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Updated Version of the "Extend Inventory Slot" Script because overkill just decided to use multiple pages instead of endless scrolling.

-- Extend Inventory Slots v.2 by LuPeY^
-- For Masks
tweak_data.gui.MASK_ROWS_PER_PAGE = 5        -- Default Value : 4
tweak_data.gui.MASK_COLUMNS_PER_PAGE = 5   -- Default Value : 4
tweak_data.gui.MAX_MASK_PAGES = 10           -- Default Value : 5
-- For Weapons
tweak_data.gui.WEAPON_ROWS_PER_PAGE = 5      -- Default Value : 4
tweak_data.gui.WEAPON_COLUMNS_PER_PAGE = 5   -- Default Value : 4
tweak_data.gui.MAX_WEAPON_PAGES = 10         -- Default Value : 5
How to install:
Create a new Text file an name it "Extend Inventory Slots.lua"
(make sure the file extension is really .lua (you maybe have to turn of "show file extensions on your system or else the file will be just a regular .txt file))

Paste the Script posted above in the .lua file and place it in your "...trainer/addons" folder *Note*: The place is not important i am just recommending that place to have the trainer clean and organized*

Now if you use the Normal Version: Open the PD2Hook.yml and add this above "PostRequireScripts:" if "PersistScripts" already exists just add the line in:

- ["Extend Inventory Slots",                                        "trainer/addons/Extend Inventory Slots.lua"]

For The BLT Version: Open the mod.txt and add this above "hooks" if "persist_scripts" already exists  just add the line in:

"persist_scripts" :
	        {"global" : "Extend Inventory Slots", "script_path" : "trainer/addons/Extend Inventory Slots.lua"}

This way it should be executed as a Persistent Script right at Game start and Extend your slots.


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