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Many ideas incl changes fixes etc...

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Yow i thought i should share my ideas 2 see what u guys think about it, i saved them into a text file so ye i just gonna copy past it as it is


make it work for winXP, win7, win8(8.1), win10
clean up the whole mod this means removing outdated stuff, pointless data like configs logs etc
try to use less files etc as example remove "_require" and put it into one .dll etc




no_liberty_hook has no description

NoDropinPause = , --Disables drop-in pause, works both on client and host side. [It doesnt work anymore]

DisableAutoKick = true, --Turns off cheater auto kick option by default [Pointless, everyone who want to use it should have a brain]
    --Ingame autostart scripts. [There is no setting or description 4 it]
RestartJobs = false, --Returns "Restart" button, when you're hosting game [Payday2 creators added a Vote-restart button]
    DisableBulletFix = false, --Disables fix on delayed bullet effect play. [Pointless?]
    DisableInvFix = false, --Disables fix on ctd, when other player changes weapon. [Pointless?]
--OBSOLETE options... [Just remove it if its obsolete]

    rain_bags_amount = 100, --Default amount of rained bags [Change the default bags to 50 better performance, well not rly if they spam them but ye]




Crazy firerate for rpg dont work
Weapon fire grenades dont work
Bag all corpses dont work it just give you a corpse bag (in older versions of payday2 every corpse changed into a corpse bag)
toggle disable cameras doesnt work they still recognize u
shutdown dialogs dont work
wavehouse mod dont work

temp fix:
interact with self:
"driving" is crashing the game :/ (may try 2 get it to work :D or just remove it)
The driveable helicopter can crash your game if you want to remove the helicopter again even if you removed the tick from the check box

spawn special items:
spawn swat turret (enemy-without-van)
spawn swat turret (friendly-without-van)
spawn swat turret (enemy-with-van)
spawn swat turret (friendly-with-van)
spawn a car on every map (the real driveable)
spawn a forklift on any map or just on the specific map where it appear
NPC spawn:

Create a check box where spawned snipers or all armed units/npcs have a laser on or not
Unlock every unit on every map :) enemys & civilians
add a configuarable noclip speed setting
make a "favorite" menu for animations where u can add anims u like (so that u dont have 2 search them always)
make npcs able to spawn at map spawners (from npcs)
Lego menu:
Choose file minimize ur game and do something with the cmd command prompt stop hacking us.. :>
Choose file doesnt load any saved files for some reason.. :(
(Spawn props/objects)
make a "favorite" menu where u can add stuff what u like (so that you dont have 2 search them always)
try to make a whole new setting which allows the player to rotate and move the prop in any angle/way whatever..

rename "kill all npcs (full health)" to "Kill all NPCS"
make bags explosive change to Pirate perfection pro version [to pervent normal players from spam/abuse it]

remove head from enemys (just look bad and s** or improve it but if there are around 30 units/npcs ur brain gets mad)
toggle non consumable eqipments (pointless?)
Debug (menu) in the main menu ingame menu (pointless/outdated?)
toggle indimidator (pointless?)

Pro version:

Fill boxes with money:
add gold
add all different stuff whats inside of the bank vault
turn dead cops into bulldozers
build a random case which is picking a random bulldozer tier 1,2 or 3
make a customizable setting for "Increase ladder height and width" so that players can make own value for the height and width

change spawn position for new players dont work

Add: (Interact menu)
Interact with players 1-3
Enable god mode for player 1-3
Teleport player 1-3 to me
Enable noclip for player 1-3
Enable unlimited ammo for player 1-3
give weapon xyz to player 1-3 include secondary etc
Interact with everyone:
Enable god mode for everyone (improve that script)
Enable Unlimited ammo for everyone
Enable noclip for everyone
give weapon xyz to everyone include secondary etc


sry 4 my bad english and may are there also some things what arent true tell me if something is wrong

yow thats it so far see ya, Combine

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Davy Jones

Here's an essay and a half for you:

  • No support for WinXP is probably due to WinXP itself, and you can only develop something for Win 10 if the developers have it.
  • There is very little 'outdated' stuff, as pretty much everything works as intended, only the developmental stuff is not entirely functional.  If you remove config files, you remove the configuration, which would be stupid, the only config files made are ones you make yourself, as well as stock ones: one in the root, one for your in-game marks, one for waypoints, and one to reset everything back.  PP only makes 2 logs, one for the hook, and one for errors when they occur, you remove either of those, basically everything is tossed up to "I don't know why it's broken, it just is" and calling it a day, so if you never want anything fixed or updated, they can no longer be output.
  • PP is open source, you put things in the .dll file, guess what isn't open source.  More files is also easier to maintain, as you need to load everything in one document to load a single component in it, if you put the entire trainer into one file, you'll have half the things untouched, but all be loaded, then thrown away.
  • no_liberty_hook partially, I would assume, has no description so people don't change it unless they know what they're doing, plus a quick search using Notepad++ shows you the one thing it is used for.
  • DisableAutoKick does have a point, it turns off the Auto Kick when you make a lobby.  If you're the host, and you have two clients, one who uses PP and one that does not, there is still a chance that the legit client can check the PP-using client and send an Anti-Cheat message to your game and have them kicked if the option is still checked.  This is a convenience option.
  • "Ingame autostart scripts" is the header for the other options below it.  Notice how everything underneath that line runs in-game, and you can't change inside of the game, only from the file?  These automatically run when you start a heist, thus they are "Ingame" and they "autostart".
  • "RestartJobs" adds a restart button to your pause menu, which is faster than starting a vote, voting (and possibly having people decline it), and chancing whether or not the round will restart.  The restart button is impossible to override, as the host directly forces it.
  • "DisableBulletFix" and "DisableInvFix" are used to enable fixes to allow certain parts of the trainer to work, so they can be used for trouble shooting, as well as undoing the fixes should a patch roll out that changes the code to work as PP would prefer it would be easier than releasing an entirely new version for one thing, or asking people to modify files of the trainer, other than the options.
  • "OBSOLETE options" is not obsolete, but rather work but not entirely as originally intended.  "EnableDebug" still enables and disabled the Debug menu in the pause menu, which is sometimes filled with options depending on Overkill's whimsy, but also enables Free Flight, so if someone doesn't use Free Flight and wants the Debug button gone, they can choose to do so.  Same goes for "NameSpoof", if someone wants a screenshot or something similar, it still changes the name you see (supposedly), but is not the name sent to other clients.
  • "rain_bags_amount" is set to 100 because it is suppose to be absurd, if people want it lower, they can freely change it to lower if they use it, and if they want an exact number, there's a menu for that.  Most computers should also be able to handle 100 bags.
  • "Crazy Firerate" doesn't work for the RPG or the Saw, that's because they aren't a gun, and don't handle like guns.  "Crazy Firerate" works on a magazine of bullets, you shoot one rocket, you still have to reload, you spin up a Saw, the Saw is a constant stream of damage, so it would only instantly spend all the Saw without doing anything else.  They don't build wind turbines for Amish towns, do they?
  • Wavehouse mod does work, I've used it, it only works in the Safehouse... Wavehouse... Safehouse...
  • If you want to get a job at Overkill, you can write something to allow vehicles on every map.  Just like the other driving mods, the object doesn't sync with other people, so making a script that did allow vehicles to be on every map would either A) not be synced to other people, or B) would just crash other people not running PP as they wouldn't have the code that loaded the vehicle.
  • Again, spawning is limited to what is loaded on a map.  If you can't see an enemy in the list, they aren't loaded, meaning making a fix for PP to allow it would again cause it to be invisible for everyone else, or just crash them.
  • You have to make a Lego save file first in order to load them (If you do have saved ones, then disregard this)
  • It is actually "Kill all npc on map (Full stealth)", which could be shortened to "Kill all NPCs", however, it further describes what it does with "Full stealth", as it also removes pagers, and I believe it doesn't cause the AI to request more backup, thus making it impossible not to stealth, give or take an alarm system.
  • Revoking something back to another rank may piss off a lot more people than keeping it in the public would.  Restoring grenades constantly would achieve the same effect, explosive bullets may also, if there's a will, there's a way, someone would find a replacement, so there'd be pretty much only the label on the main menu left.
  • Decapitation is handled by the game, so you'd have to ask Overkill to rework that.
  • "Non consumable equipments" is for being able to take an infinite amount of grenades, body bags, ammo, and doctor bags by never reducing the number of charges they have, semi-stealthy way to cheat.
  • Debug menu is sometimes filled with buttons Overkill uses, more previously than recent updates, but it sometimes reappears, again, required for Free Flight though.
  • "toggle indimidator" automatically intimidates every NPC just by you existing on the map, kinda trolly, kinda funny, kinda useful, depends on your point of view.
  • "Increase ladder height and width" is kinda for trolling purposes, so customizing it would be a wee bit picky, an option of large or small would be a good idea however.
  • "Change spawn position for new players" works when people drop into the game, I believe it saves a location rather than using your current one for any people who join the game late (haven't tested this, so you may have used it right and be right, if you did test it on late drop in players, then again, disregard this)
  • Interactions on other players would only be a duplicate of the Troll Menu.
  • Enabling no-clip on other players would probably be impossible, as there isn't really a message to send through PD2 to tell another person's game to have no-clip.
  • Giving things to other players, other than equipment like keycards or meth chemicals, is impossible (as for as I know).  Your game sends out the information you're equipped with, and can read other's to load what they are using on your end, there should be no way for other's information to be overwritten, and have it work by keeping them in the game, and not crashing yourself.
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