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Found 5 results

  1. Baddog-11


    Version | v2.3 (r7_r19)


    Payday 2 BLT An open source Lua hook for Payday 2, designed and created for ease of use for both players and modders. This is the developer repository, and should only be used if you know what you're doing. If you don't, visit the website at PaydayMods.com to get an up-to-date drag-drop install. The Lua component of the BLT which controls mod loading can be found init's own repository, Payday-2-BLT-Lua. Download Visit PaydayMods.com to get the latest stable download. Documentation Documentation for the BLT can be found on the GitHub Wiki for the project. Dependencies Payday2 BLT requires the following dependencies, which are all statically linked. OpenSSL cURL zlib Detours OpenSSL OpenSSL should be compiled as static libraries and the libraries placed in the lib directory, and the headers in the incl directory cURL cURL should be compiled as static, with the WITH_SSL parameter set to 'static' and the previously compiled OpenSSL libraries in the dependencies directory. zLib zLib should be compiled as static. I had to add SAFESEH handling to the MASM objects in order for this to be compatible with Payday2-BLT Detours A compiled version of detours is included, and all terms of the included Microsoft Research Shared Source License Agreement (detours_license.rtf) are applicable. Contributors Payday 2 BLT Team James Wilkinson (Twitter) SirWaddlesworth Will Donohoe


  2. No one has reported it but i'm gonna say it's broken as of now GIANT DISCLAIMER - If you don't need Hoxhud, use the BLT version of the trainer! Welcome to to the main thread for PP that's compatible with most anything! So just a quick explanation of what I have created. I repackaged BLT:CSE and PP in one nice file for you! It is compatible with HoxHud, PocoHud, all normal mods, and all BLT mods (some mods might not work :D shhhh) Freeloader - PP 1.1.1f with BLTCSE.zip Donor - Post here. Premium - Post here. Any problems, contact me.
  3. BLT: CSE - Without The Trans Fat (Compatibility Tweak for Pirate Perfection) A fellow Pirate, DatSwaggyGamerPPP2, has run into a problem that I attempted to assist him with, the unfortunate combination of Windows 8, needing the Alternate IPHLPAPI.dll, and wanting to use BLT mods with Pirate Perfection. However, the setup left it so only one mod would work at a time, so a choice had to be made... Choose between Pirate Perfection or BLT... I wasn't going to let that happen... This is for those who are forced to use the alternate IPHLPAPI.dll, hate dual-hooking, despise those who package Lua files into DLLs, or if you cannot get both BLT: CSE and Pirate Perfection to run on your setup. Thank you DatSwaggyGamerPPP2, for being the sole tester and guinea pig for my terrible coding. Step One (Downloads): Assuming you've got Pirate Perfection installed and working, you're going to need 2 files: BLT: CSE zip at: BLT-ClubSandwich-hook_r4.zipMy Tweak zip at: BLT CSE Without The Trans Fat.zip(If you are unable to download any of my files, ask me respectfully, and I'll provide directly, do not post about it.) Step Two (Install): Now that you have everything you need, install is simple, take the 'mods' folder from BLT: CSE, and the two files from My Tweak zip ('BLT_CSE_fix.lua' and 'PD2Hook.yml') and drop them into the your 'PAYDAY 2' folder, and let your computer replace the 'PD2Hook.yml' file. (If you have pre-existing modification to 'PD2Hook.yml', you will need to compare yours and this one.) For those more visual: Step Three (Usage): Simply install other BLT / CSE mods as you usually would. For those using the IPHLPAPI.dll -ALTERNATE file and wish to use HoxHud, use the 'IPHLPAPI.dll' that comes with Pirate Perfection, BLT / CSE seems to fix the startup crashes caused by the original '.dll'. (Excluding the comment above, if a mod contains an 'IPHLPAPI.dll' in the main folder of the mod, do NOT replace your current 'IPHLPAPI.dll' with it, leave the '.dll' files alone.) Notes: Automatic Updating is temporarily disabled, as I have yet to configure it.If at any time you experience something that you deem as a bug or broken feature while using this fix, report to me first, not the developer of the mod or BLT/CSE, as it will probably be because of this fix not including some implementation.If you do have a bug, read through the thread, posting multiple times will not make me work on it faster, only move it to the bottom of my list.Update Log: Forced console to stay open to prevent minimizing to desktop on heist changes, thanks BLTAdded 'lib' mod support, I did actually see your votes, you know who you 4 areAdded 'DirectoryExists' function, direct hand-holding for HoloHud checking for HoxHud and PDTH Hud
  4. Alys

    Greetings,so you know that there is kick option,when you use it on player ,said player is blocked from that lobby,but when you make new one he can join back...so i decided to make this script. With this you can truly ban someone,so he will never be able to join your lobby again. It took me long time to made this,and i'm not good at scripting, so there might be some flaws. This still works after blackmarket update. Requirements: You need to be host. You need BLT. Instalation: Unrar the file and put it in your mods folder in your payday 2 directory. Setting up: The only thing you need to set up is keybind. Start the game, go to options-mod keybinds-click on ban menu and choose key you wish. How does it work? This doesn't work in lobby, however it works in pre-heist menu(Where is ready button) and ingame. You can also ban someone manually by putting his steam ID(Only number) in kicklist.(Payday 2 directory) Easily,tap the keybind you choosed and this gonna show up: Then click on player that you want to ban,there is no confirmation! However! If the player is still in game you need to kick him. Thats it! The player is banned from your current and next lobbies. What if? You banned someone wrong? You want to forgive and unban someone? Go at your payday directory and there is file kicklist Open it and delete his ID. But what if i want to work it with PP? No problem, read this guide from Clone: Download: Ban Menu.zip Enjoy and let me know how does it work!
  5. The Wraith


    We now have a new way of Lua mod loading, what do you guys think? LINK: http://www.lastbullet.net/r/blt/