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Davy Jones

Safe Simulator

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Davy Jones

Safe Simulator Header.png


The second of my two Crimefest Spoof downloads, the Safe Simulator gives you complete control over the probabilities that the actual system uses, while making everything free to boot!  This hands you an infinite number of Safes and Drills, and says "Have fun", while also allowing you to tell the man who seals them up what you'd like the odds to be in regard to Rarity, Quality, and the Stat Boost.  You even can go wild on opening them and having them not actually be added to your in-game Steam Inventory screen, this menu gives you control over nearly everything regarding Safes, just within a mouse-click's distance!

This does NOT give you weapon Skins, it simply fakes the entire sequence of opening Safes!

I would like to thank SuperKad for suggesting the idea of opening fake Safes!


Step Four (Usage):  Once you do the install stage, it now works out of the box.  Head on over to the Inventory Menu inside of PP's Main Menu (Numpad 1 on desktops, F2 on laptops) and you'll see a new button labeled "Safe Simulator" which will bring up this:


  • "Add skins to inventory?" - As long as you have 'cfg.AllSkins' set to 'true' to enable Simplity's Skin Unlocker, this will add the Skin that is rewarded from the Safe to your in-game Steam Inventory screen so you can use it on weapons.
  • "Simulation Chances" - This is a menu to manipulate the probabilities of certain aspects of a Skin, see below the next image for more info.
    1. - When you click one of these, it will begin opening the Safe you choose, just sit back and juggle the money you didn't spend.


      • ["Rarity" and "Quality"] - Since there's no way to limit it to 100%, think of it as taking the total and cutting a pie into those number of slices, then mark off each slice for the number of each entry, then the simulation will randomly choose from those slices.
        • If you exit the menu page by hitting "Previous page" or "Exit", it will update the totals next to each label, so you don't have to manually count if you want to go for a straight 100%.
      • "Stat Boost" - It's a solid 'choose the percentage' for this out of 100%.
      • "Reset Chances" - Simply set all the chances to the defaults I've made which closely resemble the fake rates in-game and the logic behind this type of drop system.



      1. If you try to use the menu again to open another Safe while currently looking at an open Safe, you will crash, simple as that.
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Davy Jones


As I originally intended from the start, rather than waiting for the New Year, I wanted to release this for you all on Christmas, regardless of if you celebrate it or not, I still can give you a gift... of infinite unwrapping of gifts!  It just hit 7 in the morning on the 25th for the far East of New Zealand, which should be early enough for this to be under their tree!

Happy Holidays To All!


Safe Simulator Completed
Now Available For Download!


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