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Hello and thanks for stopping by the donations page.

If you enjoyed Pirate Perfection enough to donate, We will be very thankfull and you’ll be included in our evening prayers :whistling:

What will the donations be used for?
Donations will be used to pay for hosting for the website, so we have a place to evolve pirateperfection.com into the best possible experience for you the user.

If we get enough dubloons raised, we will rent more server capacity and add more features like dedicated gameservers or whatever we think will please the community.
(be on the lookout for polls, we use those to determine what people are most interested in and act accordingly)

If you Donate:
  • <  5€: A secondary group will be added to your profile, adding some bling to it.
  • <50€: An even larger piece of bling will be added to your profile.
  • >50€: A tremedously large piece of bling will be added to your profile
    (and you may freely pick any profile bling from our bling store (when ready))

If you donate above 5$ you will speed up the purchase of a new servers which will be used to create more options for donors like dedicated game servers and a secondary backup site for this place.

If you donate less than 5$ we thank you very much, and put it in the treasure chest.

If you don’t have money but special skills you’d like to share, like video editing, music editor, gfx artist, html guru or anything else interesting then your time could be worth more than money and earn you a donor upgrade + a specialist rank on our the forum.

Thanks for thinking about contributing, the donation system is now automated and waiting for your sacrifice.

No returns / refunds is possible, once your donation have been approved and you have been accepted.

yaaaars truly
Pirate Captain

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