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Did you know we have an exclusive steam group for PiratePerfection?
We're are not aiming at being the largest steam group, but we pride ourselves on being the friendliest one.
So if you have a laid back attitude, enjoy talking about gaming and like to meet people around the world who doesn't jump on you if you make a spelling error, come join our rowdy band of misfits in the steam group chat.
This is the place to be if you want to join in twitch streaming, and get the absolutely latest info before it reaches the forum.
Everyone is welcome as long as they can refrain from talking shit to others and behave like a normal person.
If you want to join you can post your steam profile link to this thread, if you prefer anonymity, report this post and leave your steam profile link in the report, then I or one of the moderators will add you.
If you post your profile link in this thread, please delete it after being invited, so we won't try to invite you again and again.
See you in the group chat...

Steam closed down our group so we made a new one...
Please login or register to see this link.
Please login or register to see this link.

If you want you can join the new group, you can do so by posting a link to your steam profile in this thread.
the whack-a-mole continues...


  • You can chat with the team in the group chat.
  • You can get the latest info in our group chat and ask questions.
  • You won't see any popups on our dedicated game servers.
  • You can easily find fellow members and make new friends to play with.
  • You can invite your friends who like modding to the group.
  • Access to our game servers will be locked down in the future and only members of the steam group will be able to use them until we get the game servers integrated with the member rank on this very forum.


  • You will be listed as a member of the group,
    so if you are proud of your T$E tag or whatever band of merry men you roll with,
    think twice, some people will call you a cheater even if you are only in the group to play on our servers.
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Due to Steams recent changes in their Policy
We are not able anymore to send Group Invites to Users we are not friends with.

So please use the new "Request Invite"-Function when visiting the Please login or register to see this link.  (Please login or register to see this link. )


Please also post a Link to your Steam Profile here so that we know who you are.
Join Requests from people that haven't posted here will be declined!

*note* It's not our fault if you don't get invited because you fail to post the link to your SteamCommunity Profile or forget to Request the Invite. *note*

The only right thing to post here:

  • Please login or register to see this link.

Wrong things to post here:

  • PiratePerfection.com > Nick Name
  • STEAM_0:1:199629067 > Steam ID
  • 76561198359523863 > Steam 64 ID
  • [U:1:399258135] > Steam 3 ID
  • Please login or register to see this link. > Steamid.co Link
  • And in General, everything else that's not your steam profile link


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