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[RELEASE] Auto Loot Spawn

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Had this up on UC for awhile now figured Id give it more air here..

Auto Loot Spawn v2.1

Allows you to randomly spawn preset loot at predefined locations with the press of a key or auto load on map start, Make your games more interesting

v2.1b Changelog

- Added more loot to Night Club (Maelform)

v2.1a Changelog

- Added more small loot to branch bank (Random Sets)

- Fixed gold collision in firestarter day 2 and decreased chance of spawn

- Some code fixes

- Fixed Keybind version

v2.1 Changelog

- Almost all safes now have random sets of loot spawn

- Minor position fixes

v2.0a Changelog

- Fix for crashes

- Code optimized

v2.0 Changelog

- Some maps now spawns randomized loot in random positions

- All loot now has a randomized chance of being spawned (Can increase/decrease chance in code, add/remove false)

- Some safes have random loot now

- Overhaul to Big Bank (One hell of a treasure hunt )

- Now comes in two versions Keybind and AutoRun on Map start(True Autoloot)

Incompatible Maps:

All Transports (Except Crossroads)

Framing Frame

Firestarter Day 1

Rats Day 1

Election Day Day 1]

AUTO RUN VERSION - Run as postrequire

['lib/states/ingamewaitingforplayers', yoursciptname.lua]

Please login or register to see this link.


Please login or register to see this link.

Note: If you want to find out locations simply look at postions within code or have a little treasure hunt for yourself :wink1: And if you have any suggestions on locations please leave your feedback



hejoro (Secondary Creator)

LazyOzzy (For helping with interact)

pierredjays (Original Spawn Code)

Maelform (Testing/Fixing & Adding positions)

B1313 (InChat Check)

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