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Force plan on preplanning (Host)

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PrePlanningManager.__update_majority_votes = PrePlanningManager.__update_majority_votes or PrePlanningManager._update_majority_votes

function PrePlanningManager:_update_majority_votes(...)

  if Network:is_client() then

    return self:__update_majority_votes(...)


  local local_peer_id = managers.network:session():local_peer():id()

  local vote_council = self:get_vote_council()

  local winners = {}

  local plan_data = vote_council[local_peer_id]

  for plan,data in pairs( plan_data ) do

    winners[plan] = { data[1], data[2] }


  self._saved_majority_votes = winners

  return self._saved_majority_votes


Ignore votes from other players, plan you've voted on will be always executed. Enjoy :)

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