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Davy Jones

Halloween Items (Correct Item Qualities)

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Davy Jones

I think some of my fellow legit-er Pirates will appreciate this.


DLC, Infamous, and Normal quality masks have been accounted for in the current version of Reborn, however, Halloween (and possibly Poetry Jam, Community, etc.) would always default to Normal quality as the actual quality of the item is never added to it. This should fix the issue of incorrect qualities to my knowledge, and cover the bases for any other quality Overkill may want to push out the door. Also, if customizations such as patterns would never have the correct Halloween (or others) quality, this will add it to them too.

(Only new ones, items already in your inventory are unaffected.)


I can confirm this works and does not interfere with the Infamous, Halloween, and Community masks and all types of patterns I tested, but if it puts the item in the wrong tab or doesn't say the correct quality you think it should, stay in the inventory: Alt-Tab, right-click force close the window on the taskbar, that's what I did to undo the changes before it saved when I noticed the Halloween mask was not the correct quality before adding these two lines.


*** To those worried about the CHEATER tag ***



Please note that you may not want to use this if you are concerned about being marked as a Cheater in public lobbies, as there is now a verification system for masks that are linked to DLC, such as the Humble Bundle ones which have an event status tag. This file's addition of code, if the existing menu didn't already, will add the tag to these event masks. A way around this should be to add the masks that normally would be Event quality with the existing menu, so the mask is given a normal quality, so the verification would fail when it sees a normal mask rather than a DLC one.


*** Halloween and Community masks should be safe to add with their respective quality, as there is no DLC for Halloween or Community tags ***


Correct Item Qualities.zip          Correct Item Qualities (BLT).zip

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Hi, I'm fairly new here.

I have a small problem with the guality of the halloween masks you explained above.

Because I've missed the Halloween event because of work, I olny could get the Venomorph mask legit.

So I tought to add the other 3 masks (Witch, Frank & Pumpkin King) to my inventory.

I used the "Specific Inventory Menu" to add them, but I could not see them in my Event tab, so clicked a couple of times and gave up,

I went to sleep, next day when wanting to play i spot i have 11 Frank masks, 7 Witch masks & 2 Pumpkin King mask but in the Normal tab.

With some Googling and searching the forum I managed to delete them with:

Global.blackmarket_manager.inventory.normal.masks.witch = 0

Global.blackmarket_manager.inventory.normal.masks.frank = 0

Global.blackmarket_manager.inventory.normal.masks.pumpkin_king = 0

I also tried:

managers.blackmarket:remove_item("masks", "normal", "witch", false)

managers.blackmarket:remove_item("masks", "normal", "frank", false)

managers.blackmarket:remove_item("masks", "normal", "pumpkin_king", false)

But both gave me a weird bug, the masks are gone, and that's fine with me, I'll just wait till next Halloween.

But they left behind a "0 in stock" in my normal inventory like you would have wen you not yet own the masks.

And no matter what I try, I can't get rid of it.

I tried:




But that did nothing. I'm kinda a noob/newbie in this stuff. Does somebody have any Advise ?


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Davy Jones
The only way that the masks would not be added with Event quality is if it was installed wrong, so either the original file from Pirate Perfection was either not overwritten at all, or the file I provided was never installed. The file matches my current copy, and is the only modified file to allow it to work, as well as the directories are set to mirror Pirate Perfection's exactly, and fall directly in line when I manually installed it after downloading from here, and since I have upgrade to v0.91 after making it on v0.9, there is no way the file itself could not work without some modification or misplacement. My best advice is to simply try again, the folders match 'trainer', the only thing required is to know how to drag and drop.

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