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GMOD: Admin Application Template

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Application format for applying for Admin on the Garry's Mod Servers, Please copy the format and create a new topic in this board to post your application. Applications are locked within 24 hours so please request an unlock if you wish to make changes. 

If your application is locked, do not post a new application as that means it is in progress and awaiting a review. Ask Araytha or PirateCaptain for help. Do not post a new application within 30 days of the previous application.

All Admin / Moderation staff need to have a decent understanding of English. You must be able to communicate well with the community and other staff, and to be able to deal with the situations faced on the server in a mature manner. For this reason we require a minimum age of 16+. 

We will teach you how to use the administration system and read reports / logs and how to use the player management system through the in game GUI and Source bans, Console and chat based commands upon successful acceptance to the admin team.


Note: Use the following subject in your application: GMOD ADMIN APPLICATION: <nickname> 

  • Name & alias:
  • (e.g.: Bob,Steve,Kim )
  • Steam Public Profile Link: 
  • (e.g.: Please login or register to see this link. )
  • Age:
  • Location: -
  • Have you had any experience with being an admin of this game? 
  • (If so please state your roles, what server you admin'd on etc...):
  • Have you any experience with being an admin of other games? 
  • (If so please state your roles, what server you admin'd on etc...):
  • Time played on game:
  • Time played on our servers: (Use U-time, displayed on in game HUD)
  • What qualities/skills you feel that you have and what can you do to help further improve GetSome:
  • What are your strengths:
  • What are your weaknesses:
  • What is it that in your mind would make a great admin and why:
  • Other information:

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