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Found 10 results

  1. -- Pirate Perfection Reborn Main config -- To turn on option here, after '=' write true, to turn off write false. -- Config frequently being updated through versions, don't forget to update it return { -- Pirate Perfection Reborn related Options keyconfig = 'keyconfig', -- Key bindings configuration filename. Use "keyconfig" (or false) to always load keyconfig.lua or "keyconfig_laptop.lua" for optimised for laptops default keys. check_for_updates = true, -- This will check for new versions of Pirate Perfection and notify you, when it is available. announcements = true, -- This will display announcements from Pirate Perfection about community events (including giveaways or group chat events) announcements_interval = 180, -- Delay between game checks for new announcement HUD = true, -- Set to false in order to disable ALL Pirate Perfection hud elements HUD_VersionText = true, -- Displays current version of PPR in main menu HUD_MovingText = true, -- Displays moving text in main menu and in game. no_liberty_hook = true, -- ? -- Logging Option LogErrorsToFile = true, -- This will not only display PPR related errors into console, but will write them into errlog.log -- General Options -- Language & Config Options Language = 'english', -- Current language. Available languages: English, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Schinese, Tchinese. Set to false to automatically choose language. check_language_updates = true, -- Set to true to automatically check and announce you, when any update for your language available DefaultConfig = 'default_config', -- Default config file, that is loaded automatically. -- DLC & Skins Options NoStatsSynced = false, -- Prevents statistics being published to Steam. Disable this, if you're having problems with unlocking certain achievement, just make sure to set your profile from Public to other visibillity. DisableBindings = false, -- Set to true in order to disable all binds (maybe usefull when you want to use only DLCUnlocker and some stealth cheats, like no recoil) DLCUnlocker = false, -- Unlocks all dlcs in game. Use with caution, OVERKILL implemented check, if you wearing DLC item or creating DLC heist from DLC you don't own. AllSkins = false, -- Gives you all skins NoSkinMods = true, -- Prevents skins from automatically adding their own modifications. AllPerks = false, -- Gives you bonuses from all perks. Currently works odd and may cause crash, when you change armors. freed_hoxton = false, -- Unlocks old hoxton without need to complete heist and being in official payday 2 group unlocked_arbiter = false, -- Unlocks the Arbiter Grenade Launcher without collecting the Gage spec ops cases. -- Lobby Options DisableAutoKick = true, -- Turns off cheater auto kick option by default NoDropinPause = true, -- Disables drop-in pause, works both on client and host side. HostMatters = true, -- Host forces plan he choosed in preplanning ignoring other players votes. FreeAssets = false, -- Purchase assets at no cost. FreePreplanning = false, -- Free preplanning elements + no favors consumed for purchasing them. -- Spoof Options NameSpoof = false, -- Your new name in game, set to false in order to use your steam name. Don't forget to write your name in "Quotation Marks" ReduceDetectionLevel = false, -- Reduces detection level. -- Exceptions Options ExceptionsEnabled = true, -- Allows users to bypass some limit by warning (only equipment control stuff affected currently) ExceptionsCrashDetect = false, -- Tries to detect whenever application was crashed or no. (Requires ExceptionsEnabled = true) Was planned to make process of locating latestcrash easier for cabin boys and it was success, but cabin boys experienced really weird problems with that. -- Ingame autostart scripts -- Anticheat related Options DisableAnticheat = true, -- Disables some anticheat checks, also it turns off DLC ownership checks. PreventEquipDetecting = false, -- Experimental way to prevent extra grenades and equipments from tagging you as cheater. See stealth_cheating.lua for more info about method and negative effects aswell with its configuration. -- Equipment placement Options far_placements = false, -- Allows you to place equipments at any distance, ahywhere (Will cause visual glitch, where dummy equipment will not appear, when you place something) equipment_place_key = '4', -- Key, to that will be binded placement of equipments from menu -- Main Options NoCivilianPenality = true, -- No penalities for killing civilians NoInvisibleWalls = false, -- Removes invisible walls (Host only) RestartProMissions = false, -- Allow restart pro missions RestartJobs = true, -- Returns "Restart" button, when you're hosting game NoEscapeTimer = false, -- No escape timer (Host only) ControlCheats = 1, -- ( false - always off, 1 - Turns on control, when you're client on someone's server, 2 - Always on). -- This option will limit placement of your equipments and grenade throws in order to prevent randomly being marked as cheater. -- Aswell it will prevent you from randomly changing your current weapon. Crosshair = true, -- Enable crosshair on all weapons LaserColorR = 0, -- Change your weapon's laser color. LaserColorG = 100, -- Color format (as R.G.B.), 0, 128, 0 will be dark green. LaserColorB = 255, -- Set to false to disable this feature. DontFreezeRagdolls = false, -- Never freezes corpses. May cause performance issues! DontDisposeRagdolls = false, -- Corpses never disappear. May cause performance issues! SecureAll = false, -- Secure any bag on any map. -- Script Options FreeFlightTeleport = false, -- Turning off freeflight will drop you at the position where freeflight camera was NoClipSpeed = 1, -- Change how fast you move in NoClip Mod default value (1). -- Kill all script Options KillAllIgnoreTied = true, -- Kill all script will ignore hostaged units. KillAllIgnoreCivilians = true, -- Kill all script will ignore civilians KillAllIgnoreEnemies = false, -- Kill all script will ignore enemies. KillAllTouchCameras = true, -- Kill all scripts will kill all cameras aswell. -- Character menu Options JumpHeightMultiplier = 5, -- Multiplier for player's jump height. Set to false for default value (5). RunSpeed = 115, -- Maximum run speed. Set to false for default value (115). -- Job menu Options jobmenu_def_difficulty = 'hard', -- Default difficulty choosed, when you host game from menu. Available difficulties ("easy","normal","hard","overkill","overkill_145","overkil_290") jobmenu_singleplayer = false, -- Job menu will host singleplayer games by default (Can be toggled on/off in jobmenu manually) -- Game Fix Options DisableBulletFix = false, -- Disables fix on delayed bullet effect play. DisableInvFix = false, -- Disables fix on ctd, when other player changes weapon. EnableJobFix = true, -- Replaces job_class values to 10, so other players will see lobbies with jobs these game thinks "too hard for them". You also can see these jobs now when search. -- Spawn menu Options SpawnUnitsAmount = 1, -- Amount of units being spawned, when you select some unit to spawn SpawnPos = 'ray', -- Spawn position ( "ray", "spawn_point", "random_spawn_point" ) SpawnCivsAnim = 'cm_sp_stand_idle', -- Default animation set for civilians, when you spawn them SpawnEnemyAnim = 'idle', -- Default animation set for enemies, when you spawn them SpawnUnitKey = "7", -- Spawn unit button -- Inventory menu Options rain_bags_amount = 10, -- Default amount of rained bags SpawnBagsAmount = 1, -- Default amount of spawned bags on single select. SpawnBagKey = "8", -- Spawn bag button -- Slowmotion Options SmSpeed = 20, -- Slow motion speed SmSlowPlayer = true, -- Affects slow motion on player slowmo_protect = true, -- Prevents client from being slowed by forced code slowmo_reverse = true, -- Sends the effect back to the sender -- Xray Options : Color format (as Red.Green.Blue.), 0, 128, 0 will be dark green. XrayCams = true, -- Xray will highlight cameras XrayCamsColR = 255, -- Camera's highlight color (Orange) XrayCamsColG = 50, XrayCamsColB = 0, XrayCiv = true, -- Xray will highlight civilians XrayCivColR = 0, -- Civilian's highlight color XrayCivColG = 0, XrayCivColB = 255, XrayCops = true, -- Xray will highlight enemies XrayCopsColR = 255, -- Cop's highlight color XrayCopsColG = 0, XrayCopsColB = 0, XraySpecialColR = 150, -- Special's highlight color XraySpecialColG = 50, XraySpecialColB = 205, XraySniperColR = 0, -- Sniper's highlight color (Green) XraySniperColG = 125, XraySniperColB = 0, XrayFriendlyR = 50, -- Converted enemies color XrayFriendlyG = 205, XrayFriendlyB = 255, XrayItems = true, -- Highlight some important to objective items (Highlights Framing Frame 3 objects and key cards) -- Teleporter Option TeleportPenetrate = true, -- Set to true if you want to penetrate through walls and props, when teleporting -- Troll menu Options TrollAmountBags = 5, -- Amount of bags spawned on victims. -- AimBot Options ShootThroughWalls = false, -- Allow AimBot shoot through walls. MaxAimDist = 5000, -- AimBot max. detection range. AimbotInfAmmo = false, -- Enable infinite ammo for AimBot. AimbotDamageMul = 2, -- Damage multiplier, set to false to use default weapon damage. AimMode = 3, -- AimBot mode (1 - Only auto shoot, 2 - Only aim, 3 - Auto aim and shoot). RightClick = true, -- Only let the AimBot work if the right mouse button is held -- Lego Options LegoFile = 'default', -- Default lego file. LegoDeleteKey = 'h', -- Delete props button. LegoSpawnKey = '6', -- Spawn props button. LegoPrevKey = '7', -- Quick-switch to previous prop from the list LegoNextKey = '8', -- Quick-switch to next prop from the list -- Loot Card Spoofer Option SpoofCards = false, -- Fake your multiplayer loot drops to always drop a random safe or drill -- Debug HUD Options DebugDramaDraw = false, -- Enable drama HUD. DebugStateDraw = false, -- Enable displaying state on unit. DebugConsole = false, -- Enable debug console. DebugNavDraw = false, -- Enable displaying debug navigation fields. DebugAdditionalEsp = false, -- Enable additional esp on units. DebugMissionElements = false, -- Enable drawing mission elements. DebugElementsAdditional = false, -- Enable drawing additional mission elements. EnableDebug = false, -- Enables debug menu, this also enables freeflight. (Menu got wiped by devs) LegacyMenu = false, -- Use config file names in PPR Setup menu -- Custom Safehouse SafeHouseDoors = true, -- Makes doors actually doors in the Safe House SafeHouseInvest = false, -- Put your offshore money on the line to increase or decrease your funds SafeHouseInvestAmt = 1, -- Amount of money to give to put on Safe House Investment SafeHouseLego = false, -- Automatically loads a file named 'custom_safehouse' upon entering the Safe House -- Enables Sub Menus for PPR Setup Menu announce_sub = true, -- No need to Change something, HUD_sub = true, -- this is just to prevent some errors, general_sub = true, -- getting logged in the console, anticheat_sub = true, -- to reduce lag caused by this. equipment_sub = true, -- misc_sub = true, -- flying_sub = true, -- KillAll_sub = true, -- character_sub = true, -- job_sub = true, -- Spawn_sub = true, -- inventory_sub = true, -- slow_sub = true, -- Xray_sub = true, -- aimbot_sub = true, -- Lego_sub = true, -- SpoofCards_sub = true, -- LaserColor = true, -- XrayCamsCol = true, -- XrayCivCol = true, -- XrayCopsCol = true, -- XraySpecialCol = true, -- XraySniperCol = true, -- XrayFriendly = true, -- } Feel free to ask questions if you think it's not explained properly in the lua itself, or discuss your favorite settings.
  2. bestmlagplayar

    So i found the instant cash giver option and it was kind of a small amount so i wanted to know how i could change the amount that it gives in the code, i remember it was in some kind of /Payday2/mods/pp/trainer/menu/(something ingame i dont remember)
  3. Hey, Maybe i don't know about that and everybody else already does.. But i was actually surfing arround on YouTube and found a Video where a Guy is showing a Hack for Payday2 made by some other Owners or maybe by him. And actually the Site of them is stealing a bit of your Content. I mean like not the Website on it self, but like the Reputation part etc.. It is more like a modern Design of PP. It is kind a fucked up & annoying that they are trying to use the same Strategy as PP from the Website. But are PP connected with them or haves anything else to do with them ? Some Answers would be great. Video can be found here: PS: Sorry that my English sucks.
  4. Make the ZEAL Team spawnable Compatibility with NewCoppers mod Fix the skin unlocker (it doesn't work for me) Unlock the legendary skin weapon mods (rail driver parts for the AMR-16, etc.)
  5. KittyDogg

    <Insert GenericThingy.png here> Required First you go join the HoxHud steamgroup. Search HoxHud on Steam and it's the first result. Click the "Or just click here" in the "About HoxHud" Choose the discussion in the middle. Redoing this. Bare with me. I'm tired. Can't remember too well, and confused. It'll be fixed tomorrow, okay? This must be good for now. PICTURE Go to Downloads (where it usually ends up) and open it with 7-Zip or winRAR (or a similar program) Copy all of the files into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY 2 Go into HoxHudTweakData.lua (under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\PAYDAY 2\HoxHud (with ZeroBrane, Notepad++, LuaEdit or another program that can open .lua files)). Scroll down until you see self.cheater and change all of those who meantions the word "cheat" (use Ctrl+F to find them easily) to the same state as in the picture. Note: I used a different scheme, so don't worry if your file isn't showing in these colors. Also, don't notice how I fucked up the picture with that lasy ass red box, with the big amount of greyish/grayish brown outside the red. Optional Now if you hate the normal HoxHud voice, or if you would rather want it to be PiratePerfection's, you'll probably need to read this. Download and open up PP w/ HoxHud and go into the HoxHud folder. Copy the hoxhud-initalised.mp3 and replace the one in your manually downloaded HoxHud's. Done.
  6. The Watermelon Inspector

    View File PP BASED STEAM SKINS - RECOLOUR Originally designed by Baddog-11 This is a recoloured version of Baddog-11's blue theme. I've changed the colours used to be painful to the eyes on a black background to create a cyber feel. Additionally, all buttons and icons have been recoloured to bright blue colours too. Please note these edits were done manually, like with code. There are no doubt issues and things I've overlooked in the process of designing it. However, I am actively using the skin myself, and am very likely to find bugs as I go. I will amend the files hosted here as I fix any issues with my design. Extract the folder to > \Steam\skins Submitter Shiina Sylande Submitted 03/02/2017 Category Steam  
  7. The Watermelon Inspector


    Version 1.0r


    Originally designed by Baddog-11 This is a recoloured version of Baddog-11's blue theme. I've changed the colours used to be painful to the eyes on a black background to create a cyber feel. Additionally, all buttons and icons have been recoloured to bright blue colours too. Please note these edits were done manually, like with code. There are no doubt issues and things I've overlooked in the process of designing it. However, I am actively using the skin myself, and am very likely to find bugs as I go. I will amend the files hosted here as I fix any issues with my design. Extract the folder to > \Steam\skins


  8. MrRAGEiiN

    Hey guys, so I have a few ideas rolling around for the promo video that The Captain requested a little while back, I need at least one person to help me with getting all of the video footage needed to make this. The project will take around 2-3 Hrs total I think getting all of the footage needed. All that I ask is that you can record in at least 720p 1080p would be optimal. If interested leave a response here, I plan to do the video quite soon, Thanks! ~Rage
  9. PirateCaptain


    Ranks are determined by postcount mainly. Custom ranks are available for Premium members or anyone who has been here long enough to post a magic number of topics The ranks are changing at set intervals Postcount/Rank 0: Sprog 1: Stowaway 2: Slave 3: Barrel Boy 4: Cabin Boy 5: Crewmember 8: Scallywag 11: Swabie 14: Sword Sharpener 17: Pickpocket 20: Deckhand 23: Lookout 27: Galley Fodder 30: Ship's cook 33: Powder Monkey 36: Master Cannoneer 39: Sail Maker 41: Nail Biter 44: Boatswain 46: Master Carpenter 50: Boatswain's Mate 60: Helmsman 70: Surgeon 85: First Mate 100: Captain 115: Striker 130: Hijacker 150: Treasure Hunter 175: Corsair 200: Pirate 225: Raider 250: Swashbuckler 375: Buccaneer 500: Terror of the High Seas This is current layout I will make it harder to attain highest levels later as i add more titles
  10. There are 3 Different Versions of the Trainer "Normal" , "BLT" and "BLT:CSE" NORMAL The Normal Version uses the original Injector (IPHLPAPI.dll) created by Harfatus - Sadly some Computers have problems with this Injector so that the game instantly Crashes to Desktop at Start. + Its supports the Mod HoxHud - You can't use it with BLT Mods - The Configuration file for this Injector is the PD2Hook.yaml which has some limitations as you can't execute more than 35 Persistent/Post-Require Scripts + With the Console turned on via the PD2Hook.YAML you can use this to input commands while playing BLT The BLT Version uses a new Injector file also called IPHLPAPI.dll created by James Wilko + This Injector works on every Computer it even Supports Linux with BLT4L - It doesn't work with HoxHud + It supports all BLT Mods + The Configuration File is a mod.txt with no limitations - With the Console turned on you can only see Information , no Command input function BLT:CSE The BLT:CSE Version is a Combination of BLT and Normal Version - It uses the Normal Version's Injector that doesn't work on every Computer and it also uses The BLT Injector located in a separate folder called "lib/Native" + It supports HoxHud + It supports all BLT Mods + You can decide if you use PPR Normal Version or BLT Version + You can Create a PD2Hook.yaml to turn on the Console to use the Input Function while using BLT Mods So this are the biggest differences in the 3 Different Versions all of them have advantages (+) and disadvantages (-) We would like to recommend you to use the BLT Version as with this Version the chance are the best that you won't Crash on Startup. If you would like to use HoxHud give the Normal Version a try and if the Normal Version works for you without any Crash's you should upgrade to BLT:CSE to get the best of both Versions.