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Make Bain shut up!

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NOTE: I found this on reddit, all credits go to him and all who helped him. OP here: Please login or register to see this link.

Here is the code to stop bain's lines from playing


function DialogManager:queue_dialog( id, params )



There are two ways you can get this code running

The first is to put it into it's own lua file and bind it to a key. Pressing it will stop bain talking for (what I'm guessing) the rest of the game.

The Second is to put it into your AutoonInGame file. It will save you from pushing the button, but it's kinda bad for Rats Day 1 unless you're using the Auto Cooker.

I've tested it in my AutoOn, it works. The lines don't play, no subtitles either. I'd imagine it'd work as a bind just as well.

Let me know if anything busts, other than that, Enjoy! :arrr:

EDIT: I just went through the effort of making an Auto On version that doesn't go through PP's Auto on and I'm gonna put it here anyway.

Put this into a lua file called 'ShutUpBain.lua' Please login or register to see this link. and save it to your Payday 2 folder.

then put this into your Hook under PersistScripts:

- [shutUpBain, shutupbain.lua]

Feel free to rename the file or put it elsewhere, but be sure to fix the code up for it if you do.

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