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[OUTDATED]Realism Enhancer v0.1

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Note: This mod / script-compilation is in a very early stage. Not everything is made fully realistic yet.


How's it going guys, Konata here, getting some thread ready for my first mod / script-compilation :)



Basicly, how I got to this idea... Payday 2 got pretty unrealistic... (It was unrealistic before, got a bit more realistic, but not enough in my opinion).


Think about it:

When doing a bank-heist, you are not going to take only 2 cable ties with you, right?

Same goes for the mask... You should have the possibility to put it away again.

Body bags is another thing that bothered me... What I did to them? Well, go read the spoiler.


Well, that's the stuff that is in so far :)

Little bit more explanation on it in this spoiler:



Cable Ties enhancement:

You can refill your cable ties at ammo bags now. Up to 6 possible per refill, you will only get up to 2 though, when you don't have the skill.


Body bags enhancement:

You can grab new body bags at ammo bags too now. One refill get's you an additional 2 body bags. No idea if there's a limit for a player, but it should be possible to stack them.


Mask enhancement:

You can take your mask off again (Key: H for "Holster").

However, after you took it off, you have to wait 10 seconds to put it on again.

When you try to put it on too early, a fancy little message shows on the HUD.


I'm up for any kind of suggestion on how to make the game even more realistic :)

Just post a reply and I'll see if I can manage to implement your wishes.


~ Greetings, Konata.


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Guest 420SwagMaster

This seems like something good.

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Good start, but here a lot of things we need to tweak in order to achieve more realism, from what to start ? I will count things starting from easiest down to hardest to release.

-Bullets are doing high ammount of damage for real

-Your armor can't be restored within the time, you need to repair it

-Teammates can't be highlighted

-You can't have infinite ammount of bags for baging money/gold and etc.

-Weapons aren't realistic here at all, they just need global retweaking

-Cops don't drop ammo for real, you need to take time to take ammo from dead cop corpse

-AI teamates can't take infinite ammount of damage before going to fall

-You can't move in air

-Stealth isn't realistic at all here, so you may forget about it at all

-You can't revive crew members and do things by levitation (no animations)

-Why we can't see our legs, when we look down ?

-Cops can't walk through walls

A lot of things actually, maybe I will expand this :)

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Any possible update?
maybe take away the "refilling body bags at ammo" and also make refilling cable ties also at the new body bag deployables

also any hope for the possibility of caring more than one keycard? 

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