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Door & vault interaction

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before i downloaded pirate perfection I met a hacker who was opening the big vault door and closing it. It later made me think, why I didn't find this in pirate perfection then i realized he wasn't using it. other than that all the dude was doing was locking people in that middle room on bank heist. so my suggestion is a function that lets you interact with doors such as opening and closing them by looking at them like in other games. but you would have to turn it on through the troll menu. it would be a check box call "door & vault interaction" 

it would be interesting to see hackers walk into a bank, ignore the drill, then steal everything, and leave as if some one manually opened the vault with a giant key and took everything out undetected.

i forgot to change the title to "vault and door interaction"

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its a part of the troll menu in the donor version

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