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Found 2 results

  1. Davy Jones

    So, just for the lolz, I have two things on the table for you all, both for fair enjoyment, and nothing else, all in good fun. Both will be released at some point, but what would be the fun in releasing everything at once, gotta keep ya coming back. So, I'll leave it to a vote. 1) Loot Card Spoofer The Loot Card Spoofer is done, and should work near flawlessly thanks to the great Simplity for pretty much fixing it! This will make it so, while online, all of your card drops after finishing a heist will LOOK like they're either a Safe or Drill. When in Single Player, this does nothing, as it's meant for online giggles! This does NOT actually give you Safes or Drills, it will only fake the image, for yourself AND for other people, regardless of whether you're the Host or not, and will print what you actually received from the card into the chat that only you can see. It currently has a bit of a hard time, but it will randomly select from the available Safes and Drills that can drop, and will have to be updated every once and a while to keep up with the changing drops, it can get a bit biased as your night gets later due to the randomizing in Lua, but will always choose one in the end. Due to it being a fairly trolly bit of code, I've broken the voting down into ranks, and based on the voting, trying to remove bias in them to a degree (Premiums only voting Premium, Donors only voting Donor, and Regulars only voting Regular), it will be released at that rank and above, which I hope you all understand due to the trolliness which this code actually brings about. 2) Fake Safe Opening While I do not know whether or not this is completely possible, if this wins the vote, I will try my hardest to get it to work Oh it mother effin' works all effin' right, and it's effin' glorious! To prevent any more "totes legit Safe opening haxors" this will add a menu into PP that will allow you to chose any of the available safes, and simply open them. It will handle it just like the game would, the raffle ticker and all! It will even provide an option to actually ADD the Skin to your in-game Steam Inventory (Not your actual Steam Inventory, but in the same way as the Skin Unlocker) should you have the Skin Unlocker enabled and the little check-box the menu will provide ticked. Also, it will provide several options in a sub-menu that will allow you to change the odds of a skin's rarity, quality, and stat boost chances, allowing you to craft your own luck!
  2. Davy Jones

    As many of you know, Overkill has added a market to the game which implements a drop system to acquire skins through the means of opening one Safe with one Drill. Many have posted wishing to cheat this system, and while I will not say anything about the Skins here, there are those who wish to acquire Drills, Safes, or ultimately Skins, in their actual Steam Inventory. This post is to those who have ignored my comments or those who's posts I've deleted as damage control, prior to this post actually being thought up. Overall: Safes, Drills, and Skins are split between Steam and in-game. When the game loads the main menu, it sends a request to Steam for the list of Payday 2 items you have on Steam, and creates a list of things you see in the "Steam Inventory" menu in-game. Nothing in-game is sent to Steam, except for a small few things in the lootdrop screen and when you try to open a Safe. Lootdrop: This is the card system at the end of every heist (and may also apply to the Casino system). When you get to this screen, the game first asks Steam if you have a Safe or Drill available to drop, as this system acts like TF2 or CS:GO, with weekly caps and random rates. If you don't, Steam will send back nothing and the game will continue to the normal system as before. If you do, Steam will send back the info of the Safe or Drill, display the card, and add it to your in-game list. Due to this request to Steam first, Steam has already given you the item in your Steam Inventory before the card has even flipped. This also means that every time you get to the lootdrop screen, you will always be guaranteed to get a Drill or Safe if you have one waiting to drop. It is unknown if you have subsequenct drops, as in if you wait a month, one will display, but you'll have a month's worth of Safes and Drills now added to your Steam Inventory. Opening Safes: When you select a Drill or a Safe and attempt to open a Safe with a Drill, you are presented with the exact same system as CS:GO, a random raffle of however many things could be in the Safe, and the ticker stops and chooses one. This is wrong. Instead, the scene is created, the game sends Steam the info of the Safe and Drill, and will return with a pre-chosen item to pull out of the Safe. When the raffle ticker actually is displayed, the game will find the one the ticker will land on and replace the image with the one you earned. This also means Steam has added the item to your Steam Inventory before the message even comes back to the game, and the Skin is already pre-determined on Steam. Ergo, there is no way to cheat the system using the game, your only bet would be to try to hack Steam, and just give yourself the Skin, but if you could do that, you wouldn't be bothered with Payday 2. Concerning Videos: There are a few videos where it is seen someone opening a Safe repeatedly, however, this falls into the general common sense of the internet: Don't believe everything. Since the menu and scene is entirely in-game, they can easily spoof the system to choose any Skin they want, as well as never remove the Safe or Drill. If they didn't disable the requests to Steam, they would have been greeted with an "Error" message saying the Safe couldn't be opened. By leaving the entire rest of the system in tack, and removing certain verification bits, they can make the entire menu do whatever they like. This is also why you never see their actual Steam Inventory, as the items never made it there. Even if they did, each Drill, Safe, and Skin has a unique identifier on it, meaning it is assigned and recorded by Steam, should Steam see a bunch of requests for the same Safe and Drill, or see Skin IDs popping into existance, or the mass influx of items to the Steam Market, not only would the items be destroyed, as they are unique, the account of the seller would be terminated, as this is Steam. The DLC Unlocker was one thing, making another DLC Unlocker (although it is technically impossible short of breaking Steam) that also allows one to earn money from nothing through the means of the Steam Market is another, which would not only bring a shitstorm from Overkill, probably disabling mods altogether, but would also bring the army of lawyers and paperwork that Steam possesses to whoever supplies the code. If you seek further clarification on this subject, I am more than happy to answer, but if you request to cheat in actual Safes and Drills after this point, I'll simply delete your post.