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    Version | v1.2.0-FE


    The Free Version of PiratePerfection Reborn as BLT MOD How to install this: 1.Extract all files into a new folder. (We recommend using 7zip for this ) 2.Now take the "mods"-folder and the "IPHLPAPI.dll"-file and move them into your Gamedir "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Payday 2" We spent many years on making this trainer for you, please be so kind and Donate something and tell your friends about us! The difference from this Free Version and the Pro Version & VIP Version is the troll menu which is full of cheats to mess with your team, like taseing/killing/cuffing them, giving them equipment, locking them into the vault, teleporting and enabling Godmode for everyone including non cheaters + a lot of other cheats reserved for those keeping us afloat. Steam group: Want to play with us and never miss an update again then Join the Pirate Perfection steam group. Bugs: If you have trouble getting this release to work, before reporting it broken, read the bloody FAQ ;) Fan video made by ulpian films Have fun and be kind to a noob today! NOTE: This is now a Legacy Verison of the Trainer, there won't be any more updates in this thread. The New Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer Version 2.0.0 will be uploaded in a new Thread when its finished by @Baddog-11


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    Version | v1.0.0-XRSE


    Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer! X-Ray Standalone Edition for Payday 2 Options Included in this Trainer: Use BLT Keybind Menu to set key binds Toggle X-Ray Toggle X-Ray for other players Installation : BLT v2.3 (r7_r19) is already included in this package so just extract everything in a new folder and place all content into "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY 2" Below is a Video that shows how to. (Don't mind the Edition used in the Video, All Trainer Editions are getting installed the same way so there is no need to create multiple videos.) How To Install PPR Trainer.mp4


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    Version | v1.2.0-VE


    The VIP Version of Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer as BLT MOD This release is almost identical to Pirate Perfection Pro Version, but some extra scripts are included which we don't want widely spread. We don't advertise them or disclose publicly what it is, so no need to ask us. The VIP Version is the first to test future cheats for the Pro/Free Version and might be more unstable, but that's the price of being our guinea pigs and the first line of exposure. If you have any problems with this release, please post your sightings in the Premium forum thank you, and we will fix them asap. NOTE: This is now a Legacy Verison of the Trainer, there won't be any more updates in this thread. The New Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer Version 2.0.0 will be uploaded in a new Thread when its finished by @Baddog-11

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    Free and awesome to use :D And if u need coins for safe house Do Cook Off Press Num Pad 6 Money Menu Secure Bags Then Press End There goes 550+ coins given to you. :D
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    Version | v3.0.5 (R020)


    SuperBLT SuperBLT is a fork of the BLT Modloading hook for PAYDAY 2, with a number of major improvements, such as a audio API and the ability to alter any base-game XML file (completely removing the need for Bundle Modder). Installation Download the Latest Release DLL, and place it in your PAYDAY 2 folder. Some computers, for reasons that are not apparent, will not load the IPHLPAPI.dll file as used by both vanilla BLT and SuperBLT. In this case, there's an alternative version that hooks WSOCK32.dll that doesn't have this problem. Eventuall this will be the main version most users will use, but the IPHLPAPI.dll-based one above will continue to be updated for the forseeable future. If you're using this version, ensure you do not have a IPHLPAPI.dll file in your PAYDAY 2 folder. You can also download the Latest Development DLL, however you should only do this if you've been instructed to or you know what you're doing. Note that if you use this DLL, you'll always be told a newer version is available by the update notifier and as such you'll have to manually check for updates. If you already have the standard BLT installed, delete your mods/base folder and IPHLPAPI.dll file first. When you first run PAYDAY, it will ask you if you want to download the BLT basemod. Select 'Yes', and SuperBLT will be installed. Credits ZNixian, for writing SuperBLT the Restoration Crew, for testing/feedback JamesWilko and SirWaddles, for writing the original BLT Source Code This project is Free and Open Source software, with the DLL under the GNU General Public License version 3 (or any later version), and the basemod under the BSD license. DLL Source Code Basemod Source Code Developer Documentation For everything not added by SuperBLT, see the vanilla BLT's documentation. Documentation for stuff added by SuperBLT: XAudio API Automatic Updates XML Tweaker XML Configuration Files


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    Version | v1.0.8


    Mist, our own dedicated cheat network, think of it like a steam for cheats. This Client is secure and will ensure that only you will be able to use your cheats at any time, it uses your login information from PiratePerfection.com to verify which cheats you have purchased and enables them accordingly. To start using Mist, simply use your forum login and password to gain access, from then on its automatic and Mist will take care of downloading and updating the trainers for you. Installation: Copy the files to any folder outside your game folder of the game you are using it on. If you don't have Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 installed, you need to install it, you can download it from Microsoft by clicking here


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    For Steam users that wish to boost the hours played of their games on one or several accounts at once! Run HourBoostr then set up the Settings.json file to include the accounts you want to use, and which games you want to boost. Enter your password in the console for each account and the email code if required, then you can just leave it running on whatever server/computer you want! While HourBoostr is running, neither of your Steam accounts will appear online on Steam, but they will still get their game hours boosted, and they will still recieve card drops. You find the game IDs by going to the specific game you want to boost via the browser. (You can also go via your Games page under your profile on Steam) http://steamcommunity.com/app/730 (730 is the GameID) JsonHelper for those who are having problems with json syntax:


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    Version 1.0.6


    SHAX - CS:GO Trainer Tired of getting nailed by the smurf squad? Well those days are over cuz this trainer will take your skillz (or lack of same) to a whole new level. Features: Glowhack Crosshair Esp Esp options Chams Aimbot Triggerbot Radar Hack Full Auto Fire BHOP Skin Changer We are using a early access system so you guys can secure it whilst the price is low (all future updates are free if you have an active purchase) The trainer is still not 100% finished, there is still more cheats to be added and the lower price is reflecting that. Once your purchase is approved, you will be allowed access to our dedicated Counterstrike forum, where you can make suggestions and discuss with other users about how to get the most bang for ya buck. Disclaimer: Counterstrike uses overwatch where your peers review your actions if reported multiple times, thus it's impossible to guarantee a undetectable trainer, so use your brain and don't rage hack (too much) No amount of coding will keep you safe from prying human eyes. Due to the nature of online games with anticheat, by purchasing this item, you acknowledge and accept all risk/consequences arising from its use. Refunds will NOT be provided in the event of detection or item breakage. Subscription time will be credited for every day after the first 48 hours of us validating that a game update has rendered this item inoperable. Usage of the item requires an internet-enabled computer, is non-transferrable and is governed by our general terms of service.

    12.00 EUR 15.00 EUR

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    Sick and tired, of people finding you cheat, by looking at mods? This tutorial will allow you (for the most part) to rename the trainer to something such as Payday 2 Anti-lag. Step 1 Install Pirate Perfection (If you haven't already, check out the mod page) Step 2 Go to the Pirate Perfection Mod page (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2\mods) Step 3 Open the "PP" file Step 4 at the bottom, you will see something called "mod.txt" Open it Step 5 This is a text file (you can write in it) so look for the line that says "name" : "Pirate Perfection", Change the Pirate perfection to whatever you want. I personally named it "Payday 2 Anti Lag Mod" to stay covert, but you can also change the description and author. A visual description is below Step 4 open the Mod.txt file Step 5 change the title, author, and description (i changed the contact, but you don't have to)
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    Heya, So i've got a Program which is quite useful for me, and maybe also for you. What does this Program or Tool do ? Well, it allows you to upload, download, delete files from Steam Cloud. But try to avoid uploading large files, since file contents are read entirely to memory before writing to Steam. <-- (I am just Quoting this!) It is also Open Source, so you can get it right here: https://github.com/GMMan/SteamCloudFileManagerLite/releases Have Fun with it i guess, lul
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    1. You guys should finally learn that there is a different between @Baddog-11 & @LuPeY^ AG already made this mistake and started telling bullshit about me. 2. AG is just a regular User he doesn't have any right to decide what PP does and what not. 3. I already explained to you thoroughly in a PM that there are forum rules written down in a forum thread. 4. The Story about Paypal is just what the Guys from BC tell, have you ever heard what the @PirateCaptain had to say about this or if BC story would be true why did the other Admin @Harfatus not leave too? 5. Not really nice to post a screenshot of a private message, something that is forbidden by (German)-Law so that you could get sued. (Violation of personal rights) Also, note the usage of the words *think* & *maybe* Oh, and if you haven't got the message yet the Captain is back. 6. Nice Photoshop skills Why didn't you post a direct link to the profile? (https://p3dhack.ru/index.php?/profile/7831-baddog-11/) Oh, maybe because the actual "Rank" is something else hu? Also, note the Background picture got added by an Admin I didn't ask for this. Nice move of editing the profile just to take a screenshot of it. And I just took a screenshot of the profile myself just to be sure for the possibility that it gets changed by an Admin again. 7. Like I said before the Captain is back and not only that the trainers also got updated even a new Update is already in the work and available for Patrons. Also, I have no idea what you talk about TV? I have never seen news about PiratePerfecion on TV. 8. The very first PiratePerfection Trainer was made back in 2013 by PirateCaptain and transcendperfection in collaboration with users like Simplity and Harfatus Everything else that came after it is just a bad copy, a false attempt at creating something better. All kind of users are able to dig through source code that got posted by @v00d00 but only these guys came up with the idea to mash everything up in menus to create something that we now call a Trainer. And in the begin all Scripts where written by these guys it's just that with every new update new things got added, things that were posted in public thus free for use they even credited those who wrote them. It's just the unknowncheats SiteAdmin (who has a problem with PirateCaptain getting his own site) and some Users who failed in being better, that keep telling everyone this bullshit story about how PP has stolen everything. Something that is impossible if you are the one who has created it first. PS. Yes, I could just ignore you and delete that post but I rather show off how stupid this all is. A Person that posts screenshots of PM's and edits a screenshot of a public viewable profil (which even got edited by an admin) doesn't seem very trustful to me. Who knows maybe even the screenshot of the pm is a fake and whatever else you tell.
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    Still works excellently even to this day. Any thoughts of adding a Continental Coin cheat, or anything in the future? Other than that, it's great. Keep it up!
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    This is awesome, good for quick money, and stealth, and many other things Tho one thing, is it likely to get banned from this?
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    One of the greatest Payday 2 trainers on the web. Thanks for bringing this awesome trainer to us Pirate Perfection. ^^ From this random guy writing a random review because he/she was bored and needed to do something fun... wait what
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    Someone give this man a blowjob he deserves it. It's so easy to use holy crap. would rate 10/5
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    Version 1


    A small script that removes the blur from Rats Day 1/Cook Off for people that have vision problems or frame lag from it. PS. Just found out. Works on Hotline Miami as well. Have no idea who made it. Found this here and converted it to BLT. Created by $teamedRevenge


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    Version 1


    Idea from Secco2112's Chat Menu This different is you can change what you want to talk by editing Chat_List.txt Created by Dr_Newbie


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    En el foro hay 3 versiones principales: -La versión gratis. -La versión para donadores. -La versión para premiums. La gratis, obviamente es gratis :P. La de donadores trae varias opciones más, pero hay que pagar 5$. La premium trae 2 opciones muy importantes, pero hay que pagar 25$. Basicamente es eso, no hace falta pagar si no quieres!!
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    Version | v1.2.0-PE


    The Pro Version of Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer as BLT MOD Donors get you lunches, the BLT is here as an alternative to our normal solution. NOTE: This is now a Legacy Verison of the Trainer, there won't be any more updates in this thread. The New Pirate Perfection Reborn Trainer Version 2.0.0 will be uploaded in a new Thread when its finished by @Baddog-11


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    Version 1.05


    Options: Inf.Health Inf.Keys Inf.Bombs Inf.Coins Max Stats


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    Works perfectly fine for me. (03-Nov-2016) with game version 1.56.66 and latest BLT installed. Only difference is, I overwrote my "IPHLPAPI.dll" with the one from the download. Thanks for providing a working trainer! **Note:** I only use it for offline.