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Greetings,so you know that there is kick option,when you use it on player ,said player is blocked from that lobby,but when you make new one he can join back...so i decided to make this script. With this you can truly ban someone,so he will never be able to join your lobby again.

It took me long time to made this,and i'm not good at scripting, so there might be some flaws.

This still works after blackmarket update.


You need to be host.

You need BLT.


Unrar the file and put it in your mods folder in your payday 2 directory.


Setting up:

The only thing you need to set up is keybind.

Start the game, go to options-mod keybinds-click on ban menu and choose key you wish.


How does it work?

This doesn't work in lobby, however it works in pre-heist menu(Where is ready button) and ingame.

You can also ban someone manually by putting his steam ID(Only number) in kicklist.(Payday 2 directory)

Easily,tap the keybind you choosed and this gonna show up:


Then click on player that you want to ban,there is no confirmation!

However! If the player is still in game you need to kick him.

Thats it! The player is banned from your current and next lobbies.


What if?

You banned someone wrong?

You want to forgive and unban someone?


Go at your payday directory and there is file kicklist

Open it and delete his ID.


But what if i want to work it with PP?

No problem, read this guide from Clone:


 Ban Menu.zip

Enjoy and let me know how does it work!

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