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Found 24 results

  1. Version | v3.0.8 (R023)


    SuperBLT SuperBLT is a fork of the BLT Modloading hook for PAYDAY 2, with a number of major improvements, such as a audio API and the ability to alter any base-game XML file (completely removing the need for Bundle Modder). Installation Download the Latest Release DLL, and place it in your PAYDAY 2 folder. Some computers, for reasons that are not apparent, will not load the IPHLPAPI.dll file as used by both vanilla BLT and SuperBLT. In this case, there's an alternative version that hooks WSOCK32.dll that doesn't have this problem. Eventuall this will be the main version most users will use, but the IPHLPAPI.dll-based one above will continue to be updated for the forseeable future. If you're using this version, ensure you do not have a IPHLPAPI.dll file in your PAYDAY 2 folder. You can also download the Latest Development DLL, however you should only do this if you've been instructed to or you know what you're doing. Note that if you use this DLL, you'll always be told a newer version is available by the update notifier and as such you'll have to manually check for updates. If you already have the standard BLT installed, delete your mods/base folder and IPHLPAPI.dll file first. When you first run PAYDAY, it will ask you if you want to download the BLT basemod. Select 'Yes', and SuperBLT will be installed. Credits ZNixian, for writing SuperBLT the Restoration Crew, for testing/feedback JamesWilko and SirWaddles, for writing the original BLT Source Code This project is Free and Open Source software, with the DLL under the GNU General Public License version 3 (or any later version), and the basemod under the BSD license. DLL Source Code Basemod Source Code Developer Documentation For everything not added by SuperBLT, see the vanilla BLT's documentation. Documentation for stuff added by SuperBLT: XAudio API Automatic Updates XML Tweaker XML Configuration Files


  2. Chanttula

    Hello, does anyone has a standalone toggle slow mo ?
  3. GnomeAtHome

    Hello, I'm using the pro version of the mod menu and i'm trying to access the spoof name section because my default name is "A fellow pro pirate" and I would like to change it back to my normal account name Is anyone able to help?
  4. I used to be able to download the upgraded version of the free trainer and now there’s a stamp that says it’s for vip exclusive. I’m pretty sure i was part of the creative crew and used the blt version because i use to use the troll menu
  5. Baddog-11


    Version | v2.3 (r7_r19)


    Payday 2 BLT An open source Lua hook for Payday 2, designed and created for ease of use for both players and modders. This is the developer repository, and should only be used if you know what you're doing. If you don't, visit the website at PaydayMods.com to get an up-to-date drag-drop install. The Lua component of the BLT which controls mod loading can be found init's own repository, Payday-2-BLT-Lua. Download Visit PaydayMods.com to get the latest stable download. Documentation Documentation for the BLT can be found on the GitHub Wiki for the project. Dependencies Payday2 BLT requires the following dependencies, which are all statically linked. OpenSSL cURL zlib Detours OpenSSL OpenSSL should be compiled as static libraries and the libraries placed in the lib directory, and the headers in the incl directory cURL cURL should be compiled as static, with the WITH_SSL parameter set to 'static' and the previously compiled OpenSSL libraries in the dependencies directory. zLib zLib should be compiled as static. I had to add SAFESEH handling to the MASM objects in order for this to be compatible with Payday2-BLT Detours A compiled version of detours is included, and all terms of the included Microsoft Research Shared Source License Agreement (detours_license.rtf) are applicable. Contributors Payday 2 BLT Team James Wilkinson (Twitter) SirWaddlesworth Will Donohoe


  6. The creator of the Unofficial VR port of BLT ZNixian is now working on "SuperBLT" an alternative to the Regular BLT that comes with Official VR Support and some more functions. I will give this SuperBLT a try and maybe it will be part of future releases. But what more important is @Testermester reported that replacing the IPHLPAPI.dll found in both BLT & SuperBLT by WSOCK32.dll another alternative Hook also created by ZNixian solves the unknown problem that some users have of not being able to load the Game with BLT/SuperBLT installed. You can read about SuperBLT here and also download the WSOCK32.dll here > https://superblt.znix.xyz/
  7. Jonathanbosyen

    Payday 2 is the Best

    How To Get Free DLC

    From the album: Pay Day 2 How To Get Free DLC

    I want DLC Well, how can I get them? I'll go to Google After 1000000 Thousands of hours Hell, I did not find anything Stop calling ka what is this video Name: How to get all DLC IS FREE Descreption: Website: www.pirateperfection.com What is it all so easy DLC unlocker AAAAAAA "Broken Computer"
  9. whatevuh

    possibly for premium in the troll menu or a separate mod the ability to apply specific effects (ie shields reflect projectiles) from the crime spree mode could combine this with some mutators for some hellish stuff
  10. whatevuh

    simple request in payday 2 trainer (i own premium) so you can do all cloakers in say the troll menu and it will be all cloakers not just during assault waves but during the entire heist or could be switched off to another special type i need this so i can recreate mr.bones wild ride as goonmod stopped supporting mutators and i only request you pick up the torch good day to you sir
  11. Skipper-11

    Hi Community!, Ich habe das Problem das mein Spiel PayDay2 immer wieder einfach crasht. Natürlich habe ich alles versucht. Selbst die BLT Version davon, klappt einfach nicht. Ich habe hier selbst unzählige Beiträge durchstöbert und nichts anständiges gefunden das mein Problem irgendwie lösen kann :c Ich habe mir ja erst vor kurzen (letzen Sonntag) ein erneutes mal, die Premium sowie auch die Donor Mitgliedschaft gegeben. Und ich will damit ja so sehr Spielen, aber wie schon erwähnt hindern mich die Abstürze daran.... Hat einer vielleicht eine Lösung wie ich das beheben kann ? Habe schon mit dem Support hier gesprochen. Hat auch nicht sehr viel weitergeholfen :p Deswegen wollte ich mal hier so ein paar User fragen ob sie vielleicht eine Lösung haben damit es aufhört. Ich bin für alle Antwort sehr dankbar. Natürlich am meisten die mit Lösungsvorschlägen. Wer meinen Crash.txt bewundern möchte hier biddeschön unten ist es Hochgeladen worden :s Folgendes wurde schon ausprobiert: -Auf Windows 7 in den Eigenschaften umgestellt. -Als Administrator ausgeführt. -PP eigentlich alles neu installiert 100x mal. -Die IPH.DLL mehrmals neu ausgewechselt. -Mit anderen PC's ausprobiert (Selbes Problem) -Mit Support gesprochen -Online nach Hilfe gesucht (nichts gefunden, deswegen frage ich auch hier noch einmal zum Falle eines Falles nach) -Die Schritte per Bild befolgt die mit einmal der Captain geschickt hat. (Auch nicht geholfen) -Steam Overlay deaktiviert. (Bringt auch nichts) -PC geboostet für mehr Leistung. (Bringt auch nichts) anscheinend nicht die Schuld meines PC's. -Alles andere woran ich mich nicht mehr genau erinnern kann, habe ich auch ausprobiert Ergebnis = 0. Hoffe einer kann mir irgendwie weiterhelfen..... Ansonsten Schönen Tag noch! crash.txt
  12. Davy Jones

    (Version of image courtesy of Bain) Would you look at this... Not quite he you were expecting at the helm? Hmm? Fear not, pup, your beloved Harfatus, PirateCaptain, rank, and Simplity are still the masters of the lovely ladyPirate Perfection, but who says an ally can't board the mast for a sail around a sea or two? This is what happens when the cursed pirate Davy Jones climbs upon the brig! Enjoy, you mongrels! PiratePerfection v1.1.1 PREMIUM --> Download Here --> BLT Edition - Download Here PiratePerfection v1.1.1 PRO --> Download Here --> BLT Edition - Download Here PiratePerfection v1.1.1 Regular --> Download Here --> BLT Edition - Download Here Credits to baldwin, Harfatus, PirateCaptain, rank, Simplity, and ThisJazzman! While all the added features and fixes in this update may be mine, I wouldn't know how to do any of it without learning from the masterpiece these geniuses have designed and supported, and any other individuals who contributed to the workings of Pirate Perfection, as these are just the people's files I have expanded upon and I was able to find credits for. I appreciate every day they've allowed me to be here, and I only wish to be able to assist them further into the future should they want it. Do not thank me for this update, fellow Pirates, thank them. Sincerely, - Davy Jones ~ ~ Changelog ~ ~ PREMIUM Piggyback / Friendly Face Turret - RIDE YOUR PEASANTS INTO BATTLE! (Troll Menu [Numpad 4] > Interact With Other Players > Piggyback) {Not in Video... you'll see} Police Hotline - "I would like to report a crime... I'm one of the criminals but that's not important..." (Troll Menu [Numpad 4] > Police Hotline) Skin Unlocker Features: Uninterrupted Steam Inventory (Have all skins and manage your real items) Blocked accidentally clicking Sell Item on cheated skins {Not in Video} PRO Crew Finder - Stealthy way to find pirates like you (Job Menu [Numpad 2] > Crew Finder) No More Included Skin Mods Option - Weapon skins will no longer wipe all your modification away (Option in PP Setup Menu) {Not in Video} Regular Aim-Down Sight-Bot Option - AimBot will only activate while holding right click (Option in PP Setup Menu) (Mod Menu [F2] > Aimbot) Skin Unlocker Fix: Allowed ability to Sort Specific Inventory Weapon Search menu - Search for weapon mods by weapon (Main Menu [Numpad 1] > Specific Inventory > Weapon Search) (In v1.0.5, but was never announced) Bodhi's Taser Headshot for all weapons (Part of Weapons List [Numpad 7] > Always Dismember) Also allowed Always Dismember to be a savable option for Configuration Menu [F6] Loot Card Spoofer - Fake your multiplayer loot drop like a card counter (Set up with PP Setup Menu) {Not in Video} Auto Cooker v2.0 Update - Now works for Cook Off, moves the spawn location for meth bags, and will never... ever... stop (Mission Menu [Numpad 9]) PP Setup Menu - Bid farewell to editing the "config.lua" file (Main Menu [Numpad 1] > PP Setup Menu) Dynamic Help Menu - Changes the menu based on your keys so you can always know what they are (Help Menu [F1]) Safe Simulator - Unlimited fake safes and fake drills? And I pack what's inside? Um, yes please! (Main Menu [Numpad 1] > Inventory Menu) Fixed Big Bank's Donation Ticker - My little buggy abomination is silenced if it breaks (Hopefully...) Weapons List DLC Check - Simply adds a [DLC] tag to DLC items you don't have unlocked (Weapons List [Numpad 7]) v1.1.1: Added temporary fixes to ignore leftovers of Free Flight Added fix to Premium Skin Unlocker Probably some other bits and bobs Notes: A bit was changed in the "keyconfig" files, so if you have made custom keys, I would look at the new file before assuming it is safe to replace it with your old one. If you have made changes to the "trainer/config.lua" file in any way... OVERWRITE IT WITH THIS DOWNLOAD'S... The new PP Setup Menu is your friend, it only wants to help you. In order to hopefully completely stop the Skin Unlocker from breaking in the future, a small change had to be made to the cheated skins, and unfortunately, all cheated skins on your weapons will disappear, but you can re-apply them. If you're having any problems with the trainer... READ THIS: And ONLY if you read the ABOVE FIRST, then in the worst case or if it is something NOT covered by it, then use this: If you have any question or comments about something that's been added in this update, you may ask here! (Even though we know the people who made it this far down already know these last three things, and those who didn't probably already asked why the PD2 trainer doesn't work on say... a Stranded Deep post)
  13. UnUsUaLVoRtEx

    Sorry i may be totallly blind or dumb but payday 2 keeps crashing since yesterday when i updated payday 2 to the workshop hotix update 105.1 any help would be nice from the good hearted people of the modding community, i looked in the FAQ and support but just cant find anything... I maybe just stupid , but im not quite used to modding yet , I have done simple things like retextures but nothing major yet. Maybe my crash file would help? Here it is ; ------------------------------ Application has crashed: access violation ------------------------------- Callstack: payday2_win32_release (???) ??? payday2_win32_release (???) ??? payday2_win32_release (???) ??? ------------------------------- Current thread: Main Script stack: dofile() =[C] call_require_hook() @mods/base/base.lua:125 require() @mods/base/base.lua:139 lib/setups/setup.lua:45 =[C] _require_orig() =[C] require() @mods/base/base.lua:138 lib/setups/menusetup.lua:1 =[C] _require_orig() =[C] require() @mods/base/base.lua:138 lib/entry.lua:11 =[C] _require_orig() =[C] require() @mods/base/base.lua:138 core/lib/coreentry.lua:19 ------------------------------- System information: Application version : 1.54.8 CPU : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 520 @ 2.40GHz (2 cores); SSE; SSE2; SSE3; SSSE3; SSE4.1; SSE4.2 DirectX : 12.0 GPU : NVIDIA GeForce 310M / nvd3dum.dll[] Language : @[email protected] Memory : 43958 0MB OS : 6.2.9200 () 0x100-0x1 (64 bits) Physics : threaded Renderer : DX9 threaded Sound : NVIDIA Corporation (SAMSUNG-1 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio))
  14. MrRAGEiiN

    Hey guys, so I have a few ideas rolling around for the promo video that The Captain requested a little while back, I need at least one person to help me with getting all of the video footage needed to make this. The project will take around 2-3 Hrs total I think getting all of the footage needed. All that I ask is that you can record in at least 720p 1080p would be optimal. If interested leave a response here, I plan to do the video quite soon, Thanks! ~Rage
  15. iamekaj

    -My Idea- Now i was thinking and i thought it would be cool to have a Gamemode to choose inside the game. Like a mode would be "Dozer war" and that will only make Dozers spawn, but if that is not possible then just have a lot spawn. Or a mode that will make it so the team can only get shot 1 time or have no armor the name would be "1-shot 1 kill".
  16. czcv333


    when payday 2 updates it well take more time then it says dose anyone know why it takes longer that would be a big help. game still works everytime it updates but i like to know why.
  17. i don't know about every one else but i have a dlc unlocker and im flaged for cheating of my own will but when i try to join a lobby theres a 1/10 chance it will be an anti-cheat off lobby i was just wondering if anyone had made a filter that could filter out the anti-cheat on lobbys and leave the anti-cheat off lobbys but if there isn't one its a great suggestion for a mod
  18. PirateCaptain

    PiratePerfection v1 Premium --> Download here --> BLT Edition - Download here PiratePerfection + HoxHud Combo PiratePerfection v1 PRO Download here PiratePerfection v1 Regular Download here Enjoy the Spooks Changelog REGULAR USERS Noclip speed No rpg delay Fixed bag all corpses Added spawn forkflift and enemy/friendly turret Increase amount of hostile units Favorites menu in props menu Spoof Detection Level Receive 50% damage Reduce AI hitpoints to 1% Spawn cloaker behind teammate Fixed vault door open/close Added music menu I Want that menu by Davy Jones Allskins unlocker New spawnable units Overdrill unlocker Stock ticker on big bank tweaked to perfection Fixed skills resetting on restart DONORS Teleport player to self Teleport team to self Slap player Slap team Invisible spooks/cloakers 100% decapitation chance Launch players car into the air Remove Getaway Van Secret skills menu by Davy Jones Troll drill by King Nothing Reduce player damage Reduce team damage PREMIUMS Sequencer Menu Spoof name
  19. Coreastiglione

    ★ 페이데이 더 하이스트 트레이너를 다운받을 수 있는 링크로 이동합니다. https://www.pirateperfection.com/files/file/69-pirateperfection-for-payday-the-heist/ ★ 페이데이2 Reborn v0.99 무료판 트레이너 다운받을 수 있는 링크로 이동합니다. https://www.pirateperfection.com/files/file/17-pirateperfection-reborn/ ★ 페이데이2 Reborn 트레이너 한글번역판(korean.txt) 다운받을 수 있는 링크로 이동합니다. https://www.pirateperfection.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1090 그 외에 번역이 필요한 부분이 있으면 아래 댓글(reply)로 남겨주세요. 여러분의 기부로 더 나은 PP 트레이너를 제작하고 개발할 수 있도록 도와주세요. Pirate Perfection 회원가입은 간단합니다. SNS 계정과 연계하여 쉽게 로그인할 수 있습니다. 일단 로그인이 되면 기본적인 트레이너는 무료로 사용할 수 있습니다. 그 외, 더 좋은 기능이 있는 PP를 사용하려면 Donor 또는 Premium을 노려보세요. ★ 로그인을 해야 트레이너를 다운로드 할 수 있습니다.
  20. Prince

    OVERKILL Software detected the trainer after the yesterday update '' Japanese Character '' ,, and the hack dont work anymore ,, update the game and try and it won't work with you .
  21. Hi leute ich habe für die neulinge mal hier ein kleines Review verfasst wo ich die Grundlegenden sachen einmal zeige und vorstelle viel spaßPS audio ist Schei?eich konnte die datai nicht kleiner als 255 MB machen daher habe ich sie ungelistet auf YT hohgeladen
  22. Seedot23

    Hi! So i was wondering if you could add so all Dlc packages for payday 2 (or any other game) Is Free and you already gut the dlc unlocked . You had this before but now you removed it (or maybe havent put it in yet). So if you could add it it would be cool! If you cant plz send my why.
  23. You need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 to make the trainer work. Click here to go to microsofts download page 32 bit Windows users should download and install the x86 version in the link above 64 bit Windows users should download and install both x86 and x64. Important information on how to stay undetected as a cheater: If you want to make sure you stay undetected as a cheater you should set your steam profile to PRIVATE. The reason is that if you don't, the website pd2stats.com will gather information about your profile and reveal to any HoxHud users who inspects your profile that you are cheating. If your profile is set to PRIVATE, it is impossible for pd2stats.com to determine your skillpoints etc. Click here for info on how to change your steam profile.