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Troll menu Ideas

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My ideas for the Troll Menu

                                             1. If it is possible to click a "Spam" button that will Spam "Lobby Hacked!!!" in the chat box.

                          2. If it is possible to have a message appear across the screen for the other people in the lobby like "Get hack3d n00bs!!"

                          3. If it is possible to change you're mask in the game.

                          4. If it is possible to have a cloaker appear next to each teammate with 1 click of a button.

                          5. If it is possible to have 4 Bulldozers spawn on a person of choice.

                          6. If it is possible to 1 person to go slow.

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Davy Jones

1)  Not really trolly, but possible.
2)  No, you'd have to literally be ON their PC.
3)  Might be possible... but not trolly at all, more of an Inventory feature.
4)  Already done.
5)  Possible, but I have better combinations in mind.
6)  Direct abuse isn't exactly the most tolerated.

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