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Found 3 results

  1. Davy Jones

    (Version of image courtesy of Bain) Would you look at this... Not quite he you were expecting at the helm? Hmm? Fear not, pup, your beloved Harfatus, PirateCaptain, rank, and Simplity are still the masters of the lovely ladyPirate Perfection, but who says an ally can't board the mast for a sail around a sea or two? This is what happens when the cursed pirate Davy Jones climbs upon the brig! Enjoy, you mongrels! PiratePerfection v1.1.1 PREMIUM --> Download Here --> BLT Edition - Download Here PiratePerfection v1.1.1 PRO --> Download Here --> BLT Edition - Download Here PiratePerfection v1.1.1 Regular --> Download Here --> BLT Edition - Download Here Credits to baldwin, Harfatus, PirateCaptain, rank, Simplity, and ThisJazzman! While all the added features and fixes in this update may be mine, I wouldn't know how to do any of it without learning from the masterpiece these geniuses have designed and supported, and any other individuals who contributed to the workings of Pirate Perfection, as these are just the people's files I have expanded upon and I was able to find credits for. I appreciate every day they've allowed me to be here, and I only wish to be able to assist them further into the future should they want it. Do not thank me for this update, fellow Pirates, thank them. Sincerely, - Davy Jones ~ ~ Changelog ~ ~ PREMIUM Piggyback / Friendly Face Turret - RIDE YOUR PEASANTS INTO BATTLE! (Troll Menu [Numpad 4] > Interact With Other Players > Piggyback) {Not in Video... you'll see} Police Hotline - "I would like to report a crime... I'm one of the criminals but that's not important..." (Troll Menu [Numpad 4] > Police Hotline) Skin Unlocker Features: Uninterrupted Steam Inventory (Have all skins and manage your real items) Blocked accidentally clicking Sell Item on cheated skins {Not in Video} PRO Crew Finder - Stealthy way to find pirates like you (Job Menu [Numpad 2] > Crew Finder) No More Included Skin Mods Option - Weapon skins will no longer wipe all your modification away (Option in PP Setup Menu) {Not in Video} Regular Aim-Down Sight-Bot Option - AimBot will only activate while holding right click (Option in PP Setup Menu) (Mod Menu [F2] > Aimbot) Skin Unlocker Fix: Allowed ability to Sort Specific Inventory Weapon Search menu - Search for weapon mods by weapon (Main Menu [Numpad 1] > Specific Inventory > Weapon Search) (In v1.0.5, but was never announced) Bodhi's Taser Headshot for all weapons (Part of Weapons List [Numpad 7] > Always Dismember) Also allowed Always Dismember to be a savable option for Configuration Menu [F6] Loot Card Spoofer - Fake your multiplayer loot drop like a card counter (Set up with PP Setup Menu) {Not in Video} Auto Cooker v2.0 Update - Now works for Cook Off, moves the spawn location for meth bags, and will never... ever... stop (Mission Menu [Numpad 9]) PP Setup Menu - Bid farewell to editing the "config.lua" file (Main Menu [Numpad 1] > PP Setup Menu) Dynamic Help Menu - Changes the menu based on your keys so you can always know what they are (Help Menu [F1]) Safe Simulator - Unlimited fake safes and fake drills? And I pack what's inside? Um, yes please! (Main Menu [Numpad 1] > Inventory Menu) Fixed Big Bank's Donation Ticker - My little buggy abomination is silenced if it breaks (Hopefully...) Weapons List DLC Check - Simply adds a [DLC] tag to DLC items you don't have unlocked (Weapons List [Numpad 7]) v1.1.1: Added temporary fixes to ignore leftovers of Free Flight Added fix to Premium Skin Unlocker Probably some other bits and bobs Notes: A bit was changed in the "keyconfig" files, so if you have made custom keys, I would look at the new file before assuming it is safe to replace it with your old one. If you have made changes to the "trainer/config.lua" file in any way... OVERWRITE IT WITH THIS DOWNLOAD'S... The new PP Setup Menu is your friend, it only wants to help you. In order to hopefully completely stop the Skin Unlocker from breaking in the future, a small change had to be made to the cheated skins, and unfortunately, all cheated skins on your weapons will disappear, but you can re-apply them. If you're having any problems with the trainer... READ THIS: And ONLY if you read the ABOVE FIRST, then in the worst case or if it is something NOT covered by it, then use this: If you have any question or comments about something that's been added in this update, you may ask here! (Even though we know the people who made it this far down already know these last three things, and those who didn't probably already asked why the PD2 trainer doesn't work on say... a Stranded Deep post)
  2. PirateCaptain

    Updating a bunch of apps and plugins today, on top of updating the forum..... soooo expect forum to behave oddly for the next few hours
  3. PirateCaptain

    PiratePerfection v1 Premium --> Download here --> BLT Edition - Download here PiratePerfection + HoxHud Combo PiratePerfection v1 PRO Download here PiratePerfection v1 Regular Download here Enjoy the Spooks Changelog REGULAR USERS Noclip speed No rpg delay Fixed bag all corpses Added spawn forkflift and enemy/friendly turret Increase amount of hostile units Favorites menu in props menu Spoof Detection Level Receive 50% damage Reduce AI hitpoints to 1% Spawn cloaker behind teammate Fixed vault door open/close Added music menu I Want that menu by Davy Jones Allskins unlocker New spawnable units Overdrill unlocker Stock ticker on big bank tweaked to perfection Fixed skills resetting on restart DONORS Teleport player to self Teleport team to self Slap player Slap team Invisible spooks/cloakers 100% decapitation chance Launch players car into the air Remove Getaway Van Secret skills menu by Davy Jones Troll drill by King Nothing Reduce player damage Reduce team damage PREMIUMS Sequencer Menu Spoof name