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Found 14 results

  1. PirateCaptain

    What a wonderful world it would be if people could just behave well and treat each other with respect and kindness, but sadly that's not the world we live in. Due to this fact, we have a warning system in place to steer the bad seeds back on the the right path before they ultimately gets evicted for good. Below is a chart where you can see the punishment dished out when warning points gets applied by our moderators (Warning, once a warning point is applied it will NOT be removed, it doesn't matter which usergroup you are in) Warning points will have the below effect 1 point = Moderated content 7 days, restricted from posting for 1 day 2 points = Moderated content 31 days, restricted from posting for 7 days 3 points = Moderated content 365 days, restricted from posting for 31 days 4 points = Moderated content 31 days, restricted from posting 7 days, 1 day ban 5 points = Moderated content 365 days, restricted from posting 14 days, 7 days ban 6 points = Moderated content 3650 days, restricted from posting 31 days, 365 days ban 7 points = Permaban Moderators are free to dish out as many points as they like at any violation depending on severity, if we feel you are gaming this system expect quick advancement. There are no exceptions to this, unless you are a whale :P
  2. PirateCaptain

    PirateDropBox Info page
  3. PirateCaptain

    To ensure everyone has a good time, there are a few rules we enforce on ParrotSpeak. We talk on teamspeak, don't get surprised if your ignored if you write in chat. (most ppl run teamspeak minimized and don't watch the chat) Fix your microphone sensitivity, we don't enjoy listening to constant heavy breathing. If you are idle in a channel without speaking, you will be moved to an AFK room unless you are a regular guest. Do not record others without permission, it will get you kicked. Do not use pokes for chatting, it's annoying and meant for attracting attention not conversation. ParrotSpeak is not a suicide hotline. Bring your humor and expect sarcasm, we are adult and expect a minimum amount of seriousness from our guests. Details IP: parrotspeak.com Admins: @PirateCaptain, @Harfatus Moderators: @Baddog-11, @Sanguin, @Hastabrand, @v00d00 Synching user groups Join parrotspeak Press CTRL+I Copy your Teamspeak User ID (UUID) Go to your account settings (or click here) and insert the UUID and click save Done, your permissions are now synched up
  4. PirateCaptain

    The forum reputation system. To advance your reputation on the forum, you will need to gain likes from your fellow crewmembers, it's possible to gain reputation as well as lose reputation. Likes are added when someone like your content and clicks the green beer button, and are removed when someone clicks the red bomb button. The higher your reputation is, the more options become available to you
  5. PirateCaptain

    The forum comes with many different looks, you can change to other themes depending on your users group. Here are a gallery of the themes, note that you are able to change the background image on most of the themes by clicking on the brush icon Villain Animatey Dimension Chameleon Spectrum Subway Mutiny
  6. PirateCaptain

    The award system has been partly automated, and the days where members could add awards themselves are over Here is a guide for how to obtain the different awards on the forum. Site Awards (automated on login when criteria is met) 1,2,3 year anniversary Have been a member for 1,2 or 3 years Critic Awarded if the user comments on anything in the download section Blogger Awarded if the user posts a blog Navigator Awarded if the user shares to a good website in the PirateDirectory Mapper Awarded if the user marks his irl location on the membermap (currently disabled, waiting for map update) Planner Awarded if the user plans something in the calendar Uploader Awarded if the user uploads a file in any allowed download category Poster Awarded if the user creates a topic Skill Awards (manually added when the staff spots a user with skills) Altruist Awarded if the user is helping others Certified Guineapig Awarded if the user helped find/squash a bug or test something for us Ripper Awarded to users uploading trainers or other useful stuff to the crewshares (donor forum) Often accompanied by an invite to the uploader group if done correctly with pictures and nice formatting. Teamspeaker Awarded to users who found their way to our teamspeak @ parrotspeak.com Bilingual Awarded to users who masters more than one language. i.e. translators Spotter Awarded to users whom are good at recruiting new crewmembers Profile artist Awarded when staff finds a profile that has been tricked out Roast Awards (manually added to people the staff likes to tease) Noob Awarded to users who speaks without thinking or asks for help for extremely easy things Scriptkiddie Awarded to users who tries to come off as coder, but is revealed have no knowledge of coding Couchpotato Awarded to lazy users who cant be bothered to use the search function and expect others to find the link he needs VAC Warrior Awarded to people who got entangled with the VAC monster Grammar Nazi Awarded to users who points out the slightest grammar mistakes (usually accompanied by an insult) Gullible Awarded to users who believes everything they are told, no matter how preposterous it sounds Mutineer Awarded to users who knowingly acts against the interests of PiratePerfection Donation Awards (will be automated when the creators of those two modules start working together, I have been poking them about it for 4 months and counting) Almsgiver Awarded to popped virgin donors Backer Awarded for 2nd donation Bestower Awarded for 3rd donation Heavy Hitter Awarded for 4th donation Saviour Awarded for 5th donation
  7. PirateCaptain

    You can use PirateMail with your own mail client or use our web interface to access you mail account. Below is information on each option, pick the one you prefer or use both. The PirateMail Web Interface You can login to the webinterface here: mail.pirateperfection.com if that's too hard to remember you can also use www.hotfuckingmail.com The Login Screen: The Inbox: We've been doing an overhaul of the web interface, and it's now beautiful and very usable imho, with a secondary theme for you to chose. You can customize it to your own liking, and later more skins will get added to the mix to enhancing it even further. Its also possible to change your password through the webinterface and setup 2 step verification now, spam is getting marked clearly and you can filter incoming crap to the deserved trash folder automatically. Feel free to discuss the best setup options here and if you need an account setup, please post a new topic in this forum to request your very own customized email address. The PirateMail for you own mailclient If you don't want to utilize the web interface I would personally recommend Thunderbird, which is a free and really neat mail client from the makers of the Firefox browser You can download Thunderbird here (english version) You will need the following information for Setting up mail client Servername: mail.piratenexus.com Type: IMAP (we also support POP3, but what is this? the fucking 90s?) Incoming Port: 993 (995 if you insist on inflicting POP3 on yourself) Outgoing Port: 587 Approval method: Normal password Security: Implicit TLS/SSL (NOT STARTTLS) Sieve is also provided for server-side e-mail filtering. You will probably find it easiest to set this up from our webmail though. Enjoy this little gem, free from prying eyes. The only but is that I will not setup email accounts that are obviously intended for impersonating others or used for spam/phishing/virus scams. Thunderbird You will manually have to add incoming and outgoing server setup, if you try to use the built in wizard it will fail and ban you from the server for 5 minutes for hammering it Outlook Guide on its way GMAIL SETUP INSTRUCTIONS Please read this topic by clone, if you want to add our mailserver into your gmail app (thank you @ clone1716) http://www.pirateperfection.com/topic/6127-settting-up-pirate-mail-with-gmail-app/
  8. Crew Member Coolington

    Love it just got banned from ts3 #topbants https://gyazo.com/f4e1d423fbaf147ce0a988ef5439c65d GG NO RE BOYS
  9. PirateCaptain

    For now we are using this application form for all staff group application, more specific ones will be added down the road for each "job" type. Previous names on our forum (If you ever changed name) Age - (NOTE: You must be 16 to apply) What is your Timezone? Do you use teamspeak? Link to your gaming related social accounts (twitch, steam etc) What time are you most often on? (your time) Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language, if yes which one(S))? Why did you join our community? Have you ever been banned or temp banned on any server? What is your previous experience in any type of moderation? Do you have any special skills suitable for "working" on PiratePerfection (coding, graphics, video editing etc.) What part of PiratePerfection would be best for your skills? How many hours can you contribute per day/week? SCENARIO : "You come home from school and have ton of homework to do, you think to yourself I'll just take a 5 minute break before I start and get on PiratePerfection. The next thing you know 2 hours have passed and you've been on the computer all that time." Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Are you able to stream gameplay on twitch? Have you applied earlier? Anything else you think we should know? Send your application to @PirateCaptain, and when we need more staff your application will be considered by the staff group. FYI: All of the staff will be able to read your application and decide if its a yay or nay
  10. PirateCaptain

    You can edit your profile in several ways depending on your group membership and your photoshop skillz. You can: Add a custom profile song (max 2mb type: wav, mp3, ogg] Add a custom profile background picture Add a cover photo (1113x130 sweetspot) Change your avatar Customize your rank name (Premium member special)
  11. PirateCaptain

  12. PirateCaptain


    The creative forum is now viewable for all our members, dont post links to you raw material outside of this forum, they can read what we are doing but not download anything.   If you release any videos, please do so on our very own YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBqBcyoj1omDXDQwDXNhtlQ   To be added as a communications leader and be able to work properly with the youtube please send me a private message.   If you attach files here, only you and other members of the CreativeTeam will be able to download them.
  13. You need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 to make the trainer work. Click here to go to microsofts download page 32 bit Windows users should download and install the x86 version in the link above 64 bit Windows users should download and install both x86 and x64. Important information on how to stay undetected as a cheater: If you want to make sure you stay undetected as a cheater you should set your steam profile to PRIVATE. The reason is that if you don't, the website pd2stats.com will gather information about your profile and reveal to any HoxHud users who inspects your profile that you are cheating. If your profile is set to PRIVATE, it is impossible for pd2stats.com to determine your skillpoints etc. Click here for info on how to change your steam profile.
  14. PirateCaptain

    Hello and thanks for stopping by the donations page. If you enjoyed Pirate Perfection enough to donate, We will be very thankfull and you’ll be included in our evening prayers What will the donations be used for? Donations will be used to pay for hosting for the website, so we have a place to evolve pirateperfection.com into the best possible experience for you the user. If we get enough dubloons raised, we will rent more server capacity and add more features like dedicated gameservers or whatever we think will please the community. (be on the lookout for polls, we use those to determine what people are most interested in and act accordingly) If you Donate: < 5€: A secondary group will be added to your profile, adding some bling to it. <50€: An even larger piece of bling will be added to your profile. >50€: A tremedously large piece of bling will be added to your profile (and you may freely pick any profile bling from our bling store (when ready)) If you donate above 5$ you will speed up the purchase of a new servers which will be used to create more options for donors like dedicated game servers and a secondary backup site for this place. If you donate less than 5$ we thank you very much, and put it in the treasure chest. If you don’t have money but special skills you’d like to share, like video editing, music editor, gfx artist, html guru or anything else interesting then your time could be worth more than money and earn you a donor upgrade + a specialist rank on our the forum. Thanks for thinking about contributing, the donation system is now automated and waiting for your sacrifice. No returns / refunds is possible, once your donation have been approved and you have been accepted. yaaaars truly Pirate Captain