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Davy Jones

Card or Raffle?

Card or Raffle?   86 members have voted

  1. 1. Release Loot Card Spoofer (at which rank) or Fake Safe Opener (at all ranks)

    • Loot Card Spoofer (Release at Regular)
    • Loot Card Spoofer (Release at Donor)
    • Loot Card Spoofer (Release at Premium)
    • Fake Safe Opener (Release at All)

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So, just for the lolz, I have two things on the table for you all, both for fair enjoyment, and nothing else, all in good fun.  Both will be released at some point, but what would be the fun in releasing everything at once, gotta keep ya coming back.  So, I'll leave it to a vote.


1)  Loot Card Spoofer

The Loot Card Spoofer is done, and should work near flawlessly thanks to the great Simplity for pretty much fixing it!  This will make it so, while online, all of your card drops after finishing a heist will LOOK like they're either a Safe or Drill.  When in Single Player, this does nothing, as it's meant for online giggles!  This does NOT actually give you Safes or Drills, it will only fake the image, for yourself AND for other people, regardless of whether you're the Host or not, and will print what you actually received from the card into the chat that only you can see.  It currently has a bit of a hard time, but it will randomly select from the available Safes and Drills that can drop, and will have to be updated every once and a while to keep up with the changing drops, it can get a bit biased as your night gets later due to the randomizing in Lua, but will always choose one in the end.  Due to it being a fairly trolly bit of code, I've broken the voting down into ranks, and based on the voting, trying to remove bias in them to a degree (Premiums only voting Premium, Donors only voting Donor, and Regulars only voting Regular), it will be released at that rank and above, which I hope you all understand due to the trolliness which this code actually brings about.



2)  Fake Safe Opening

While I do not know whether or not this is completely possible, if this wins the vote, I will try my hardest to get it to work Oh it mother effin' works all effin' right, and it's effin' glorious!  To prevent any more "totes legit Safe opening haxors" this will add a menu into PP that will allow you to chose any of the available safes, and simply open them.  It will handle it just like the game would, the raffle ticker and all!  It will even provide an option to actually ADD the Skin to your in-game Steam Inventory (Not your actual Steam Inventory, but in the same way as the Skin Unlocker) should you have the Skin Unlocker enabled and the little check-box the menu will provide ticked.  Also, it will provide several options in a sub-menu that will allow you to change the odds of a skin's rarity, quality, and stat boost chances, allowing you to craft your own luck!


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1 hour ago, kurwajapierdole said:

Don't really see the point of fake opening safes. What does it accomplish? It's like this "case clicker" app's for phones. Just my opinion.

Ask yourself, "What's the point of a trainer, couldn't you just play the game yourself?"  Same thing as what you just said.

Both of them are just for a bit of fun, that's all.  Would you prefer if Pirate Perfection were to be the same old, boring, paper punch, same three features of any other trainer for any other game?  Since it's a thing in the game, it might as well be utilized, so why not have it DO something rather than just sit for 85% of every month.  Some people don't rely on the trainer, and use certain trolly bits or or convenience things more than the base cheats provided, so this would accommodate those users as well by providing the same Safe and Drill system without the purchase of a Safe or Drill, but also allows these users a way to still obtain Skins, albeit cheated ones, that act as though they actually came out of the system, especially since people can inspect the Skins with mods and raise an eyebrow at why every single one you have is Legendary Mint.  It may not be your cup of tea, but that's fine, it's kinda the reason why I left this to a thing known as a "vote".


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Congratulations are in order for doob, the only person to hit the nail on the head in only a few guesses!  For those interested, THIS is part of the single 3 frames that were removed from the video, as these 3 frames are actually painfully obvious at 60 FPS:



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Voting is over...
The results are in...

At 31 to 18, the feature to be released is...

The Loot Card Spoofer!

Now Available For Download!


Due to the greed displayed in the votes, as I even predicted in the main post itself, Regular voted Regular, Pro to Pro, and Premium to Premium, give only 3 individuals with 1 possibly being accidental, I've decided to override the decision and release for Regular, since it does not affect anything besides a small image.


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