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A few scripts

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Hello, I am new here!

Thank you, baddog-11 for providing a semi updated trainer.

Alright, I noticed a few things are missing that some people might enjoy, so I decided to learn and add a few things. Also, I would like to acknowledge all the previous people for the original code that I have found around the internet and updated to work. I hope I am not stepping on anyone's toes by releasing these pieces of code, if I am please let me know. Another thing, I expect you know what you're doing when it comes to adding these scripts into the current trainer. I will not be accountable if you mess something up and I will not provide support, these scripts are as-is.

Instant Interaction

	if not _getTimer then _getTimer = BaseInteractionExt._get_timer end 
	function BaseInteractionExt:_get_timer() 
	   return 0 

Fuck the police

	-- Do not allow the police to call for back up.
	function CopLogicArrest._call_the_police( data, my_data, paniced ) end
	-- Do not allow the police to fire their gun.
	function CopMovement:set_allow_fire( state ) end
	-- Disable the detection mechanism in the camera.
	function GroupAIStateBase:set_AI_enabled(state)
		for u_key, unit in pairs(self._security_cameras) do
	-- Disable all communication to the police.
	function GroupAIStateBase:on_police_called(called_reason) end

Fast Drilling

	function TimerGui:_set_jamming_values() return end
	function TimerGui:start( timer )
		timer = 10
		if self._jammed then
			self:_set_jammed( false )
		if not self._powered then
			self:_set_powered( true )
		if self._started then return end
		self:_start( timer )
		if managers.network:session() then
			managers.network:session():send_to_peers_synched( "start_timer_gui", self._unit, timer )


Remove the A.I. (Civilians, etc)

	function GroupAIStateBase:is_AI_enabled() return false end

Force Win (You need to key bind this)

if	inGame() and isPlaying() and not inChat() and not InOverlay() then
		if managers.platform:presence() == "Playing" then 
		   local num_winners = managers.network:session():amount_of_alive_players() 
		   managers.network:session():send_to_peers( "mission_ended", true, num_winners ) 
		   game_state_machine:change_state_by_name( "victoryscreen", { num_winners = num_winners, personal_win = true } ) 


Enjoy! :)

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cant you make a skill point add script?

i will be very happy if you can do this

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