install this: 1.Extract all files into a new folder. (We recommend using 7zip for this ) 2.Now take the folder "mods" and the file "IPHLPAPI.dll" and move them into your Gamedir " ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Payday 2 " We spent years making this trainer for you, please be kind and subscribe to our YouTube and tell your friends about us! The difference from this regular version and the Pro Version & VIP Version is the troll menu which is full of cheats to mess with your team, like tasing/killing/cuffing them, giving them equipment, locking them into the vault, teleporting and enabling godmode for everyone including non cheaters + a lot of other cheats reserved for those keeping us afloat. Steamgroup: Want to play with us and never miss an update again then Join the Pirate Perfection steam group. Bugs: If you have trouble getting this release to work, before reporting it broken, read the bloody FAQ ;) Fan video made by ulpian films Have fun and be kind to a noob today!


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    Version | Version 1.0 !


    PiratePerfection's DLC and Skin Unlocker as BLT Mod for Payday 2 Installation instructions: Use 7zip or WinRAR to extract the files. Right click on "DLC & Skin Unlocker.7z" and extract all files in a new Folder. Take the "IPHLPAPI.dll" and the "mods"-Folder and place them in "...:\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2" . You are done. You can edit the config.lua as described in there or like the picture above displays to Toggle the DLC / Skin Unlocker. *The Skin Unlocker is turned off by default*


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    The forest trainer, it is not including everything that it will include in the final release and any bugreport and/or suggestions will be appreciated There are two files you need: 1. PPForestTrn.dll This is the base Hack .dll (you need to place it in the managed folder (where the assembly-csharp.dll (Gamefolder) is) (e.g. %programfiles(x86)%/steam/steamapps/common/TheForest/TheForest_DATA/managed/) 2. Assembly-CSharp.dll Drop it in the same folder you placed PPForestTrn is so it overrides the original one Make a backup of original if you are the cautious type. F1, F2, F3, F4 << Keys to open the cheat menus If you are interested in the code, the source is freely available @ https://github.com/Sanguinaris/Unity-HackBase wkr Sanguin


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    Hi, could you make a trainer or a hack that can unlock armor skins in payday 2 for free? I want that SWAT armor skin so badly.
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    *note* It's not our fault if you don't get invited because you fail to post the link to your SteamCommunity Profile *note* That's the only right thing to post here: steamcommunity.com/id/PiratePerfection_com Wrong things to post here: PiratePerfection.com > Nick Name STEAM_0:1:199629067 > Steam ID 76561198359523863 > Steam 64 ID [U:1:399258135] > Steam 3 ID http://steamid.co/u/PiratePerfection_com > Steamid.co Link And in General, everything else that's not your steam profile link .rainbow{ font-size: 10px; font-weight: normal; text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #5EEBE6; font-family: Alice; } **ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE SENT YOU AN INVITATION TO** **THE PIRATE PERFECTION STEAM GROUP** **DOESN'T MEAN I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH YOU** **SO STOP SENDING ME FRIEND REQUESTS!!!** ( Does Not Apply for Girls ;) )
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    Free and awesome to use :D And if u need coins for safe house Do Cook Off Press Num Pad 6 Money Menu Secure Bags Then Press End There goes 550+ coins given to you. :D
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    i'm going to party like it's my birthday, up in the club like it's my birthday. It's my birthday yay i am now... (sorry i like me privacy) damn i could not find and emote for my birthday
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    nu hvor vi har internationalt forum, så lad os få gang i en lille dansker afdeling   men først er her nogen?
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    i love this game and its very fun can you make a trainer for it. its on steam free to play its just so hard to get coins on there thanks or a hack too
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    Version 1.0.6


    SHAX - CS:GO Trainer Tired of getting nailed by the smurf squad? Well those days are over cuz this trainer will take your skillz (or lack of same) to a whole new level. Features: Glowhack Crosshair Esp Esp options Chams Aimbot Triggerbot Radar Hack Full Auto Fire BHOP Skin Changer We are using a early access system so you guys can secure it whilst the price is low (all future updates are free if you have an active purchase) The trainer is still not 100% finished, there is still more cheats to be added and the lower price is reflecting that. Once your purchase is approved, you will be allowed access to our dedicated Counterstrike forum, where you can make suggestions and discuss with other users about how to get the most bang for ya buck. Disclaimer: Counterstrike uses overwatch where your peers review your actions if reported multiple times, thus it's impossible to guarantee a undetectable trainer, so use your brain and don't rage hack (too much) No amount of coding will keep you safe from prying human eyes. Due to the nature of online games with anticheat, by purchasing this item, you acknowledge and accept all risk/consequences arising from its use. Refunds will NOT be provided in the event of detection or item breakage. Subscription time will be credited for every day after the first 48 hours of us validating that a game update has rendered this item inoperable. Usage of the item requires an internet-enabled computer, is non-transferrable and is governed by our general terms of service.

    12.00 EUR 15.00 EUR

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    Maybe an Insurgency trainer
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    I would hazard a guess and say yes. Support for Payday 2 ends this year, Overkill is developing Payday 3. Also, the crew that does the P2 Pirate perfection mod has been doing this for how long now, 4 years? Thats a LOT of work, considering Overkill changes things with every patch and the crew here has to go in and rescript things to make it (pirate perfection) work with the newest version. They probably want to move on to other things..... Lord knows I would. That being said, there might be one final iteration of Pirate Perfection when the support for Payday 2 ends. But I wouldnt get my hopes up.
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    Don't be rude :c
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    Due to a dramatic decline in the Counterstrike and Team Fortress 2 playerbase Valve has decided to remove VAC bans from it's records, thus letting dishonored players have a chance of reviving their dying games. According to Valve the anti ban wave has already started and will continue throughout the day until all VAC banned players have their account cleared, and they hope that the pardoned players will refrain from cheating again, but also points out that they do not intend to activate VAC again for any games released prior to today. If your VAC ban has not been remove by april 2nd, Valve encourage you to contact them on [email protected] or by snailmail at Valve PO BOX 1688 Bellevue, WA 98009
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    Version 1.0.0


    Grand Theft Auto V Trainer TRAINER OPTIONS: Alt + Numpad 1 – Infinite Health Alt + Numpad 2 – Vehicle Infinite Health Alt + Numpad 3 – Infinite Money Alt + Numpad 4 – Infinite Ammo / Grenades Alt + Numpad 5 – No Reload Alt + Numpad 6 – Infinite Stamina Alt + Numpad 7 – Infinite Armor Alt + Numpad 8 – Infinite Special Ability Alt + Numpad 9 – Infinite Oxygen Alt + Numpad 0 – Minimize Wanted Level Alt + Numpad (+/-) – Daytime + 1 Hour / – 1 Hour Alt + Numpad (.) – Timer -10 (Countdown +10) Sec Page Up – Super Speed Page Down – Bullet Time Ctrl + Numpad 1 – Add 100 000 Money Ctrl + Numpad 2 – Change Weather Ctrl + Numpad 3 – Stun Gun No Recharge Numpad (.) – Save Position Numpad (-) – Teleport Numpad (+) – Undo Teleportation Insert – Waypoint Teleport Home – Disable All THIS TRAINER IS SINGLE PLAYER ONLY Just a reminder: Pirate Perfection, The Uploaders and Staff do NOT own the trainers thus cannot claim responsibility for viruses, breakages, nor can provide support for any of the trainers. You are using these trainers at YOUR OWN RISK with NO GUARANTEED HELP OR SUPPORT. Please do NOT message The Uploader/Staff about any problems. Please report any issues found by pressing the SUPPORT button.


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    PP doesn't need an update. Not to fix anything anyways, its all working fine. I've been getting lazy with my support replies, telling people to just fresh reinstall using bad dogs fix and 99% of time its fixed. And with pd3 on the horizon there's no point. Hopefully us paid guys get it free, and that the support section isn't dead because of ticket system, else the forum is literary dead to me, as once again something (captain does not know about this yet actually) removed me from uploader. Other than. All of that the forum us basically dead, yeah, and I doubt it will come back to full life again. /AG
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    tought i was gonan find my bank account empty , came out playing as rust with a minigun . thank you and god bless your soul and family
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    For Steam users that wish to boost the hours played of their games on one or several accounts at once! Run HourBoostr then set up the Settings.json file to include the accounts you want to use, and which games you want to boost. Enter your password in the console for each account and the email code if required, then you can just leave it running on whatever server/computer you want! While HourBoostr is running, neither of your Steam accounts will appear online on Steam, but they will still get their game hours boosted, and they will still recieve card drops. You find the game IDs by going to the specific game you want to boost via the browser. (You can also go via your Games page under your profile on Steam) http://steamcommunity.com/app/730 (730 is the GameID) JsonHelper for those who are having problems with json syntax:


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    Sexy AF moderator <3 love you papa sanguin :3 (sorry)
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    Version 1.1.3d-BLT


    PiratePerfection Reborn Donor - BLT Edition Donors get you lunches, the BLT is here as an alternative to our normal solution. Have fun and if you want plugins check out: http://paydaymods.com/mods/


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    Version 1.0.0


    Features: A nice little gui (beware that the clicks are transferred through the menu to the game aswell) Add Money Add Angels Boost all Ventures Warp (McFly through time) Reset to normal Installation: Drag'n'drop the the dll file into the "AdVenture Capitalist\adventure-capitalist_Data\Managed" folder, and overwrite when asked to do so. Press F1 to open the menu wkr Sanguin


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    It some what worked. I installed the .dll files and the thing popped up but, every thing was gone. I could not do anything
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    GREAT Definitely one of the best trainers out there for this game as there arent that many. :)
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    it does what it says in the desc copy paste files F1 bam clicks transferring to game is annoying tho
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    I've been searching a lot for a good trainer but couldn't find it. mabey you guys can help me out?
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    Version r19


    What is GoonMod GoonMod is a Lua modification for Payday 2 that adds new gameplay features. Most of GoonMod is able to be selectively enabled, so you can play with all of the individual mods that GoonMod comes with or only a single one. Mod List These are the mods which are currently packaged with GoonMod: Corpse Delimiter: Raise the number of corpses allowed to astronomical levels. Also include options to despawn shields after they are killed. Crime.net Cargo: Send and receive weapons, weapon mods, masks, and mask parts between your friends and other players. Mutators: Micro-gameplay mods that add new give you new gameplay modes and experiences. Extended Inventory: Allows mods to add new items to your inventory. Gage Coins: Gage will give you a coin for every courier package you complete. (Requires Extended Inventory) Gage Mod Shop: Gage is opening up to new business opportunities. You can now buy weapon mods, masks, and mask parts using Gage Coins. (Requires Extended Inventory and Gage Coins) Separate Train Heist: Don't worry about accidentally grabbing the train intel again, picking up the intel will allow you to visit the Train Heist on your own time. (Requires Extended Inventory) Custom Waypoints: Set a marker for your buddies, and co-ordinate with them much easier and faster. Grenade Indicator: Tired of surprise flashbangs? Adds an indicator shortly before they detonate to give you a chance to react. Custom Weapon Laser and Lights: Customize the colour of your weapon laser and flashlight attachments, or have you own personal rave with a disco-laser. Custom World Lasers: Customize the lasers in game, like the ones in GO Bank or Framing Frame, to your own liking. Normalized Ironsights: Your sensitivity will drop the futher you zoom in with ironsights to allow you to aim better. Remember Gadget State: Gadgets on your weapons will remember if they were on or off when you put them away and pull them back out. Push-to-Interact: Push the button and wait. No more holding the key down.


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    I love all this. but how can i turn the DLC on/off? can someone help me with this please?
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    A bit confusing in game, but does what i want it to do. It crashes of course...a lot...
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    If you want to use the free dlc hack do this: 1. Go to your Payday 2 main folder. 2. Enter the folder called trainer and open config.lua whit a txt editor, not the config.lua on the root of payday 2 remember to enter on the folder called trainer first. 3. Search where it says "DLCUnlocker = false, --Unlocks all dlcs in game. Use with caution, OVERKILL implemented check, if you wearing DLC item or creating DLC heist from DLC you don't own." (whitout quotes), it is on the second line near the end if that helps you to find it, if you can't find it just download the one that is attatched to this forum( config.lua)and paste it on them main path of the game and replace if nessesary. 4. Change where it says false to true. (Skip if you downloaded my file) 5. Save and close. (skip if you downloaded my file) 6. It is done, open your game and your dlc's are free. NOTE: There's an autokick cheaters option that will kick you for using dlc's that you dont own. Edit: You will like this, for some reason some things can't get you kicked from a lobby and those things are: 1. DLC characters 2. Perk decks Edit 2: Recently the config.lua file changed it's directory, now you have to edit or replace the config.lua inside the folder called trainer.
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    At first, I thought it was a virus. But I still wanted to try it so I downloaded it. scanned multiple times, no results. FINALY a trainer whitout a virus. This trainer isn't just to hack stuff, it can make your game more fun. because you have in example a option where you can infinitely answer the pager. wich is e very usefull thing in stealth missions. I LOVE YOUR TRAINER! I LOVE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE IT, MANY THANKS!!!!
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    I used to play with the freebooter PP trainer but then i got the boot out of my bum and made my transition over to this beautiful piece of work 10/10 would pay $50 for premium if i had to
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    ikr i would love this!!!!!!
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    A trainer for Legacy would be fine, But the "Opt Out Of Beta" one would just lose you 21.99$, The VAC system allows people to cheat, so its easier to detect them. Valve scans for active cheat engines and .dll files or any files used to change the local data so its easy to ban them. To make a successful trainer for Rust you would need something that bypasses the local files and exe or its game over. which means you would have to figure out how to make a file to inject inside the game but then remove itself keeping the trainer active on the session. VALVE ANTI CHEAT is smart trust me. I have experienced the VAC BAN.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Options : Inf.Health Inf.Mana Inf.Air Inf.Ammo Inf.Grenades Inf.Mana Potions Inf.Health Potions Inf.Resources


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    >Posted by superfid2006   Blame others with cheater tag   Hey guys, is there any chance to make a script with which you can apply the CHEATER tag to someone else? Would be kinda nice to be on the other side, pointing fingers. Tired of getting tagged for using two grenades and being suspected of being a cheater (for the wrong reasons). 
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    TROLL MENU - USE WITH CAUTION... and laughter For an indepth guide and trolling tips you can read the troll guide Dead cops to to bulldozers:Any cop you kill will be revived as a bullozer. Replace cops with bulldozers:All cops on the map will turn into bulldozers. Change your statistics:Dont stand out in the stats at end of game. Change spawn position for new players:Will set your crosshair position as the new spawn point for joining players. Increase ladder height and width:Make them ladders far easier (or harder) to climb. Delete all synchonized units from map:Play around with it and figure it out, good for removing floor in the bankvault i.e Take mask off:Takes your mask off. Interaction with other players: Interaction with team: Enable Godmode for your team:Your whole crew is invulnerable, it doesnt matter if they are cheaters (HOST ONLY) Send team in custody:Your whole crew is put in jail (HOST ONLY) Release team from custody:Your whole crew is released from jail, on your location (HOST ONLY) Tase team:Your whole crew is tased Arrest team:The whole crew is arrested Kill Team:The whole team is bleeding out. Change team state to standard:Your whole teami has their amount of downs reset, and downed player are helped up. Interact with a specific player: Release player from custody:Removes your teammate from custody and spawns him on your location Teleport to Player:Teleport you to the specific players postiton Give Equipment to specific team member: Give Bags to specific team member: Give items to specific team member: Send player to custody:Give your annoying teammember a timeout. Tase player:Make a specific teammember dance the electic boogie. Arrest player:Cuff a specific teammember if he has been naughty. Kill player:Sends a specific teammember into bleed out. Change player state to standard:Cure your teammember from all ails like tase, bleedout and knocked out. Interact with self: Incapacitated:Spook yourself. Tased:Do the electric boogaloo all by yourself. Standard:Clear your own state from tased, incapacitated etc. Bleed out:Punch yourself in the face and go directly to bleedout. Arrested:Cuff yourself, fun with your girlfriend aswell as your teammembers. Mask off:Take you mask off and stroll around like nothing happend. Carry:Move slower if you feel a heavy burden on your shoulder. Clean:Mask off again... hmm Activate elements: Open all doors:Swooooosh please wipe your feet at the mat. Close all doors:Emases nepo Open vault:Save yourself some drilling time. Close vault:Capture your team inside the vault hehehe Remove head of enemies:Tired of waiting for helloween, get them headless dozers when you want. Fill deposit boxes with money:All deposit boxes are the correct ones.
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    Hello Guys, I would like to share my modded Version of Pirate Perfection Trainer! (Good For German Keyboard-Layouts) Here is a short list of changes i made. -Rearranged the keys for the carrystacker because in Germany the VK_OEM_1 - VK_OEM_8 Keys don't work. Here you cycle up with "I" , cycle down with "P" and drop all bags with "O". -Swapped the Key for 'AMMO AND HEALTH REFILL' from "Z" to "Y" -The function to share X-Ray with everybody is on "M" -Equipment now gets spawned via other keys, so you can normally swap between the guns on 1,2 and normal Grenades on 3: 4 - AMMO BAG 5 - MEDKIT 6 - SENTRY 7 - TRIPMINE 8 - ECM 9 - Smoke Grenade 0 - Flash Grenade ß - HOLY HANDGRENADE -Added some extra functions like: F12 - RSS Feed: So you can switch between PP RSS Feed and PD2 RSS Feed so you can stay up date on both B - WarpToBullet: I gave the Warp to Bullet Script it own Key instead of having it on F7 - GHOST RECON NUM3 - GagePacks: Locates all Packs NUM6 - Auto Gage Packs: Pick's up all Gage Packs -I gave every of those script it own key so you don't need to switch between Mouse Setups (,) COMMA - ASCEND (.) PERIOD - DESCEND (+) PLUS - ADDLEGO (-) MINUS - UNLEGO (Ende) END - HOVER -And other small Key Rearrangements i did, because i liked it this way better (Einfg) INS - OVERKILL (Entf) DEL - NORMALIZER (Pos1) HOME - SPAWN MENU NUM0 - JOB MENU NUM1 - TROLL NUMDECIMAL - TEST -And finally i have edited 2 Scripts to add some extras. 1.I added a 'Professional missions [MENU]' to the NUM0 - JOB MENU where you can choose to add all Prof Mission from all different Difficulties 2.I added a 5.SpoofName Page to the NUM1 - TROLL (i hope i get no problems with those names) 'Extra Note' You would need to edit the SpoofName or else your name will be baddog-11 ingame All Credits go to The Creator of the Trainer and to those that made all this Scripts: Pirate Captain, Simplity, transcend, Harfatus, Slynderdale, electronvolts, voodoo, ojsimpson, xMau5, pococurante, baldwin And everyone else who made this possible. I will try to give support to German Users via Teamspeak / Teamviewer. Just PM me if you need any help ", callback = addg22 }, -- COMMENTED OUT UNTIL IDENTIFIED - Added the the Chimano Custom to the Secondary Menu and the Golden AK to the Primary Menu so that the Sniper menu really only has Snipers in it 3. In "NUM0 - JOB MENU.lua" while adding the code for "misamurai = function()" the code for "mistrain3 = mistrain3 or function()" slipped into the inGame() part 4. In "F8 - MONEY MENU.lua" you mixed up the buttons for the Casino stuff The "Full blackmarket" activates the code for "FREE OFFSHORE PAYDAY(CASINO) PURCHASING" and the button "Free play in the casino" activates the Script dofiles("dev/fullblackmarket") 5. In "NUMPLUS - MOD MENU.lua" The Button "Bender mod (ALT = NUM5)" Trys to open the "bender.lua" instead of "bender.luac - Added a workaround for it in the file. 6. Your Steam Account Name is now your inGame name again no more Baddog yay ^^ - I have set the file "trainerassetsuserdata.config" as "write-protected" / "read-only" So everytime you restart the Game it will be your Steam Account Name again. # KEYBOARD # F-Keys - [VK_F1, trainer/F1 - CHEAT LIST.luac] - [VK_F2, trainer/F2 - GODMODE TOGGLE.lua] - [VK_F3, trainer/F3 - WEAPON MENU.lua] - [VK_F4, trainer/F4 - DEXTERITY MENU.lua] - [VK_F5, trainer/F5 - INFINITE ALL.lua] - [VK_F6, trainer/F6 - EVIL MASTERMIND.lua] - [VK_F7, trainer/F7 - GHOST RECON.lua] - [VK_F8, trainer/F8 - MONEY MENU.lua] # [VK_F9, trainer/F9 - SKILL MENU.lua] # Not Working because of DEV menu use F7 - [VK_F10, trainer/F10 - LEVEL MENU.lua] - [VK_F11, trainer/F11 - INVENTORY MENU.lua] - [VK_F12, trainer/F12 - POCO MENU.lua] # Letter Keys # [A, trainer/"?".lua] - [b, trainer/B - WarpToBullet.lua] # [C, trainer/"?".lua] # [D, trainer/"?".lua] # [E, trainer/assets/xhairconverter.lua] # [F, trainer/"?".lua] # [G, trainer/"?".lua] # [H, trainer/"?".lua] - [i, trainer/assets/pushstackup.lua] # "I" - CYCLE BAGTYPE UP # [J, trainer/"?".lua] # [K, trainer/"?".lua] # [L, trainer/"?".lua] - [M, trainer/assets/publicx.lua] # "M" - SHARE X-RAY TOGGLE # [N, trainer/"?".lua] - [O, trainer/assets/pushstack.lua] # "O" - DOUBLETAP TO DROP ALL BAGS - [P, trainer/assets/pushstackdown.lua] # "P" - CYCLE BAGTYPE DOWN # [Q, trainer/"?".lua] # [R, trainer/"?".lua] # [s, trainer/"?".lua] # [T, trainer/"?".lua] # [u, trainer/"?".lua] # [V, trainer/"?".lua] # [W, trainer/"?".lua] - [X, trainer/X - XRAY VISION TOGGLE.lua] - [Y, trainer/Z - AMMO AND HEALTH REFILL.lua] # [Z, trainer/"?".lua] # Number Keys # [0x31, trainer/"?".lua] # [0x32, trainer/"?".lua] # [0x33, trainer/"?".lua] - [0x34, trainer/1 - AMMO BAG.lua] - [0x35, trainer/2 - MEDKIT.lua] - [0x36, trainer/6 - SENTRY.lua] - [0x37, trainer/7 - TRIPMINE.lua] - [0x38, trainer/8 - ECM.lua] - [0x39, trainer/9 - Smoke Grenade.lua] - [0x30, trainer/0 - Flash Grenade.lua] - [0xDB, trainer/MB1 - HOLY HANDGRENADE.lua] # - BUFFED HANDGRENADES # EXTRA KEYS - [VK_OEM_COMMA, trainer/MB1 - ASCEND.lua] - [VK_OEM_PERIOD, trainer/MB2 - DESCEND.lua] - [VK_OEM_PLUS, trainer/MB1 - LEGO.lua] - [VK_OEM_MINUS, trainer/MB2 - UNLEGO.lua] # Arrow Keys "Reserved for Driver Mod" # [VK_UP,] # [VK_DOWN,] # [VK_LEFT,] # [VK_RIGHT,] # WORK Keys - [VK_HOME, trainer/INS - SPAWN MENU.lua] # - THE SPAWN MENU WITH BODYGUARDS/HOSTILES - [VK_INSERT, trainer/DEL - OVERKILL.lua] # - ALL CHEATS ACTIVATED - [VK_DELETE, trainer/HOME - NORMALIZER.lua] # - REMOVE ACTIVE CHEATS - [VK_END, trainer/MMB - HOVER.lua] # [VK_END, trainer/END - INSTANT WIN.lua] # - INSTANT WIN MISSION # [VK_SNAPSHOT, trainer/] # Mouse Keys - [VK_MBUTTON, trainer/MMB - DAT SLOWMO.lua] # - SLOWMOTION AKA BULLETTIME - [VK_XBUTTON1, trainer/MB2 - PENETRATIVE TELEPORT.lua] # - TELEPORT TO XHAIR # NUMERIC KEYPAD # Numbers - [VK_NUMPAD0, trainer/NUM0 - JOB MENU.lua] # - THE JOB MENU - [VK_NUMPAD1, trainer/NUM4 - TROLL.luac] # - TROLL MENU # [VK_NUMPAD2, trainer/assets/baldwinbonus.luac ] - [VK_NUMPAD3, trainer/assets/packageexposer.lua] - [VK_NUMPAD4, trainer/NUM4 - SPOOFNAME.lua] # [VK_NUMPAD5, trainer/SECRET] - [VK_NUMPAD6, trainer/assets/grabgagespack.lua] # [VK_NUMPAD7, trainer/SECRET] # [VK_NUMPAD8, trainer/SECRET] # [VK_NUMPAD9, trainer/SECRET] # Secret Cops # [VK_NUMPAD9, trainer/secret/secret.gYZXtQJw2a.luac] # [VK_NUMPAD8, trainer/secret/secret.s22Mt23a.luac] # [VK_NUMPAD7, trainer/secret/secret.ust2wMJv4n5XAGJQbXa.luac] # [VK_NUMPAD5, trainer/secret/secret.xsJXhgIwSKi.luac] # Extra Keys - [VK_DECIMAL, trainer/NUM7 - TEST.lua] # USER TEST SCRIPT - [VK_DIVIDE, trainer/assets/configmenu.lua] # - USER CONFIGURATION - [VK_MULTIPLY, trainer/NUMMULTI - PVP.lua] # - PVP/DEATHMATCH MOD - [VK_ADD, trainer/NUMPLUS - MOD MENU.lua] # - ALL MODS GO HERE - [VK_SUBTRACT, trainer/NUMMINUS - CHARACTER MENU.lua] # - CHARACTER MENU # Run last script on "CAPS LOCK" - [VK_PAUSE, ""] # - PAUSE/BREAK - HOOK ON/OFF # Global toggle on "PAUSE" - [VK_CAPITAL, "*"] # - CAPSLOCK - RERUN LAST SCRIPT PersistScripts: # [VK_DECIMAL, trainer/NUM7 - TEST.lua] - [PiratePerfectionInitialized, trainer/assets/_pirateperfectionInit.luac] # - PP INIT - [ConfigScriptInitialized, trainer/assets/_userconfig.lua] # - USER CONFIGURATION - [AutoOnCheatsPreGame, trainer/assets/_autooncheatspregame.lua] # - AUTOCHEATS IN MAIN MENU - [AutoOnCheatsInGame, trainer/assets/_autooncheatsingame.lua] # - AUTOCHEATS INGAME - [persistentSPOOF, trainer/assets/_spoof.lua] # - SPOOF/FAKE NAME STORED HERE - [persistentDLC, trainer/assets/_dlc.lua] # - UNLOCKS ALL DLCS - [CarryStackerSetupDone, trainer/assets/carrystacker.lua] # - CARRY MULTIPLE BAGS MOD - [stealthFixer, trainer/assets/_stealthfixer.lua] # - OLDSCHOOL STEALTH MOD - [WeaponsMaxStats, trainer/assets/_WeaponsMaxStats.lua] - [sentryGunTweaks, trainer/assets/SentryGunTweaks.lua] - [antichat, trainer/assets/antichat.lua] - [LoopFireSounds, trainer/assets/LoopFireSounds.lua] - [CustomColours, trainer/assets/CustomColours.lua] PostRequireScripts: - ["*", trainer/assets/CrashFixer.lua] - ['lib/setups/gamesetup', trainer/assets/__globalrequires.lua] - ['lib/setups/setup', trainer/assets/__globalrequires.lua] - ['lib/managers/mission/elementareatrigger', trainer/assets/__globalrequires.lua] - ['lib/tweak_data/weapontweakdata', trainer/assets/fullpenetration.lua] - ['lib/managers/ObjectInteractionManager', trainer/assets/interactwhilemoving.lua] - ['lib/units/beings/player/states/playerstandard', trainer/assets/inspireoverdominate.lua] - ['lib/managers/jobmanager', trainer/assets/XPBonus.lua] - ['lib/managers/menu/crimenetcontractgui', trainer/assets/XPBonusGUI.lua] - ['lib/units/weapons/NewRaycastWeaponBase', trainer/assets/gadgetalwayson.lua] - ['lib/managers/hud/HUDHitConfirm', trainer/assets/CostumCrosshair.lua] - ['lib/units/beings/player/PlayerMovement', trainer/assets/CostumCrosshair.lua] - ['lib/managers/hudmanagerpd2', trainer/assets/CostumCrosshair.lua] # ['lib/entry', trainer/assets/hudstuff.lua] # ['lib/entry', trainer/assets/pubinfloopv2.lua] # ['lib/entry', trainer/assets/detecthxhd.lua] -- I just want to show of my modded JobMenu.lua so here you go http://pastebin.com/FLc0fa43 -- Updated to V16L - V16L includes everything that the Original PPTv16 has + Many little extras from My Modded V15.3L [attachment=0]LuPeY's Modified PPTv16.2L.7z[/attachment] With best regards Baddog-11 aka LuPeY^
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    Extract the rar file to your gamedir usually C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonPAYDAY 2 Dont mess with the directory structure, when your done it should look something like this. start the game, win!
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    Can all of the weapons not be called pirateperfection.com
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    Now im just waiting for the cheat for the new armor skins, would love that!!
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    Very good, works nicely and its easy to use.
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    ASF is a C# application that allows you to farm steam cards using multiple steam accounts simultaneously. Unlike idle master which works only on one account at given time, requires steam client running in background, and launches additional processes imitiating "game playing" status, ASF doesn't require any steam client running in the background, doesn't launch any additional processes and is made to handle unlimited steam accounts at once. In addition to that, it's meant to be run on servers or other desktop-less machines, and features full Mono support, which makes it possible to launch on any Mono-supported operating system, such as Windows, Linux or OS X. ASF is based on, and possible, thanks to SteamKit2. ASF doesn't require and doesn't interfere in any way with Steam client. In addition to that, it no longer requires exclusive access to given account, which means that you can use your main account in Steam client, and use ASF for farming the same account at the same time. If you decide to launch a game, ASF will get disconnected, and resume farming once you finish playing your game, being as transparent as possible. Core features: Automatically farm available games using any number of active accounts Automatically accept friend requests sent from master Automatically accept all trades coming from master Automatically accept all steam cd-keys sent via chat from master Possibility to choose the most efficient cards farming algorithm, based on given account SteamGuard / SteamParental / 2FA support Unique ASF 2FA mechanism allowing ASF to act as mobile authenticator (if needed) ASF update notifications Full Mono support, cross-OS compatibility Setting up: Detailed setting up instructions are available on our wiki. Current Commands: Detailed documentation of all available commands is available on our wiki. Commands can be executed via a private chat with your bot. Remember that bot accepts commands only from SteamMasterID. That property can be configured in the config. Supported / Tested Operating-Systems: Windows 10 Professional/Enterprise Edition (Native) Windows 8.1 Professional (Native) Windows 7 Ultimate (Native) Debian 9.0 Stretch (Mono) Debian 8.1 Jessie (Mono) OS X 10.11.1 (Mono) However, any operating system listed here should run ASF flawlessly. Need help or more info? Head over to our wiki then.


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    Version 1.1.3p-BLT


    The PREMIUM version of PiratePerfection Reborn as BLT MOD This release is almost identical to PiratePerfection Pro, but some extra scripts are included which we don't want widely spread. We don't advertise them or disclose publicly what it is, so no need to ask us. The premium version is the first to test future cheats for the donor/regular version and might be more unstable, but that's the price of being our guinea pigs and the first line of exposure. If you have any problems with this release, please post your sightings in the Premium forum thank you, and we will fix them asap. NOTE: No -ALT version this time, unless I see reports reminding me of past errors it should not be needed.

    25.00 EUR

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    Hacking is fun when you use it in games that has no anti cheat and can't lose cash, but games like CSGO its a waist most of the time. If you don't want to get banned you have to pay for the hack. There are websites that provide that. My best https://forum.aimjunkies.com/ please do not see that post as advertisement just want to help a pirate