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Change Menu Color + Font Size

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Some people might want to change the colors of the menu, and I have found how to.

Go to ... > trainer > tools > new_menu and open Menu

Search for the following lines ( 61 - 66 lines in Notepad++ ) : 

local Color = Color
local col_black = Color(0,0,102)
local col_white = Color.white
local col_red = Color.red
local button_stage_3 = tweak_data.screen_colors.button_stage_3

For you the Color will be Color (0,0,0) to change the color click Please login or register to see this link.

Find a color you want! The order is (Red, Green, Blue) 

Have fun and enjoy mates! :arrr:


EDIT: To change font size go to the following code ( Line 241 in Notepad++ )

text_config = { layer = 2, wrap = "true", word_wrap = "true", visible = true,
						  font = T_menu.pd2_medium_font, font_size = 25, color = col_white,
						  align="left", halign="left", vertical="top", valign="top", blend_mode = "add" }

Change font_size = 22 to whatever number you want, I wouldn't change it to a too high number as it may end up putting letters out of the menu.

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