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    • MonkeyManofLife


      Doesn't work. Says I need to run it as an admin however I am already doing that and it still doesn't work. Unless it is outdated it just doesn't work.

    • needs to be updated to v0.69


    • AG_Developer


      On 17/10/2017 at 5:09 PM, Johnathan123 said:

      Is this a full on trainer which allows us to add money, Enable godmode, ect ect? I can't seem to find a hotkey which allows me to access any type of menu

      No. Just DLC & Skins. Working on getting full one updated matey

      On 18/10/2017 at 7:09 AM, M1RROR3D said:

      I'm very new to this site and wish to ask why the file extension is .pirate? I've only known mods to be in zipped files, can you please explain why this custom file extension is needed? Or how I can use it?

      .pirate is used because when i uploaded the file, android wouldn’t allow me to upload zips. all you need to do is REMOVE the .pirate, and it will work, as it is just a regular zip with a workaround extension :)

      22 hours ago, Pingz0 said:

      not work no update crash...

      Then you are CLEARLY doing something wrong. Did you remove the .pirate extension like it says in the installation?