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Found 4 results

  1. Davy Jones

    Mask Clean-up Menu (Remove Those Pesky "Return to Stash" Masks) Over a long period of time, I've seen a number of requests to remove masks from the stash without having to completely empty your inventory, or reset your character. Well, this is for those who hate to see those extra masks lying around that you've collected from adding masks to your inventory. This does not solve incorrect quality masks, such as normal Halloween masks, but specific fixes can be arranged for you if you ask nicely. Step One (Download): First you'll need to get the necessary files that create this menu... Provided here: mask_cleanup.lua Step Two (Install): Take the file you just downloaded, and move it to your 'PAYDAY 2' folder. 'mask_cleanup.lua' is the file that creates the menu, however, you need to also bind it to a key. Depending on which setup you use, open 'keyconfig.lua' or 'keyconfig_laptop.lua' in Notepad++ or some other advanced text editor (not regular Notepad) and add the following line to the similar looking section at the bottom of the file, just as how the others are formatted: ['m'] = { callback = handled_callback('mask_cleanup.lua'), no_stuck = true }, Step Three (Usage): You can now open up the game, and at the main menu press the M key on your keyboard (or the key you rebound it to, if you did so). From that menu, you will be shown a list of all the masks that you cannot sell currently in your stash. These do not include the ones you have crafted in your inventory, so your custom masks are safe. Everything is broken down into categories, individual DLCs, Infamy masks, etc., and have the number in your stash displayed next to each. Once you locate the masks you wish to remove, simply click on the mask, and you will be greeted with a confirmation screen, where you can then press "Remove Masks" to confirm removal. Step Four (Uninstall): This is just the reverse of the install, delete 'mask_cleanup.lua' and go back to your key-binding file ('keyconfig.lua' or 'keyconfig_laptop.lua') and delete the line you added. Notes: Although it is not necessary, if you want to guarantee that the masks you remove do not reappear next time you launch the game, enter the Safehouse, purchase a gun, anything that forces the game to save will do.If you accidentally manage to select a mask, and continue through the confirmation screen and did not wish to remove said mask, simply go through Pirate Perfection's Main Menu, to the Specific Inventory Menu and re-add the mask you removed.
  2. Davy Jones

    The "I Want That" Menu (It's Just a Coincidence I Have Everyone's Setup, I Swear...) [OFFICIALLY IN PIRATE PERFECTION! THIS IS A LEGACY PAGE!] Ever have that friend or random player that gloats about their mask or "best weapon" and won't stop or say what it's made of? Teach them. Ever join a lobby where you've said "I NEED that mask, it's amazing!" but can't be bothered to ask what it is or find out what it's made of? View it. Ever go through a heist and absolutely want another player's weapon because of the versatility of it, but the list of modifications is too much to write out? Craft it. If you've so much as thought back to any game from one of these questions, this is a must for you. Thanks go to Sanguin for being the first volunteer in testing the feasibility of this menu! Thanks also go to BlackReaper for being the second volunteer in testing the finer details! Step Three (Usage): Now that you have it installed, you'll be able to go to the Tools Menu (Numpad + on desktop, Home on laptop setups) in Pirate Perfection and find a new entry named "I Want That" Menu. After clicking this, you'll be presented with the main screen of this menu, where each player in the Lobby is listed, including yourself. After this point, the menu will take care of multiple safeguards, preventing you from using certain options if an item contains DLC you do not own, a weapon too high of a level, etc. After clicking on a name, you'll have access to these following menus and features: Mask: This will be that player's equipped mask Add All Components: Add all components to your inventory Craft Mask: Craft the entire mask and place it in your inventory Add Mask: Add the mask directly to your inventory Add Material: Add the mask's material to your inventory Add Pattern: Add the mask's pattern to your inventory Add Color: Add the mask's color to your inventory Primary: This will be that player's equipped primary weapon Add All Components: Add all weapon mods to your inventory Craft Weapon: Craft the entire mask and place it in your inventory View Stats: Displays all stats normally in the inventory, as well as additional bonuses Weapon: Just displays the weapon, since adding the base weapon is pointless Add Mod: Add each mod to your inventory (One for each mod) Secondary: This will be that player's equipped primary weapon Same options as Primary Notes: This menu works both while in a Multiplayer Lobby and mid-heist, however, crafting will be disabled while you're in-game, and re-enabled upon entering the Lobby. The Craft Mask / Craft Weapon option comes with a built in check system to prevent you from adding the whole thing to your inventory in the event of one of the following being true: You are currently in a heist (May be fixed to work mid-game) You already crafted the item (Renaming the item after crafting will allow you to craft it again) You do not have an empty slot in the corresponding inventory category If it is a weapon, the base weapon is: Above your current level Is from DLC you do not have access to For each of the components: One is from an Infamy level you do not have One is from a DLC you do not have access to One is from an achievement you do not have
  3. Terroriquez

    Could you make a direct way of getting a specific mask like dlc masks for free without purchasing it? I know the DLC unlocker was one way but it got patched. Just making a suggestion if you could only unlock masks without being detected because i really want the Arch Nemesis mask but i dont want to buy all dlc etc.
  4. Nocturnal

    Here are the Payday 2 Mask Code for edit custom textures. These were taken from Last Bullet Gaming.    ***These are the latest codes from Update 46***   Community Group bear = Mark heat = Hockey Heat santa_happy = Happy Santa twister = Mystery Man unicorn = Peter combusto = Firestarter spackle = Spackle stoneface = Terminator wayfarer = Reservoir Dog gumbo = Gumbo smiley = Smiley crazy_lion = Mad Lion   Lootbag DLC skull = Skull   Merry Soundtrack DLC santa_mad = Furious Santa santa_surprise = Suprised Santa santa_drunk = Tipsy Santa   Armored Transport DLC nixon = 37th clinton = 42nd bush = 43rd obama = 44th   Gage Weapon Pack 1 pitbull = Arnold eagle = Chuck goat = Dolpha panda = Jean-Claude   Gage Weapon Pack 2 gage_deltaforce = Alpha Force cloth_commander = Commander Crime gage_blade = Gage Blade gage_rambo = Troubled War Veteran   Gage Sniper robberfly = Asilidae mantis = Sphodromantis spider = Tarantula wasp = Vespula   Gage Shotgun orangutang = Rutger silverback = Steven mandril = John skullmonkey = Clint   Offical Soundtrack DLC tcn = Criminal Ambitions metalhead = Metalhead optimist_prime = The Optimist surprise = War Face   Big Bank DLC lincoln = 16th grant = 18th washington = 1st franklin = First American   Assault Pack DLC crowgoblin = Crow Goblin evil = Black Death galax = Professor Wrath volt = Volt   Hotline Miami DLC horse = Don Juan owl = Rasmus panther = Brandon pig = Aubrey rabbit = Graham rooster = Richard tiger = Tony white_wolf = Dennis   Historical Pack DLC churchill = British Bulldog de_gaulle = The Constable patton = Old Blood and Guts red_hurricane = Red Bear   Alienware Alpha Mask Pack DLC alien_helmet = Alpha Grey area51 = The Anomaly   White XMAS Masks almirs_beard = Almir's Beard krampus = Krampus mrs_claus = Mrs. Claus robo_santa = Mechanical Santa strinch = The Strinch   Halloween 2013 Event frank = Frank pumpkin_king = Pumpkin King venomorph = Venomorph witch = Witch baby_angry = Angry Baby baby_cry = Cry Baby baby_happy = Happy Baby brazil_baby = Brazil Baby   Twitch Pack DLC ancient = Crossbreed twitch_orc = Orc   Halloweekly Bundle DLC lycan = Lycanwulf the_one_below = The One Below   Shadow Raid samurai = Somen Mempo Deathwish skullhard = Hard Skull skullveryhard = Very Hard Skull skulloverkill = OVERKILL Skull skulloverkillplus = Death Wish Skull   Infamy aviator = Heat plague = Pleague Doctor welder = Butcher smoker = Specialist ghost = Spectre   Infamous dallas = Dallas Infamous chains = Chains Infamous hoxton = Hoxton Infamous wolf = Wolf Infamous dallas_clean = Dallas Begins chains_clean = Chains Begins hoxton_clean = Hoxton Begins wolf_clean = Wolf Begins anonymous = Anonymous cthulhu = Cthulhu dillinger_death_mask = Dillinger Death Mask grin = Grin old_hoxton = Hoxton Reborn   Normal alienware = Alienware babyrhino = Baby Rhino biglips = Big Lips mr_sinister = Blackhearted brainiack = Brainiac bullet = Bullet day_of_the_dead = Calaca outlandish_a = Cannula clowncry = Crybaby dripper = Dripper irondoom = Doctor Crime gagball = Gagaball greek_tragedy = Greek Tragedy hockey = Hockey Mask hog = Hog demon = Horned Beast jaw = Jaw kawaii = Kawaii demonictender = Kenneth rubber_male = Mrs Mannequin rubber_female = Mr Mannequin scarecrow = Mr Sackcloth tounge = Mr Smooth monkeybiss = Monkey Business mummy = Mummy oni = Oni outlandish_b = Outlander outlandish_c = Perfect Stranger stonekisses = Pout buha = Rage shogun = Shogun shrunken = Shrunken Head clown_56 = Starved troll = Troll dawn_of_the_dead = Undead vampire = Vampire zipper = Zipper zombie = Zombie jw_shades = Collateral (John Wick's default mask)