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Profile setup for beginners

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I will show in this quick guide how you setup your profile here.
Because sizes changes often in time, the sizes can be out of data any time.
Also some features might be Donor or Premium which might doesn't work for you when you don't have this ranks.


  • Go to your profile

Click on the top left on your profile picture or click on your name USERNAME => Profile.


  • Edit Profile

Edit profile allows you to share personal information's with other pirates which visits your profile.
Since they are personal data's is it your thing, how much you want to share with other pirates about your personally.
It can be found top right on your cover picture Edit Profile.


  • Profile Picture
  • Profile Cover
  • Profile Background

The profile picture currently have 120x120 and can be edited by pressing Profile Photo => More indructions following it supports also .gif files. It can be found down left on your profile picture.
The profile cover currently have 1519x200 and can be edited by pressing Cover Photo => Upload Photo it supports also .gif files. It can be found top right on your cover picture.
The profile background can be custom size which duplicate when not 1920x1080 and can be edited by pressing Background Image => Upload Photo. It can be found top right on your cover picture.


  • Profile Song

The profile song feature allows you to upload a song which replays infinity. It has to be a .mp3 file and must have a size of a value which shows up when to big.
In this case you have to cut off the song a little bit with a software or lower the quality of 128 bit to something lower, until it reaches the value it needs.
By lowering the bit the .mp3 file loses some of quality, so it's a question you have to ask yourself if you want a bad quality thing, or a high quality short thing.
But some files can be compressed how you wish it with a small editing skill knowledge.
It can be found top right on your cover picture Profile Song => Upload Song.


  • Recent Profile Visitors

This box allows you to show who looked on your profile last, but this information can everybody see.
To remove this box if you don't like it, you have to simply click the [X] which shows up on the top right of the box.


  • Account Settings

This option can be found on the top left where your profile picture and name is, simply click on your username and a list will open up with multiple functions.
Click on account settings and a list with some things open up.
Email address, password and display name allows you to change important personal account login things.
Signature allows you to have your personal signature by every post you post in the forum.
Invitations allows you to use the invite system which got bring with in this forum.
Awards allows you to manage your awards if available.
Custom title allows you to have a custom title.
Country allows you to show where you live and it will a flag display a flag next to your name.

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