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GMOD: Prophunt Server Opening

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With the recent announcement about the pirate perfection servers being put up, we have decided to shed some light on what we have achieved in the past 3 days of making the server. We currently have a stable server up and running, Testing new Maps/Addons that we can work with. The team have been working hard trying to decide how we can move forward with the server and what we hope to achieve.

The Aim
Our main goal is to have a decent prophunt server, Grow a nice community on it. Where nobody has to pay for anything. You will only be spending the fake cash you will be earning in the game. However please note we will not be charging anyone for any sort of purchases that relate to the server. Donations are welcome 'To this site' Where some of you will receive some perks, yes even the current Donators we have right now :).

The changes
So far our biggest issue has been with the Pointshop, adding custom models/trails/etc. We have been able to achieve alot using the new Pointshop2 addons which have helped us a lot with adding the content we wanted to add before. We are going to continue to add more content to the server in the next coming days, However in the next 2 days i plan on opening the server for the entire day/night to provide some feedback on the server.

The things to keep in mind
Donating and supporting the setup and continuation of the servers will not make you immune to being banned. You would still be treated the same if caught hacking, cheating or breaking the rules.
It would take a while for the servers to be set up from fresh and will be a work in progress, so it will not be perfect from the start.

Other Notes
If we gather enough members on the game servers, i plan on adding more servers + VIP servers, Currently not sure how that will work but hoping some bright ideas might spring to mind in the near future.

When does the server open?
Currently we are unsure when we plan to open the server 24/7, This is just trial and error and really just hope for the best. This server will be looked after by the amazing team we currently have working on the server. But rest a sure it will be very soon when we open the server 24/7. 

What happens if nobody plays on it?
Well if no one decides to play on the server then what can we do?, Like i said it is very much trial and error. We do hope for a big Playerbase system for our servers, and we will do our best to try and make that happen, but in the mean time lets just hope for the best.

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