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  1. Amazing Counterstrike trainer

    I love the SHax CS:GO trainer and wish it could be free for everyone except my victims in CS:GO

    - Worth every cent, get it soon m80s or you will have to pay full price ;)

    PirateCaptain Counterstrike - Misfits 09-01-2017

    In CS:GO SHax
  2. I fear dentists,
    5% is the fear of pain,
    95% is the fear of the bill

    Capt. Save-a-hoe Painkicker - SS Eggs-ta-sea 10-12-2016

    In Confessions
  3. leader

    I have a drinking problem, got two hands and one mouth, I'm not addicted.. I just love doing it

    matt0000 28-10-2016

    In Confessions
  4. I like to put my dick in crazy, no matter how much people warn me ♥
    Tyrant 21-10-2016

    In Confessions
  5. I have a real confession to make..

    ...im a smoker... 

    ..... The captain made me do it!

    Some Scottish Pirate Cheater - Titanic 13-10-2016

    In Confessions
  6. the smell of womens leggings makes me aroused...

    I pay top price on ebay for them, send me offers

    Perverted Guy 07-09-2016

    In Confessions
  7. Bad bastard
    My 2 competitive wins where reversed after someone got vaced. Then i went and played 10 matches of arms race using hacks. Then i played 10 more the next day. And this cycle repeated. That is 20x worse than cheating 2 comp wins by far. God help me.
    Some Scottish Pirate Cheater - Titanic 06-09-2016

    In Confessions
  8. Moodel the Cringe
    I is a furry ;-;
    Furry Scrub 05-09-2016

    In Confessions
  9. Bad bastard
    I won 2 competitive matches using hacks on csgo. I feel happy, but i used hacks...
    Some Scottish Pirate Cheater - Titanic 01-09-2016

    In Confessions
  10. I dated a gender modified nun, a tran-sister you might say..

    BluePoison 27-08-2016

    In Confessions
  11. mr. dr. dude
    i got offered 30 golden nuggets if i would kill myself and i almost did it

    but then i thought: 30 gold nuggets arent enough
    ThisGuyGoesWild pro pirate - rum forrest rum 23-08-2016

    In Confessions
  12. Hentai Lover
    Everyday i live in this stupid fucking miserable world the more i plan to kill myself but stay thinking its being more a bitch to the conformists
    LifeIsFilledWithConformits Atheiest - MAcaNcer 17-08-2016

    In Confessions
  13. Whenever my shoes are wet they look like a bad dragon product and then i get aroused, and go confess my weirdo shit on forums to free myself of the guilt

    Butt Dickens Full-time Sinning 16-08-2016

    In Confessions
  14. I now have a 30GB of my 2TB flash drive filled with hentai...... I... I plan on filling it all :(
    iKonatai 16-08-2016

    In Confessions
  15. I Have Crippling Depression and pirates are the only thing that can cure it..

    Cancer 15-08-2016

    In Confessions
  16. Time wasting lowiq remark removed, and crewmember keelhauled for posting dumb shit!

    Chef Max 13-08-2016

    In Confessions
  17. Boi
    I don't always use hacks, oh wait, yes i do.
    Fried Chicken Crap Fucking Dogs - Niggerville USA 12-08-2016

    In Confessions
  18. Pay2Win
    I uses hack in every game I play, even for Pokemon Go.

    God I'm a big loser.
    Evo1uTionSZRobo Loser - IJN Weeaboo 31-07-2016

    In Confessions
  19. Ex admin Rank
    I don't always try to ruin forums, but when I do, I always steal their money first :wink:
    Captain Kiwi Instigator - SS Traitor 27-07-2016

    In Confessions
  20. Asshole in sheep's clothing
    I actually paid for hacks. I mean, yeah, t'was worth it, but still... I PAID FOR HACKS!
    Syl Student-ish 27-07-2016

    In Confessions