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Dedicated Cheat reviewing channel

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Idea: Having a YouTube channel reviewing and talking about game hacks.


The idea: Make a youtube channel only for showcasing, reviewing and talking about game hacks. This would be one of your goto places for cheat reviews.

Why make it? Let’s be honest, the people going to watch the videos were going to be cheating either way, so why not give them atleast some “security” that if they pay for it, they don’t end up with a shit hack.

Well, why are you posting here? I really want to make this, but I don’t have the money and in a month or so I will also have less time to work on videos (If this “Project” becomes a reality) due to me going on vacation and switching schools. But the main reason I’m posting here is because I would like to know if any of you would like to get involved in this

YouTube adsense: See, if this project get up and running I would enable YouTube Adsense (These are the ads in the start/middle/end of videos, creators can get money from them) Now you might be thinking that I would like to take the cents made from this, but the idea is to have an account where all the money would go in. They would then be used on games and paid hacks (Because we’ll definitely see some of our accounts banned)


Let me know in the comments if you would like to join this project

(Before anyone says that there’s already a site called cheat-report for stuff like this, it’s not videos and some of the reviews are not very good (I saw a review there just said “bad”))

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