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remove stock in inventory

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heya pirates.

hope all went good during the seasons with each of you.

well, i would like to get some help. if this is wrong place im sorry. not my intension to upset anyone.

ive tried some codes and some snippets but, im doing something wrong or the info im gathering is not up to date.  im no pro at this by any means.  

i cant tell if im doing things right or if the codes a mess.

what im looking for is a way to remove the stock (not inventory) from when i use pp unlockers. i have several dlc mask/textures/patterns/colors that have lets say 10+ in stock. can we make that stock 0 and then have the mask/textures/patterns/colors go away without having the red dlc lock on it.  ya know?  we dont see alot of the dlc lock on mask or textures ect. from default, they are hidden.

the thing is my stock number varies from each mask/textures/patterns/color ... im not sure if a nill script or a remove 1 every button press is best.

i tweaked the pp files needed to not allow unlocks for me while being able to utilize the rest of your work. 

but with certain button presses and learning things i keep adding to my stock.  learning what text is correct for what i want in the menu..i hit colors that are dlc..like the red/black one.  i would like to remove when i make mistake or have to many.

would like some help with all unlock dlc stock i dont want ... ie: lootbag - humble bundles - e3 ect . and or maybe help with using the user script f5 to do this.

hell, even a stock remover for all things..maybe having 1000 of all items isnt a good thing.  lol

thanks for any info or help






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