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Davy Jones

Aim-Down Sight-Bot (Aimbot Tweak)

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Davy Jones

As a requested item from too far ago, I finally got around to adding the small bit of code needed to make it so the Aimbot will only be active while you HOLD THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON.  That way, you can turn the Aimbot on, walk around the map, and not have your neck break every time you try to pick up a money bundle, now, you can say when your neck breaks!  This also works while you're in bleed-out, as it is not connected to aiming down the sight, but the right mouse button itself, perfect for instant face-splattering revenge!

Install is simple, navigate to the "trainer / addons / mod_menu" folder, and rename the current "aimbot" file to "BACKUP  aimbot", that way you can undo it easily.  Next, just drop the file linked below into the same "mod_menu" folder, and you're done, no additional setup required!


(Simplity, baldwin, this is still your code, you want this gone, you can freely do so or hit me with a stick and I will, people requested this, so I provided.)

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