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Translators Wanted!

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Ahoy Pirates, since Pirate Perfection Reborn can be translated to different languages, we need your help!

If you are fluent in your native language and have a good knowledge of English, you can submit your translation in this forum.
If the community approves your translation, it will be implemented into Pirate Perfection Reborn soon + you receive status of contributor allowing you access to the donor forum.

If you need more details on how to translate Pirate Perfection into your language, find file called localizator.lua and read comment above.

Use Please login or register to see this link. as a template and make sure you follow its structure.

If your Language uses special characters like ä ö ü make sure to save the file with the codec " UTF-8 no BOM "

To translators: thank you for your time, all current translations posted in this forum will be in next release, that will be uploaded later.

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