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Davy Jones

Secret Skills Menu

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Davy Jones

* See the Notes section below for more info.



Displays a menu with every Skill from that Skill Tree.



This is the most important button in this menu!  This will save your Secret Skills so they are enabled the next time your game is launched.





Will enable each Skill you select without using the game menu.




  • These Skills are essentially invisible to the game, and to other players.  They do not count toward anything built into the game, but the effects from each Skill are still active.
  • Do NOT select the same Skills in this menu that you already have in the game.  This menu is NOT to be taken lightly, or as a "Max Skills" replacement.  Create normal looking Skill setups in game first, using the in game Skill setup switches if you wish, and THEN choose Skills you want active at any time in this menu.  Choosing the same Skills will more than likely crash you.  Using this to silently have "Max Skills" while purchasing none will also raise attention to this menu, so if you want to destroy it by having what it exploits coded out or fixed, then go ahead.
  • If you have any problems with the menu, or want to instantly reset it, go to the "trainer / configs / secret_skills" folder in your game and delete the file named "skills_config".  The menu will take care of making you a new file the next time you use it.
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