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pp The Different Versions of Pirate Perfection Reborn - Normal , BLT & BLT:CSE

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There are 3 Different Versions of the Trainer "Normal" , "BLT" and "BLT:CSE"

The Normal Version uses the original Injector (IPHLPAPI.dll) created by Harfatus

  • -    Sadly some Computers have problems with this Injector so that the game instantly Crashes to Desktop at Start.
  • +    Its supports the Mod HoxHud
  • -    You can't use it with BLT Mods
  • -    The Configuration file for this Injector is the PD2Hook.yaml which has some limitations as you can't execute more than 35 Persistent/Post-Require Scripts
  • +    With the Console turned on via the PD2Hook.YAML you can use this to input commands while playing

The BLT Version uses a new Injector file also called IPHLPAPI.dll created by James Wilko

  • +    This Injector works on every Computer it even Supports Linux with BLT4L
  • -    It doesn't work with HoxHud
  • +    It supports all BLT Mods
  • +    The Configuration File is a mod.txt with no limitations
  • -    With the Console turned on you can only see Information , no Command input function

The BLT:CSE Version is a Combination of BLT and Normal Version

  •  -    It uses the Normal Version's Injector that doesn't work on every Computer and it also uses The BLT Injector located in a separate folder called "lib/Native"
  • +    It supports HoxHud
  • +    It supports all BLT Mods
  • +    You can decide if you use PPR Normal Version or BLT Version
  • +    You can Create a PD2Hook.yaml to turn on the Console to use the Input Function while using BLT Mods

So this are the biggest differences in the 3 Different Versions all of them have advantages (+) and disadvantages (-)

We would like to recommend you to use the BLT Version as with this Version the chance are the best that you won't Crash on Startup.
If you would like to use HoxHud give the Normal Version a try and if the Normal Version works for you without any Crash's you should upgrade to BLT:CSE to get the best of both Versions.

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